What does queued mean in Gmail?- How to fix it?

What does queued mean in Gmail? Are you worried about the queued Gmail and Gmail not accepting to send emails? Also, there are a lot of mails in the queued list? Even I faced the same issues with the Gmail app but anyhow managed to send all the mails. So, I decided to write an article on Gmail, problems with it, and how to fix it. No worries, there are several ways to do so. Please keep reading the article and gain all the information regarding it and explore the genre of technology.

What does queued mean in Gmail?

Case 1: The files you are trying to download through Gmail will go into the queued status. Case 2: When you trying to forward multiple emails in Gmail with just one click, it send the emails in queued. It works on FIFO system. Queued mean in Gmail: the first email is input/send/download will be the first output, in short first in-first out.

What does queued mean in Gmail
What does queued mean in Gmail

If other files or title is currently downloading then after canceling the queued file. Try to select on it again to start downloading it. When the Gmail application gives something as queued, that means the Gmail app is not able to forward the Email immediately. It tries to send the email within a couple of minutes. The storage space in the device needs to be cleared for the queued mails. Sometimes, we require to verify the updated advice and renew Gmail in a term. This also generates concerns with getting and forwarding emails in the Gmail app. Attempt to empty all your cache and junk folders. That may damage your anti-virus controller briefly. For instance, if there are any concerns it is better to wait till the network signs are reconnected and settled. But there may additionally be a few more difficult with the extra workarounds by email.

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Reasons to Gmail queued

There may be many reasons that may be facing this issue:

  1. Storage space is low: If an email is notified as to the queued email then it may be a chance of low on storage space. This is solved when your device added with the extra storage space. Then the Gmail will be ready to send the email.
  2. Issues with the application and the server: In case, there are issues it is better to wait until the network signals are reconnected and resolved. But there may also be a little more complicated with the other workarounds by email.
  3. Exceeded the threshold limit: If there are a lot many mails it gives an alert as queued. Maybe too many emails sent at once the mails may be noticed as queued. There can also a chance of queued cause of the huge size of the attached files.
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Why Gmail not sending emails?

When the mail we received return a temporary SMTP site code, then the mail can track in the deferred queue for retry. The mails which are in the deferred queue are retried at once when the time out is reached. You require to verify with the mobile if it is of a web interface or by the Transportable app.

 The notification “queue for delivery” means the mail is in the HES site of the outbound of the MTA page for many site reasons. This notified are which pages not yet accepted with the receiving mail site servers cause some temporary errors.

Here are some temporary SMTP errors codes that cause in the Gmail app:

  • 421 -Indicates that the server not available and all the transmission channels are closed.
  • 450– Mailbox unavailable that is requested mail from the Gmail actions are not taken.
  • 451 – There is some error in processing the mail. Requested actions are aborted.
  • 452 – Cause of insufficient device storage that is requested actions are not taken.

Some errors for Gmail as queued

  1. You need to make sure that your mail server IP/FQDN in the Administrator site. With the Domain Management site of the HES page is to set to correct page MTA.
  2. If there are any specific traffic restrictions in the IP ranges, you need to follow the traffic pages from specific HES servers. 
  3. The customer’s Gmail receiving server is down.
  4. There can also be some miscommunications in the mail servers.
  5. Some miscommunications of all firewall settings site or some third-party product securities.
  6. With the miscommunications of some network signals settings.
  7. Due to the Unstable Network connection with the HES site and between your mail servers.
  8. Sometimes, we need to check the update notification and update the Gmail in time. This may also create issues with the receiving and sending emails in the Gmail app.

If any of your receiving mails are with the above-given code errors, then the mail will show you the action of “queued for delivery“.This sometimes also displays the notification as a “temporary delivery error” to resolve with the errors. Please better to contact with the mail server administrator. 

How to fix queued Gmail Problem

First, you need to check with the mobile whether it is from the web interface or with the Mobile app. Go with the laptop or desktop and check whether a test mail is forwarded from the same web interface. If gmails are down, then any emails cant be sent from there. If the email is forwarded without any issues then the only problem is with your mobile application. Follow the below steps to resolve the issues with the mails. These are different ways you can fix all the mails that are ended up queued in the Gmail application. You can resolve all the issues with the occurrences.

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Method1: By Sync Settings

Step1: Search for Gmail Application.

What does queued mean in Gmail?

Step2: Open the settings in the Gmail application menu (three vertical dots) at the top left corner on the screen.

three vertical dots
setting of gmail

Step3: Then, choose the option for Accounts and open it. From there, go to a google account. May be you reach directly to email account, depend on mobile to mobile.

Step4: Choose the Gmail Account and select the account with which you have the queued issues.

Choose the Gmail Account and select the account with which you have the queued issues

Step5: Select to Uncheck all the options and then choose to restart your mobile phone.

Uncheck all the options

Step6: You must enable all the checkbox again after completion of the restart process.

That will be fixed up queued Gmail problem. If you still facing a problem to send that means you simply need to clear the device storage and all the apps cache.

Method 2: Remove Gmail Account

Step1: Open the settings in the Gmail application menu (three vertical dots) at the top left corner on the screen

Step2: Click on three horizontal dots on right corner

three horizontal dots on right corner

Step3: Open Manage accounts

Manage Gmail accounts

Step4: Select the infringe Gmail account.

infringe Gmail account

Step5: Remove the Gmail account

Remove the Gmail account

Step6: Better to restart the phone and sign in the removed account again. It will fix your queued gmail problem.

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Method 3: Delete the cache of the app

  • Open the device settings on the Home Screen.
  • Then select and open the Application Manager.
  • Choose an option All in the Application Manager.
  • Select Gmail from the displayed apps on the screen.
  • Now, you can view all the options above that can Clear data and clear cache.
  • Click both of the buttons. This way you can clear all your apps cache and send all the emails that are notified as a queue.
Clear data and clear cache

Method 4: Some small tricks to resolve gmail queued

  1. Click the refresh button several times for the Gmail to reload.
  2. Try to clear all your cache and junk files.
  3. Disable your anti-virus checker Temporarily.
  4. Select and open the private window and safe mode.
  5. If there are any issues try to change the browser site.
  6. Best is to logout and login to your account which you are facing issues.
  7. Open the emails with the labs disabled.
  8. Simply there is too options or settings option to send your email with no technical issues is to either stop the Gmail application or close the Gmail app. Better to restart the device then open it again. Our emails will be immediately on no user intervention when the Gmail application is reloaded. With this, all the specific traffic lines will be free from miscommunications and successfully all the emails are sent. 
  9. Another way is to force stop the site with all the connections to do this. Open the Settings in your device and open the Gmail app and Select the option Force stop. 
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I want to conclude the article what does queued mean in Gmail and how to fix it. There are a lot many ways to fix the queued mails in the Gmail application. The main things to fix these issues are Storage space, issues between the application and the server. when these are above the threshold limit. As we regularly use the Gmail app for any messages, or to forward some huge files in the Gmail app. The storage location in your tool requires to be removed for the queued mails.

If any huge junk files need to be cleared cause of these huge files the gmail get queued. There are specific platforms to do this. You are available with the CCleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner, and PrivaZer to clean all the huge junk files in the Gmail application easily. If the mail doesn’t send any emails from the mobile device when you take a test mail on the laptop or desktop. If the mails are sent correctly then the entire problem is only with your mobile application. So, clear all the cache apps and junk files may degrade the performance of mobile phones. If this doesn’t work just restart the site may be the cause of some specific traffic lines there may be miscommunications. This may lead to queued mails and doesn’t work properly with the Gmail app. 

If several enormous junk records need to be removed for these tremendous files the emails are queued. There are particular principles to do this are CCleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner, and PrivaZer as mentioned above in the article to erase all the large junk data in the Gmail application quickly. If you still have any queries comment below in the comment box. Thank you.