LLk agent – A Complete guide

The llk agent has been a topic of frequent inquiries from android users on blogs and forums. What precisely is a llkagent? It’s malware, etc. The llk agent for Android is completely explained in this post. Additionally, com.verizon.llkagent will be covered a little.

What precisely is an LLkAgent?

This app’s origin and purpose are unknown. On the Play Store, the .apk file format is not really accessible. The llkagent.apk file can, however, be downloaded and installed on your Android device from a number of other app shops.

The application is a GPS activity tracking application for Samsung and Verizon, as shown by the package title com.verizon.llkagent as well as the app’s permissions. Alternatively, it could be a programmer name that is included in the name of the com package.


What is its apk specifics?

  • Package names for the llkagent include com.verizon.llkagent and com. verizon.llkagent 11.
  • 0.02 MB in size
  • Enables – Android 1.0 and later
  • Building design – noarch


What things do we need to stay cautious of?

Because the app’s publisher and developer want to operate in secret and never bother to explain how and why they are using the pp. Furthermore, a trusted website such as the Google Play app store is unable be used to download the llkagent.apk.. Keep such apps off your phone, it is advised. because the most of malware and trojans are tough to find as well as remove from the Android smartphone. and after installation, it may compromise your data and privacy.

What are trojans. agent for Android?

Finally, let’s talk briefly about Android Trojans. Agent. It’s a harmful script or collection of scripts that are included in Android APK files. The trojans are created and integrated inside typical APK installation files, which remain covertly and undetected on your Android device.

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These trojans provide a series of commands that can be discreetly executed on your Android device to carry out various tasks, such as Keylogging, DDoS attacks, and controlling other Android components, such as the camera and microphone. The concealed Android Trojans are challenging to find. Pre- or post-installation agent in an apk. Therefore, it is always advised to get Android apps from a reputable source like the Play Store. Don’t forget to look in our about area for more Android knowledge guides.