How to forward multiple emails in Gmail with just One Click?

How to forward multiple emails in Gmail? Different techniques and tools that can be used to forward multiple emails at a time with a single mouse click. In this article, we will see how to forward multiple emails at a time. Most of the email service providers don’t have an option to forward more than one email at a time or on a single click.

For some specific individuals, sending emails is a tiresome thing that they do day by day. For Gmail and numerous other email services, customers and clients realize that it just permits you to forward one email at one time. So in the event that you have lots of emails to be sent, you have to open each one of those and click the Forward choice to have them posted. Isn’t it a tiresome and lengthy process? Gossipfunda wish there was an approach to advance numerous emails on the double rapidly.

If this the issue you are also facing, then don’t worry. Gossipfunda has brought you a crack to sending and forwarding multiple emails at once with just one click. There is no need for you to go and click on every single email to forward.

how to forward multiple emails in gmail
how to forward multiple emails in gmail

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What is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding conventionally alludes to the activity of re-sending an email message conveyed to one email address to a potentially explicit or any other email address or addresses.

The term sending has no particular specialized meaning, yet it suggests that the email has been moved “forward” to another destination email.

Email sending can likewise divert mail heading off to a specific delivery and send it to at least one different location. The other way around, email things setting off to a few unique areas can combine through sending to wind up in a single location in-box.

Difference between Forwarding and Remailing

Email forwarding means sending an email received from one sender to another without altering anything in the email. While forwarding, only the envelope recipient(s) is changed and the envelope sender field is left immaculate. The “envelope sender” field doesn’t alter the From header, which Email customer programming generally shows: it speaks to a field utilized in the beginning times of the SMTP convention. This field holds the location to which mail-frameworks must send or skip messages. This also gives the acknowledgment of whether an email has bounced or

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On the other hand, the terms remailing or redistribution can here and there mean re-sending the message and revising the “envelope sender” field.

Significance of Multiple Email Forwarding

Multiple email forwarding simply eases up your work. Suppose, take an example that you are working in a college and managing the Training and Placement cell. You have the job of forwarding emails received from different companies regarding vacancies to students. You receive emails from different companies every day. It would be really tiresome for you to open each email and then select the forward option. doing this daily will make you fed up with your job. This is where the multiple email forwarding helps you to forward bulk emails at one with some simple steps.

How to forward multiple emails in Gmail?

Multi Forward for Gmail is an augmentation for the Chrome program that lets you rapidly forward different emails in your Gmail account.

Sending Multiple Emails at Once in Gmail Using Chrome

  1. Head over to the Multi Forward for Gmail extension page in the Chrome Store and snap on “Add to Chrome” to add the augmentation to your program.
  2. A brief ought to show up inquiring as to whether you truly wish to add the expansion to your program. Snap-on “Include” to permit the extension to be included.
  3. The augmentation ought to be added to your program. You can see its symbol in the program’s menu bar. With the end goal for it to work appropriately, you have to close the program and afterward re-open it.
  4. Here starts the real sending strategy. Open your Gmail inbox and select numerous emails that you wish to advance. Snap-on, the little bolt symbol is showing up adjacent to the standard email choices on the top.
  5. Now, the expansion will request that you “Sign in” to approve it. You need to do this one time. Snap “Sign-in,” at that point, sign in to your Gmail record to support the application.
  6. With that done, click the multi-forward symbol in your inbox again. At that point, enter the names of the beneficiaries you need to send the emails to. You enter various email addresses, and when you are done, basically click the “Multi-Forward” catch to begin the sending procedure.
  7. It will require some investment to advance the chose emails. You will get the accompanying screen while it is preparing your emails.
  8. At the point when the forwarding is finished, sending every one of the emails. You will see a message of acknowledgment, demonstrating that the multi-forward has been sent to every one of its beneficiaries.
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Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ

On the off chance that the first augmentation isn’t working for you, another extension can be used to forward multiple different emails in Gmail. Get Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ like you introduced different augmentations. Look and choose every one of the emails that you liked to advance in Gmail. You will see another dark forward symbol, much the same as in the past expansion snap-on it.

You will see various alternatives here. They are clear as crystal. You can send every single chosen email or just those that match the inquiry question. You can likewise send every separate selected email as a PDF or EML connection. Pick a choice. You will be approached to make a record. You will see pop up with an alternative to sign in utilizing your current Gmail ID. Utilize that.

Give cloudHQ consent by tapping on Allow. Enter the email IDs where you need to advance the chose emails. Snap-on “Forward Emails” button when done. You will see a message revealing to you that emails are being sent. You can tap on the augmentation symbol to check status. And you can likewise close the tab or even shut down your PC now .cloudHQ claims that the sending will proceed.

You can close the discourse box, in the event that you need. It has the intended effect precisely. The free form has a farthest point of 50 emails, and foundation sending doesn’t work. Buy into the paid variant for $14.99 as far as possible, signature, FWD message in the subject, and get an email and telephone support. There is additionally a full email movement wizard in the expert variant. What’s more, there are independent designs for groups.

Gmail Filters

This is somewhat of a hit and miss — it worked for me, however. Gmail filters appear to be working for specific clients. Regardless of whether this works, there is a hazard that it will likewise forward spam emails that meet the forwarding criteria. Here is the manner by which it operates. You can change it further, depending on your prerequisites.

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Snap-on to choose Settings options. Snap-on, the option, Create another filter under the Filters and blocked tend to tab. Enter the email ID of the emails which you might want to forward in the From field. To ensure that spam emails are not delivered, you can additionally limit the list items by including words that are remembered continuously for the email (like a mark) or words that are rarely included.

Extra filter alternatives incorporate connection and email size. You can generally change the filter dependent on the outcomes you are getting. Snap-on Create filter when done. Switch Forward it and apply the filter to coordinating discussions choices in the following screen, and snap-on add forwarding address to enter the email ID where you need to forward these emails.

Note: that the filter will work for new emails that you will get later on and not old emails that, as of now, sit in your Gmail inbox.


Gossipfunda hopes that your problem with a bulk amount of email forwardings has been solved with the help of this article. Your stress and trouble are over with the above trick, as it spares you from the issue of separately opening emails and forwarding them. You would now be able to have them all forward in one go.