How to cross out text in Discord?

Discord is a messaging application, where users have the accessibility to communicate with their group through text, sharing files, and calls can be voice or video. If you are a student or gamer, it helps build a community with similar-minded people. If you have used Discord, you have experienced how straightforward it is to connect with others on Discord. Go through this article to understand and find the answer to your question ‘How to cross out text in Discord ?’.

Discord is the most used platform to connect with others to talk or hang out. It combines most of the features like messaging, streaming, etc. It works on a server model, when you want to create a channel it works to create a server. Each group or channel has its text channels as general and the server created by you. Voice channels as general which is the default. You can create more if you want by clicking on + beside the heading. Each group has its rules, community, etc.

You can create a thread within channels for a specific time length, where the conversation is made away from the main channel. While texting we may need some styling to highlight or inform others in the Discord. Simple stylings are bold, italic, underlined, and strike/cross out. Discord provides a wide range of formatting features in chat. These basic features are available because of the markdown language used by Discord. Let’s look for a basic one using the tilde symbol (~). Just add a double tilde before and after the word or sentence to cross it out.

How to cross out text in Discord?
How to cross out text in Discord?

We will show you the two ways to strike out text in Discord

  • By Context menu.
  • By markdowns.

By understanding this article, you will get to know both methods with examples. From the mentioned methods you can select the method which is easy for you. Then let’s jump in !!.

For this, it’s better to create a server to check how it works before you work with your community. When you open the discord application, you will get the below screen. If you have opened this first time then the message box at the top left corner and add (+) icon is shown. If you have added some of the servers or channels then it is shown above the add icon.

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Steps to create a server

Step 1: Tap on the + icon to start a new server

You can create your server by clicking on the + icon or if you have your own server (channel) you can use it, by clicking on the server mentioned above the icon.

create your server by clicking on the + icon

Screenshot of the home screen

Step 2: Select the type of server type from the list

Select ‘Create My Own’ if you want to create your own server for your use. If you want to create for Gaming, School club, Friends, etc, you can select the template from the list.

Select the type of server type from the list

Screenshot of initiating server creation

Step 3: Select the audience for the community

From the two options, you can select the audience either for a club, or me and my friends. If you don’t know the exact purpose or you don’t want to mention its use can skip the question as shown below.

Select the audience for the community

Screenshot of community selection

Step 4: Write the server name as you want

Give the name of the server, as you want. Upload the photo which is optional. Click on the “create server”, your new server is created now.

Write the server name as you want

Screenshot of creating server

Step 5: The Server here is created

After step 4, it may ask you to “start a conversation” if you write the topic (which is optional)  it will show. If you have typed the topic as ‘self’ it will be created under text channels. By default under the text and voice channels general is created.

Server here is created

Screenshot of Server created

Now you have created the server for working. As mentioned above, you can choose any method which is easier for you. You may get the question: what is Markdown in the second one? So here is some basic information regarding markdown. 

Markdown Language!

The Markdown is a lightweight formatting system, it provides some styling which helps to highlight the content in chat. Markdown language is user friendly than HTML (Hypertext Markup language ) because there is no need for tags. In discord, the text you typed as chat is converted to HTML. It supports most text characters like bold, italic, underlines, cross-out, and more. You can follow the following points to work in discord with Markdown.

  • Enter the message in the field Message of Discord.
  • You can add special characters like:
    • To get italic text use asterisk( * )
    • To get cross out text use the tilde ( ~~ )
    • To get underlined text use underscore (  __ )
    • To get spoiler text use pipe ( | )
    • To get bold text use a double asterisk ( ** )
  • You have to add special characters before the text to be specialized and after the text.
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From the below example, you will get an idea of making cross-out text. Use the same steps for other formats but change the tilde (~) with about mentioned symbols.

Format text using Markdown – Cross out of text

Typing for the chat is done easily by all of us, but the question is how to strike it out. Cross out of text means a horizontal line is used on the text which is like this: hello. This can be for a specific word or a whole sentence also. If you want to do it for certain words you can add two tildes (~) before and after the words. If you want to do it for the whole sentence then add two tildes first, write the sentence and at the end add two tildes. This makes the cross out of the text. A few times tilde (~) is confused with (-) make sure you typed the tilde.

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From the below example 

The content written is like

–hi–    it is typed as it is.

~~hi~~    it is formatted to cross out text.

Follow the steps:

  1. Type the content which you want to send normally without striking.
  2. At the time you want to write a strike text type ~~, then write the content which has to be typed in cross-out format.
  3. At the end of a cross-out format type ~~, to inform the Markdown as it is the end of the strikeout format.
end of a cross-out format type

Note 1: Type tilde(~) not (-)

Note 2: Type a double tilde(~) at the beginning and the end also.

Format text using the Context menu – Cross out of text

The context menu is used to make specific changes to the content. On the mobile, the context menu appears when you select the text, which shows a variety of menus like bold, italic, strikeout, monospace, etc. On other devices like laptops or computers, right-click or hover over the text you want to make the change.

Follow the steps:

  1. Write the text in the Discord message field.
  1. Select the text, which needs to be highlighted, and hovers the mouse over it. Then you will get a small menu which is a context menu. It shows the picturized way of content so that the user gets to know the effect.

Here B represents Bold, I  represents Italic,  S  represents Strike or cross out, etc.

  1. Select ‘S’ from the menu so that the content is turned to strike or cross out the text.
  2. After selecting it the content is shown as a strike out the form, as shown below. 

If you want to send content with other effects you can select other styles also.

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We guess, by going through the article you got the answer to your question ‘How to cross out text in Discord’. You can see other articles or information from the Discord website to know more about other features. Everyone has to get basic things in Discord. As it is one of the most used platforms to build community and maintain connectivity between your friends, business group, gaming group, etc. Now you get an idea of markdown language as well as features in Discord. If you have any suggestions for using features in Discord. You can share them with comments below. 


Can I cross out the text afterward I sent it?

Yes, you can edit it afterward also. Select the message which is already been sent by you, press and hold for two seconds. It will provide the options to edit, reply, delete, etc. Select the ‘Edit’ choice from the Edit option. If you selected the Edit option, the message is displayed in the message field. Above it is shown as ‘Editing Message’ which means you are editing the sent message. Then you can edit the message and resend it. If you sent it will show as ‘Edited’.

Can I edit someone’s message like a cross-out?

No, you can only edit yours. Only the owner of the message has the access to edit the message. Even if the server is created by you, you can edit the messages sent by you only. You are not allowed to change the message sent by others. You can insert your reaction to that. Or if you don’t want to see it again, click on the three dots and select delete it.

Can I share the screen on Discord?

Yes, you can share the screen in Discord, if you want to share make sure you are in the voice channel of the server. If you are not able to share, then clear the cache so that it loads all the files correctly. For any reason, if there is a problem with Discord try to uninstall and install the latest files from the installation.  But on mobile, you can share the screen with up to 50 members in the community at maximum.