Manjot Singh

Manjot Singh

Security log agent – 2023

Security log agent

The Android operating system reads security data using the Security Log Agent system program that is pre-installed in Samsung android smartphones. Understand SecurityLogAgent better. It is what? What exactly does the Samsung SecurityLogAgent do? Which authority does it possess, and how could the SecurityLogAgent error affected by unlawful acts be fixed? Let’s look for solutions. …

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DQA App- A Complete Guide 2023


Device Quality Agents, or DQA app in short, is just an Android application. With the intention of serving as a network intermediary, Samsung created this application for their line of smartphones. If users continue reading the complete material described in this post, you’ll have a deeper understanding of this built-in software. Describe DQA For Samsung …

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What Is the DRM License on the Android?

What Is the DRM License on the Android

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is an abbreviation. To profit from advantages that serve to defend their best interests, Android product developers incorporate DRM licenses into applications. The DRM infrastructure on your Android phone enables the usage of DRM licenses and also carries out the developer-set license conditions. Android application developers that distribute their programs …

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What is Error OR-DVASA2-02? How can we fix this error?

Error OR-DVASA2-02

Many Smartphone users have started complaining that while trying to purchase any software from the Google Play Store or to conduct an in-app purchase utilizing direct carrier billing or (DCB), their devices have displayed the error message: “Your account isn’t suitable for the mobile payment system. Call the company that provides your cell phone [OR-DVASA2-02]“. …

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