The most popular and interesting online projects that you should try

The online industry constantly offers players new projects and worlds that may be of interest to them, and in order to captivate and keep the player on their servers, they often come up with new features and ideas, or borrow them from others, but modify them in their own way, which is not always harmful other projects.

Final Fantasy 14

The project from Squire Enix is primarily a new format to lure new players to its servers, and not just fans of the series of games about Cloud and Tifa, which have been released on consoles for 20 years.

The emphasis was placed on the storyline, in which the player will be involved along with his character avatar, which he will create and customize himself, giving him individuality.

According to the developers, the entire gameplay of the passage will take at least 100 real hours, and this only applies to the gaming company, which will be supplemented by secondary, but no less important stories that will take you through the line of many famous and popular characters from the entire Final Fantasy series, some even finally Then the final stage and completion will come.

When you want to try new and sometimes unique mechanics of the world of Final Fantasy and get FF 14 leveling in a different way, or just diversify your leisure time.

You will be able to complete quests and get your own flying animals so that you can fly freely over any location you want without any obstacles or restrictions.

If you want a different type of entertainment, then go to a special location with different games and events.

You will be able to play mahjong, participate or watch fashion shows, take part in events and tasks against bosses, for example, avoid his damage until the last player remains in the match, who will take all the coins of the golden saucer.

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All received rewards can be exchanged back for gil when leaving the territory.

If you initially do not have enough gils or coins, but you want to start earning them, then simply ffxiv buy gil from a professional service that will provide players with most of the services related to pumping or currencies of the selected game with guarantees of security and anonymity.

World of Warcraft

This is a fundamental project, which in a certain sense began to develop and popularize the MMO RPG format among other games, where players can not only create their own character and independently choose the direction of his development, but also combine their capabilities and ambitions with other players, adding an element of socialization and rivalry.

WoW, and Lineage 2 introduced and popularized the format of large-scale PVP, only Blizzard went by immediately dividing two groups of players, making them irreconcilable enemies and permanent allies, and L2 simply created conditions in which, in order to effectively farm and extract resources, you need to compete and fight with other players.

In World of Warcraft you will have friends who are on one side of the conflict from you and enemies who will never be able to contact you in any way except in direct PVP, which must be taken into account, especially at high levels, when you will be farming on potentially adjacent locations.

Battles will bring you special coins that can be accumulated and exchanged for special combat equipment and weapons with enhanced parameters in battle, which is perfect for players who are ready to make the main bet on hunting and battles.

World of Warcraft will also appeal to more peaceful players who want to create more than hunt and kill, so for them there is a profession system that allows you to accumulate different types of resources, use them for production and then either sell them to players who are interested in buying or keep them yourself to enhance your personal grind and survival.

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WoW invites everyone to fully immerse themselves in the plot in order to understand the main reasons for the conflict between the parties on the continental Azeroth and go to the Dragon Islands, which were discovered relatively recently and now players must help researchers understand the reason for the disappearance of black dragons and understand why centurs, gnolls and giants are attacking other types of dragons.

Lineage 2

A cult project from the Korean studio NC Soft, which, although it made a significant contribution to the development of the MMO RPG segment, is now not going through the best stage of its development.

L2 gave players the opportunity to join PVP unlimitedly and scale it to attract a large number of players.

This is a castle sieges format – every two weeks, clans confront each other for the right to capture and control important castles around major cities in order to control them and collect tribute in all financial transactions of other players.

The siege lasts two hours, and during this time all interested clans that have previously registered for the siege can try to capture the castle.

To do this, you need to break through the defenders through the outer and inner gates and read the seal of ownership, which is only available to the clan leader and lasts 2 minutes.

She is very easy to shoot down, so other players should create a tight ring around their leader to make it harder for enemies to target him and keep anyone out of attack range.

The most important advantage in Lineage 2 is the large number of players and the siege is no exception. 500 or more unique players can take part in them, where some players will storm the castle, others will be able to hold off the approach of reinforcements and destroy crystals that will prevent the defenders from quickly returning to the battlefield.

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These are great tactical and strategic opportunities, because strong clans can not only take part in their own sieges, but also distribute forces to other castles, helping their allies capture important castles and prevent militant opponents from controlling theirs.

For this purpose, large conferences are used for voice communication and communication between clan leaders and group leaders.

The clan that will be the owner of the castle at the end of the siege will become its full owner for the next two weeks, with the privileges of replenishing the treasury through trade operations in the selected city.