Xagt.exe – A Complete Guide

A software element of FireEye Endpoint Protection from FireEye is just the legitimate xagt exe file. A single-agent security solution called FireEye Endpoint Security shields endpoint systems against online dangers. A crucial process connected to FireEye Endpoint Security is performed by Xagt.exe. This program might have problems if such a function is disabled.

Automated identification and elimination of exploitation, such as ongoing actions, memory and applications macros attacks, and others., brought on by spyware, Malware, ransomware, as well as other malicious code, is a function of FireEye Endpoint Security. Problems may be quickly prevented after discovery. In-depth analysis data on all actions and events are also provided by the application, along with a timeline.

Xagt.exe - A Complete Guide 

An executable file is one that ends with the ending “.exe.” In certain circumstances, executable files could damage your device. Feel free to read on how to determine whether such a xagt.exe file on your device is such a Trojan that needs to be deleted or it may be a file associated with the Windows OS or a reliable program.

What is xagt.exe?

The downloadable exe folder called xagt.exe is part of something like the FireEye Terminal Client procedure that runs in conjunction with the FireEye Endpoint Agent software created by the FireEye Agent application developer.

One must use caution while eliminating the xagt.exe service in Windows 10 if it is crucial. The xagt.exe processes may frequently be using an excessive amount of CPU or GPU resources. It could be working in the background whether it’s spyware or a bug.

The xagt.exe file’s.exe type indicates that this is a piece of software for a Windows version, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Additionally, exe documents can transfer malware or viruses. So, prior to launching any unfamiliar file system on our PCs or laptops, you had to be certain. We’ll now determine if the xagt.exe file is spyware or a virus. Ought it to be erased in order to safeguard your pc? Find out more beneath.

Is it safe to execute xagt.exe?Is it malware or a computer virus?

The downloadable file’s validity can be checked by users using Task Manager. Following that, by tapping on the sections column, a verified Signer may be assigned to one of the sections. Check just at Confirmed Signer result again for xagt.exe program now; if it reads “Unable to verify,” therefore the file might be malicious.

This program isn’t a bug or spyware if the creator is a genuine one. By using an uninstall application, you can get rid of the provider if it isn’t listed or seems dubious.

How Can I Check If The Xagt Process Is Running?

  • Install the Process Monitor onto the computer and start it with administrator privileges if you would like to discover how many processes the Xagt is using.
  •  choose the selection for Process Identifier Contains Xagt before clicking Add.
  • This will display every route that Xagt scans.
  • If you think xagt is analyzing a different antivirus, you must choose Path containing your antivirus label within the same screen.
  • To include the scans, click the Add button.
  • You will be able to see the precise route that FireEye is monitoring.
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What really is FireEye used for?

A reliable company that focuses on the identification and mitigation of cyber risks is FireEye. Its Endpoint Protection Antivirus program is extremely powerful hardware or software combination. On the other hand, it could be as useless when used frequently as hitting a mosquito with a hammer. Users may therefore prefer to select a less difficult service provider.

FireEye doesn’t offer the typical antivirus software that is sold in the market. An installation team must therefore visit your place of work to set up powerful protective engines in the computer system. The combination of other modules could then improve this even more.

FireEye might be the ideal choice for people who run huge organizations or are employed by the government. Although possibly a bit too aggressively for the requirements of the common individual, it takes cyber risks seriously. Until you have a large amount of cash to waste and a burning desire to spot symptoms of security breaches, it is generally advisable to stay using a more basic antivirus.

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The FireEye EndPoint Agents, commonly referred as the xagt.exe program, is utilized by FireEye Endpoint Protection to safeguard your computer from weaknesses, check for spyware, guard against attacks, and search for authentic signals of involvement threats.

If the Windows 11 xagt.exe process is vital, you should remove it carefully. It’s probable that perhaps the activity is using unnecessary Processor or GPU capabilities because spyware or a virus is active in the back.

Let’s examine FireEye’s areas of expertise and target audience before moving onto the range of alternatives. Follow along with us!

High CPU Consumption for Xagt.exe

The computer may be shielded against viruses, flaws, as well as other potential risks by FireEye Endpoint Security. It is likely to use a significant amount of Graphics card or Processor resources when ransomware or a virus is operating in the background or when there are problems with just a setup. CPU functioning will be severely impacted if it uses up quite so many resources. Dealing only with high Cpu load issues with xagt.exe is crucial.

How Can I Reduce Xagt.exe’s High CPU Usage?

The techniques listed below have shown to be quite effective in assisting you in analyzing and resolving xagt.exe high CPU utilization.

SFC Scan

It really is critical to maintaining your system clean if you want to prevent excessive xagt.exe CPU consumption. Window OS comes with a useful built-in program called SFC that may be used to detect corrupted files and fix issues.

  • Step 1: Push Win + Q simultaneously.
  • Step 2: Enter cmd and select Run Command from the context menu.
  • Step 3: Choose “Run as administrator.”
  • Step 4: Insert sfc /scannow into the black command window and press Enter.
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  1. In the search box, enter cmd, and then click Command Prompt in the context menu and choose “Run as administrator”.
  2. The following functions should be copied and pasted into the command line. After each command, press Enter.
DISM.exe /Online/Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM.exe /Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Check Disk Tool

By using the Check Disk utility is an additional method of searching for damaged system files.

  • Step 1: As from the menu bar of the Command Line, select “Run as Administrator.”
  • Step 2: Insert chkdsk c: /f /r /x, then press Enter.
  • Step 3: Restart your computer to see if the xagt.exe excessive CPU utilization issue has been resolved.

Turn off xagt.exe

Because Xagt.exe uses a lot of resources and CPU time, the system may crash if Windows executes it for an extended period of time. As a result, turning it off might also be effective.

  • Step 1: In the Command Prompt window, select Run as administrator.
  • Step 2: Select Task Manager with a right-click on the taskbar.
  • Step 3: Select FireEye Endpoint Agent from the Startup interface.
  • Step 4: Select Disable on the newly opened window.

Remove FireEye Endpoint Agent

  1. Open the Control Panel and select Programs
  2. Select Applications and features.
  3. Locate FireEye Endpoint Agent and perform right-click on it.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Users can download and run it from the company’s website if you decide to re-install it.

Update Windows

By upgrading the Window to its most recent version, you may fix the problem that causes xagt.exe to consume a lot of CPU power.

  1. Open Settings by clicking Start.
  2. Find Updates & Security & select it  
  3. Click the Search for updates icon in the Windows Operating system. The system will scan for, download, and upgrade the most recent Windows version for you if users click it.
  4. At that point, the computer will ask you to select Restart now just to reconfigure the computer.
  5.  Finally, check to see if xagt.exe, which causes high CPU utilization, has been correct

How to Uninstall or Remove xagt.exe

  • Complete each of the following measures one at a time to delete xagt.exe off your pc. If xagt.exe was a component of the package you downloaded onto your computer, performing this action will remove it.
  • An uninstall application will be included with the document if it is a component of a software system. Following that, you could launch the Remover at 
C:Program Files>FireEye Agent>FireEye Endpoint Agent>FireEye Endpoint Agent>xagt.exe uninstall.exe.

Alternatively, if xagt.exe was set up through Windows Installer, doing so would remove it. Navigate to Computer Settings and select Add Or Remove Programs.

  • Consequently Use the search option to look up xagt.exe, FireEye Endpoint Agent in the program directory, or FireEye Agent inside the developer directory.
  • The xagt.exe file can then be deleted from the computer system by clicking it and choosing the Delete Software button. The system will therefore uninstall xagt.exe and the FireEye Endpoint Agent application software from this.
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Does Windows 11 need an antivirus application from a third party?

Windows 11 has been introduced by Microsoft with such a variety of improvements to the overall system’s performance, usability, and safety. Talking regarding the latter, Windows 11 is unquestionably Microsoft’s safest OS system to date. Given the enhanced security features available in Windows 11, most consumers are unsure whether they still require the use of an antivirus program. You should be aware of a few points in case you have some doubts about all this OS’s encryption algorithms.

In level of protection, Windows Defender’s latest new release, which came with Windows 11, provides a comprehensive variety of features. It is reachable via the Windows Safety program. Third-party security software offers security mechanisms that are similar to all those offered in Microsoft. And it is evident, Windows 11 offers a high degree of safety for such platform’s hardware and software elements.

Nevertheless, using a trustworthy third-party security product is advised if you are worried about the smallest risk. This might also be significant because attackers are always looking for methods to target holes in computer networks.


Your security department installed a genuine process called Xagt or FireEye Endpoint Agent to guard your computer against attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities. Do not deactivate or remove something if it is not actually necessary. Finally, this post has answered your annoying questions, such as what xagt.exe means. Is it a virus or a malware? Upon discovering the xagt.exe file on your computer, perform the removal procedure.

It poses a 49% operational privacy issue however after obtaining the file from the reliable domain. Hence, check it with a reputable scanner following installation and before use. Take care to leave your antivirus software enabled at all times to keep your computer secure!


How can I terminate the xagt.exe process?

You can block the xagt.exe operation from running by either uninstalling the application linked to the file and otherwise, if indeed the file is malware or a virus, by removing it using a spyware and virus removal tool.

How much disk space is xagt.exe taking up?

To achieve this, open the Task Manager software (right-click upon this Windows System tray and choose Task Manager), arrange the processes by disk usage for the xagt.exe program, and then choose the Disk choices at the top of your screen.

Is FireEye considered a firewall?

By precisely identifying and swiftly halting sophisticated, targeted, and other evasive assaults concealed in Web traffic, FireEye Data Security is a powerful cybercrime protection tool that aids enterprises in reducing the risk of expensive breaches.

How Do I Fix the Non-Responsive Xagt.exe File?

If somehow the Xagt.exe file for the original FireEye Endpoint Manager program is active, you should upgrade any existing copies of the program, upgrade the device, and run a virus scanner on it.

What Purpose Does Xagt.exe Serve?

This is just a configuration file; it is not necessary for the program to run and won’t have any effect even if it were to be missing. Thus, the Xagt.exe file has no actual purpose.