Stages Of App Development: Guideline

Do you want to create an exciting mobile app but don’t know where to start? We have developed a step-by-step guide that will allow you to create a mobile app that occupies the top positions in the App Store and Google Play.

How to Develop a Mobile App
How to Develop a Mobile App

How to Develop a Mobile App: 4 Steps

Every day, billions of people use smartphones and tablets for various tasks. Many of them check their phones several times in one minute: people look at the screens of their mobile devices at work, at home, or on the road. At the same time, 90% of the time of using a mobile device falls on various applications.

If you have an excellent idea for a mobile application that users want to spend their time on, you can access a huge marketplace that can impact the lives of millions of people worldwide. But how to create an app that will take top positions in the App Store and Google Play? We have developed a step-by-step guide to answer all your questions and help you achieve a great result. Stock up on time, effort, patience, and carefully study the instructions.

Ways to Create a Mobile App

There are two ways to create a mobile app: with the help of a software engineering company or using special constructors. Both methods have pros and cons that you should consider before deciding on app development techniques.

App Development Services

Suppose you have never come across such concepts as programming languages, data types, integrated development environment, and modularity and rarely use a computer as a business tool. In that case, you should consider turning to a software engineering service. An excellent representative of the app development industry is the experts JatApp – the platform will take care of all the difficult stages of app development and take your company to a new level. By complex stages, we mean:

  • Business idea analysis – experts will collect all your requirements and convert them into a technical task for programmers.
  • Designing full-fledged interface prototypes – experts will distribute functions, prepare layouts, and define controls.
  • Application design development – experts will select relevant graphics and styles and achieve ease of use.
  • Bringing the platform to perfection – experts will develop a unique combination of colors, fonts, and backgrounds.
  • App testing – programmers will test the platform to find weaknesses and eliminate them before the project is launched.
  • Adaptation of apps to the strict requirements of iOS and Android – your app will be reliable and safe for users.

When ordering app development services, you do not have to spend much time looking for a team. Professional software engineering services already have a well-established process of creating applications, a group of experienced developers, and know everything about the trends in this industry. The only disadvantage of web application development services is the high cost – the average price for app development is $3000. However, it is much cheaper than hiring every team member: programmer, marketer, designer, etc.

App Development Constructors

Application builders are a bit like software engineering services in that they offer the same tools, but you are the main creator. Application builders are ready-made software engineering solutions to assemble your program from templates, blocks, and elements. There are several types of constructors:

  • No-code constructors. Technology offers various functions for creating mobile applications without programming knowledge. But at the same time, you will need to understand how to work with databases and scripts.
  • Template constructors. Technology offers a closed application code – it cannot be changed or customized. This means the applications will be similar, and the set of functions is minimal.

Application builders are great for those with a good idea for an app but don’t have a big budget. Further instructions for creating an app will be based on the capabilities of the constructor. We will discuss both the preparatory stages and the app development stage itself.

App Development Step-by-Step Guide

If you can’t afford application development services and have chosen to create an app manually, the following guide will guide you through all the steps. We have also prepared a review of the best app builders that any user can handle without deep programming knowledge.


The preparatory stage is the foundation, without which you will be unable to move on. When brainstorming, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of creating a program for the company?
  • Why does the consumer need an app?
  • What will motivate users to install the app on their smartphones or tablet?
  • What should the application be able to do?
  • What platforms should the program work on (iOS or Android)?
  • What maintenance will be required after launch? For example, do you need to monitor the correct operation daily?

The task of this stage is to look at the future program from the user’s point of view. Only in this way will you be able to find elements that encourage the user to choose your application.

App Development

The experimental stage of creating programs is development. After a thorough analysis in the previous step, you will have an idea about the necessary functions and characteristics of the future product, which means that you can choose a designer taking them into account.

There are thematic and general templates. For example, there is a particular constructor for online stores where every detail is already provided (MobiCart). On the web, you can find templates for blogs, travel apps, fitness, and beauty. It is worth studying them carefully – perhaps it will be enough just to add a little personality to the pages, and the program will be ready.

Launching & Testing the App

Before the program sees the light, you must ensure it functions correctly. If the app has severe errors, all work will be useless. To test the app, you need a smartphone connected to a computer.

In the testing process, you need to check: how well all the functions of the program work, whether the app works with all planned types of operating systems, and whether the app can withstand increased user load. There are automated programs for testing applications, but nothing can replace manual work. Ideally, the system should be executed by a user who has not previously seen the interface and did not participate in the app’s development.

App Promotion

You should remember that the competition among developers is very high. Therefore, consider how you will promote the program at the preparation stage. Once launched, clearly understanding the promotional steps will make it easier for you to implement them.

Advertising is the main promotional option. Well-designed advertising encourages the user to install the application. You can use Google, Facebook, Instagram, and related programs that may interest your target audience as advertising platforms.

However, creating an attractive advertising campaign is not enough – for it to be effective, you need to analyze the results. With the help of end-to-end analytics, you can quickly get visual reports on advertising performance on any sites on the Internet and identify unprofitable channels. Data on deals, leads, and traffic will help you build a sales funnel for successful mobile app promotion.

TOP 3 App Builders

We have covered the basic steps that will allow you to release the app to the world and get positive feedback from users. You only have to choose an app builder to implement these steps. Below you will find an overview of the most popular tools:

  • MobiCart is an app builder that is ideal for online stores. Essential advantages of the platform: numerous options for templates, colors, and backgrounds, unlimited possibilities for adding new tabs and pages, and support for a large number of languages. Here you can find the perfect combination of app design with your logo and create the most user-friendly platform.
  • Ibuildapp – on this builder, you can find a template for anything. A convenient rubricator will allow you to choose the skeleton of a future program in a matter of minutes, both for a restaurant and fitness programs. Pros of the platform: a convenient rubricator for searching for the corresponding category, and a built-in option for testing the program. When editing, the system imitates a smartphone, on the display of which all changes are visible.
  • GoodBarber – behind the creation of this constructor are 45 experienced developers in four countries around the world. Strengths of the platform: the system can be used from any browser, applications are created for any electronic device with any screen size, and many good templates and additional options, such as chat, SMS mailings, etc.


Mobile applications are an essential tool for modern business: they are released by large companies and small startups. This does not require coding skills, but it is still desirable to understand the basic principles of the functioning of applications.

The success of the program determines its usefulness and convenience. If you define the goal correctly at the preparatory stage, the constructor will help implement the necessary functions. Thanks to modern technologies, and platforms, which we described above, you can create an application that, in terms of appearance and functionality, will not be inferior to analogs of individual development. To learn more about app development trends and tricks, we recommend you visit and We wish you success and hope to see a powerful app!