com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting: Qualcomm QTI Network Setting

The world is changing and evolving very swiftly. If we investigate our past, we have witnessed so many changes happening around us that were not even foreseen or expected. And I am not talking about very old times; just around 10 years ago, no one expected technology to reach up to these heights and yet it is still evolving. Even the network qualities have improved and to use the best and fast network we use “com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting.”

People are becoming tech-savvy with time. Did you know that around the globe, almost 5 billion people are using the internet and more than 20 million are complaining about the speed? But these users increased only because of the quality, approachability, and user-friendly cost rates. Speed is increasing and the providers guarantee to provide a good constant speed. From 2G to 5G, each “G” or generation has enhanced from the previous one. But did you know that we can change the network settings of the sim? We can use 2G or 3G on any smartphone device even if 4G is available. There is a system app that can help in performing these tasks. So here, you will know everything about com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting which is a system app on our phone and how is it helpful. 

Before that, let us know about Qualcomm. It is a multinational company famous for providing network services with its headquarters in San Diego. They have tied up with many mobile phone companies to provide their great quality services. 

What is com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting

A hidden system application that is used when a user has a dual sim phone. “com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting” is utilized when we want to switch or choose any one of the networks in a dual sim smartphone. This application came into force after 2017 when Android Nougat was launched. Before that, the user could not set the network settings for sim2. 

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From the name, we can easily notice that “Qualcomm” is because of the company that provides the services. “qti” stands for Qualcomm technologies Inc. This suggests that this is introduced by Qualcomm. 

Is com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting dangerous?

I understand this might be a thought in your heads, as most of the system applications are useless but can cause issues and is harmful. Some of the system applications when used, are constantly running in the background thus draining the battery of the device. This is not the case here. com.qualcomm.qti.networksettings is not at all dangerous or innocuous to the system. It aids to make a great network connection. It provides a good network strength if the user is having lower generations and you can also choose the ideal network settings for both SIMs if you have a dual sim phone. 


How to find com.qualcomm.qti.networksettings app?

To locate the com.qualcomm.qti.networksettings feature in your mobile phone, you can perform these steps:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Search applications. 
  3. Now it depends on your device, if you can not see the system apps, then press on the three dots.
  4. Now click on show system apps.

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Launching of com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting application

 To launch the com.qualcomm.qti.networksettings application, you must abide by the following procedure:

  1. Install and Download “Shortcut Maker” from the play store.
  2. Now select the option which says “All activities”.
  3. Now find com qualcomm qti network settings. 
  4. Press the option “com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting.MobileNetworkSettings”.
  5. Now, the shortcut is created. Once this is done, the user can uninstall Shortcut Maker.

Modes of Network

There are various types of networks for a sim card. The latest one is 5G. It is the fastest network available. Let us talk about the other categories that are known by the users. 

LTE Network

Long-term Evolution is used for communication is the latest wireless network. 4G LTE is the “fastest” known to the users. LTE mode is enabled by the device to provide high-speed internet to the user. But sometimes, the device restricts the users to switch networks. The com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting application helps in such cases.

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GSM Network: 

Global System for Mobile Communication or GSM is used in the case of 2G networks. Since it is older, it has less speed than LTE networks. With the help of com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting application, you can force any GSM over LTE network. It has a data speed of up to 64kbps.


Wideband Code Division Multiple Access is most common for a 3G mobile network. By selecting this mode, any device would automatically give a 3G network. Its data speed can go up to 2Mbps with a broadband internet system that has a bandwidth up to 20MHz.

Sometimes, if the user is traveling, LTE/GSM/WCDMA mode can switch automatically on any of the networks. But you can stay on or select only one of the modes using com.qualcomm.qti.networksettings application.

How to select only one network mode and fix it?

  1. Click on setting.
  2. Go to sim card and mobile networks.
  3. Select the Sim card for which you want to do this.
  4. Go to the network mode option.
  5. Select any one of the modes that you want to fix.
  6. If you have done this, HURRAY! you can easily access fast internet now.


There are a lot of systems applications that people don’t use or think that is might affect the device or harm it. I understand that several applications are malware and might end up eating up your data and battery as they might use the internet without permission etc.

But there are some useful applications as well. So it is important to know about these applications. If there are some viruses, do not root your device. Examine those issues, try and solve them, if they are not getting deleted disable them for the moment. You can do all these things before the warranty ends. 

Similarly, com.qualcomm.qti.networksetting application can be tested by the users. It is a useful app for switching between networks to access the fastest internet possible. All that you guys have to remember is that you cannot have an “LTE only” option for both the SIM at the same time. I hope you have found this article interesting as you must have learned something new today. Do not forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Gossipfunda. Have a great day ahead.

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