Unreal Engine Development Company

Have you ever thought about how you forget about everything around you when you are in the world of gaming? Has it ever occurred to you that the world of gaming is much more vivid than you actually see? So, in this article, we will see what is the unreal engine, game development with unreal engine, unreal engine development companies, and the services they provide. This will give you a complete understanding of how the entire gaming industry works.

In fact, there is a lot more to the gaming industry than what meets the eye. The amazing features that we see in a game come after a lot of work. It ranges from basic concept creation to complete distribution. While developing a game, you must think about the characters, design, target audience, agreeable devices, and much more. There are various technologies available for game development.

Unreal Engine is one of the easiest tools for game development. Also, using it can be a fruitful process but development is not the only process in the gaming industry. It is in this situation that we need to approach various companies that provide us with complete services for launching our games to their full potential.

What is the Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is an open-sourced environment created originally by Epic Games. It first appeared in a shooter game ‘Unreal’. It has a wide range of applications in the gaming industry, especially in 3D games. The most advanced version of Unreal Engine is Unreal Engine 4. It was released in 2014 and contains C++ codes. 

The source code of Unreal Engine is available in GitHub and it can utilize by anyone. It also supports various platforms including desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality.

The high graphic capacities of the unreal engine are now being used by various popular games like  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the Gears of War series, Valorant, etc.

Game development with unreal engine

Game development is no easy task. It requires creativity, skill, vast possibilities, and above all, a tool to bring all these together. Game engines bring magic to our consoles by taking us to a wonderland. Unreal Engine is a piece of that magic which if discovered carefully, can provide a whole new view in digital content creation.

Unreal Engine Development Company

Unreal Engine Development Company

An unreal engine development company provides you with a wide range of services with a team of efficient developers. It provides life to your games. We can also use Unreal Engine services for industries other than gaming. It is also an applicable technology in the education sector, architecture, entertainment, aviation, marketing and so much more.

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Pingle Studios is a certified Unreal Engine game development company with 13+ years of service experience. Further, they provide various services with high-quality development techniques. Here, we will have a look at various Unreal Engine gaming services offered by Pingle Studios.

Character Design

The animation begins with creativity and creativity begins with a character. Whether it be the player or an external character coming into the scene, there will be a need to build characters in any interactive game. Moreover, For the players to remember and admire the characters portrayed in a game, it needs to be created with relatable stories. Using Unreal Engine, amazing characters can be designed with ease for PC, console, and mobile.

The services offered by the company in the character design front are:

  • Non-playable characters: They are the characters in a game that are not controlled by the player. So, these characters arrive mainly in role-playing games or multiplayer games where other players control the game itself.
  • Playable characters: They are the characters controlled by the players and whose actions directly affect the game.  In other words, the player can have a single character or a range of characters to choose from.
  • Stylized characters: Stylized character creation requires an immense level of talent and creativity. They are semi-realistic characters with amazing details and clarity.
  • 2d game character design services: 2d characters appear in mobile games, films, cartoons, commercials, and so on. There is a precision to detailed assured quality in their creation.
  • 3d game character design service: 3d characters are fully animated with special effects. They are used in animation movies, games, engineering, and commercial advertising.

The characters are designed with detailed input from the client and provide the best combination suitable for the targeted audience.

There are some steps to follow while providing the service:

  1. Discuss the needs and goals of the project.
  2. Define the important events and set the scope.
  3. Sign a legal agreement.
  4. Start the project.

Game Testing Services

Enhancing the overall game quality is an important and time-consuming process. Meanwhile, clearing up glitches or crashes in a game can ensure you the necessary quality along with acceptability among users and critics alike.

The services offered by the company in Game Testing are:

  • Functional Testing: Functional testing is the testing of all specific components of a system. It is a quality assurance process done by feeding input to the functions and testing their outputs.
  • Non-Functional Testing: It is the testing of a system software application for its non-functional requirements like the general way of operation etc.
  • Multi-Platform Testing: It is the type of testing where the system is testing across various platforms to ensure compatibility. And, the platforms tested will be different operating systems, web browsers, and devices.
  • Regression Testing: It is the process of re-running the functional and non-functional tests to assure stability. If there is a difference in performance, then it is called regression.
  • Full-cycle Testing: It is the deployment of a team of QA (Quality Assurance) specialists throughout the development of the game to ensure quality at every stage of advancement.
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Firstly, in the game testing team, there will be a project leader and QA testers. And, The project leader will sync with the client to guarantee that their terms must satisfy. Secondly, the QA testers will provide high-quality game testing services and bug detection throughout the process.

The entire game testing process provided by the company detail below:

  1. Check the game design.
  2. Define the testing conditions.
  3. Find the top approach for testing.
  4. Generate test cases and conduct testing.
  5. Create bug reports.
  6. Estimate with the partner and eliminate all the bugs.

Game porting services

Having your game ported to various devices is a great way to earn revenue. Thus, the game porting services range from performance checks to digital delivery. The organization guarantee to port games to PC, PS4 or PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, VR, and major games to Android as well as iOS. They can likewise port games to Mac and Apple Arcade.

The services provided by the company in game porting are as follows:

  • Content Optimization: Optimizing the content suitable for different devices and operating systems.
  • Memory Management Optimization: Optimizing the memory usage of games to support them in lower-end devices as well.
  • Controls Optimization: Making the gaming controls optimized to suit various devices.
  • Custom feature additions: Adding features suitable for different devices.
  • TRC Certification: Licenses required for games before releasing them on particular platforms.
  • Digital Distribution: Delivering video game content as digital information.

in addition, the game porting team of the company consists of a project lead, project manager, developers, game designers, QA testers, and artists.

The general duties of all the team members are:

  • Project Lead: The project lead contacts the client to understand their requirements, and ensure their demand must meeting in the whole process.
  • Project Manager: The project manager monitors and documents every progress the team makes in the development.
  • Developers: Creates top-notch programming and tackles real-time problems on the technical side.
  • Game Designers: Creates a mechanism to make a game unique and interactive.
  • QA Testers: Provides game testing services.
  • Artists: Fulfills the creative side of each game with high visual accuracy.

The entire porting process by the company is explain below:

  1. Scrutinize the project’s game design, structure, etc.
  2. Set the field of work.
  3. Determine the appropriate optimization strategy.
  4. Formulate UI trials for the target stage.
  5. Constitute expected changes for the purpose.
  6. Conduct testing on target machines.
  7. Analysis with the partner.
  8. Iterate until the outcome is fully playable expectations.

Game art and animation services

Consequently, Animation is one of the most essential phases of game development. As a result, it reflects your creative vision in the most amazing way to the player as they advance through the system.

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The game art and animation services are:

  • 2d Art: Creation of works in the two-dimensional plane.
  • 2d Animation: Movement of characters and images in the two-dimensional plane.
  • Concept Art: The form of illustration created before executing the real concept.
  • 3d Modelling: Development of mathematical coordinate-based representation of surfaces.
  • 3d Animation: Digitally generating animated images.
  • Character Design: Creating the appearance, model, and blueprints of each character.

That is to say, the team that provides you art and animation services will include the art director, 2d/3d environment artists, 2d/3d character artists, tech artists, level engineers, and animators.

The complete art and animation process of the company as describe below:

  1. Research the technique of the project required.
  2. Create tech description documentation.
  3. Plan ideas and concepts behind it.
  4. Generate blockouts for scenes and objects.
  5. Separate fundamental and subordinate objects.
  6. Originate low-resolution and high-resolution objects.
  7. Texturing & animating.
  8. Integrate objects to the game engine.
  9. Polish and detail.

Full-cycle development

Taking care of the complete development of your game from the base till the end, that is the full-cycle development. Moreover, the services provided include game design, game engineering, art and animation, level design, post-production, and game testing. Likewise, this includes all the services we mentioned above and more.

If you want your entire idea to execute professionally, choose the full-cycle development service.


In conclusion, the gaming industry is growing day by day with amazing technological advancements. Subsequently, if you want to create a fully-featured game that would top the charts in rating and customer acceptability, you need to function it to its full potential. For instance, all the details from initialization to distribution must be technically perfect.

The Unreal Engine services are a great way to ensure quality to your games and provide them a global market. While seeking the service, make sure to choose the right company that can accommodate all your needs.

Make sure to explain all your requirements to the service provider along with budget details and other specifications.  To clarify, Be alert about every move of the service provider and make yourself clear with the necessities. Furthermore, whatever service you seek, at the end of the day, the concept is yours and therefore ensure that the game has arrived at the full potential that you intended.