Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay: It is the era of easy, secure, and smart payments. Nowadays, everybody is aware of what online payment frameworks are like Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe, SamsungPay, etc. Let’s compare with Payment Technology, Similarity, Life span, Convenience, Compatibility, and many more.

This article is about a detailed walkthrough of choosing the ideal payment frameworks among Google-Pay and Samsung-Pay.

These are the applications used to make e-payments, they can be downloaded and installed on the mobile phone easily. To make payments entering of relevant ATM card or bank data into the app is required. After this, online payments can be made quickly. However, this option isn’t available in every store.

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Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

Google Pay vs Samsung Pay
Google Pay vs Samsung Pay

What makes these apps brilliant?

Google Pay and Samsung Pay enable you to go cashless or carry almost negligible money. Just take your cell phone anywhere or everywhere to make payments. The process of payment might differ between the two. Yet the underlying ideology is the same for both the apps.

What is Google Pay?

In 2018, Google rebranded it’s online payment administrations, putting them all under the Google Pay. It is, basically, the organization’s own option in contrast to Apple Pay.

You can utilize it for online payments, in-application purchases, cashless payments in stores, and in any event, for shared cash sending. So whether you’re perusing for another pair of clothes or shoes or anything on the internet, purchasing your morning espresso, or splitting the bill with your friends at an eatery, G Pay can do all the truly difficult work for you.

Refer friends to earn

Refer friends to earn

Scan my Spot Code to connect

Scan my Spot Code to connect

Get a scratch Card on each purchase

Get a scratch Card on each purchase

Total Rewards earn

How to set up Google Pay?

Search for the Google Pay application on the play store. It may be preloaded on some phones.

  • If you are utilising the application for the first time, tap Get Started.
  • Select a payment strategy and snap a picture of your card or enter your data manually.
  • Google will send an SMS or email for verification.
  • You can include multiple credit or debit inside the Cards tab. It has no maximum limit for the number of cards that can be added.
  • Open your phone and tap on Google Pay and make payments.
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How Google Pay Works?

Near Field Communication (NFC) to channelize card data is used in Google Pay. The magnetic stripe and PIN of the credit card and debit card is replaced by NFC. Transactions and payments are enabled by the client in the Google Pay wallet with the authentication of two-factor verification.

Google Pay uses physical verifications, for example, fingerprint ID where accessible. It is enacted with a password, on mobile phones without fingerprint ID. Google Pay doesn’t send the credit or debit card number along with the amount when the client makes a payment to a vendor. A virtual record number is created with respect to the client’s transaction data. This administration keeps client payment data private, sending a one-time security code rather than the card or client details. Screen lock for Google Pay is necessary to be determined on the phone.

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Security advantages:

Google Pay’s tokenisation procedure offers prominent security advantages to both dealers and clients:

Device lock screens, remote gadget cleaning, and tokenised card numbers: Customers appreciate securities from misfortune or robbery of gadgets containing token data.

Easy combinations: TSPs and Google Pay do the hard work with regards to tokenisation, making the joining with Google Pay straightforward for traders.

Reduced vendor chance: The tokenisation procedure implies less touchy client data for traders to need to store, lessening your presentation and stresses over information breaks.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is just like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is a platform developed by Samsung for its own devices – cell phones and wearables – that enables you to pay for merchandise and enterprises by tapping your Samsung gadget close to a contactless payment terminal or approving an online payment, instead of utilizing money or ATM cards.

Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay

Compatible Devices:

Below is a list of all the Samsung smartphones that currently support Samsung Pay:

  • Note Series: Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Note 10+, Note 10, Galaxy Note 9, S9+, S9, Note 8, S8+, S8, S7 edge, Galaxy S7, S6 edge+, S6 edge, S6
  • S Series: Galaxy S10 5G, S10+,S10, S10e, Samsung S20 Ultra 5G
  • A series: Galaxy A8, A6,A5, A3, A70, A50, A40, A20e,

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List of Samsung wearables compatible with Samsung Pay:

  • Galaxy Watch Active, Active 2, Watch 3G, Watch 4G
  • Gear S3
  • Gear Sport

How does Samsung Pay work?

When using the app on the phone: by merely swiping up from the base, the Samsung Pay application will dispatch, and your default card will show up alongside a message to validate payment with fingerprint or the iris scanner on a compatible device.
Swiping left or right will raise other card options available to make payment.

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When the payment is approved biometrically, the phone guides you to tap it onto the contactless payment reader.
Payment is successfully made through NFC.

Samsung Pay: More than NFC

Samsung Pay offers something other than NFC in individual districts -, for example, the US – by likewise providing a portable wallet innovation called MST (Magnetic Strip Technology).MST enables contactless payments to be done with terminals that don’t include NFC readers. It can likewise send the payment data to common terminals in stores that have a good old attractive strip.

How Samsung Pay secures your information?

Samsung Pay makes a special effort to shield your security. It utilises a few exceptional security techniques, similar to tokenisation, to verify your own and money related data. Over this, Samsung Knox always screens and shields your phone from malware and different dangers. More or less, Samsung Pay is excessively secure.

Which is better, Samsung Pay or Google Pay?

Which is better, Samsung Pay or Google Pay
Which is better, Samsung Pay or Google Pay

Similar features are provided by both Samsung Pay and Google Pay like the options to pay for products or sending money to friends through your Android phone. The main distinction between the two is the quantity of bolstered gadgets and the nation. If you have a Samsung gadget, for example, Samsung S8 or A50 or any android phone of Samsung, at that point, the Samsung Pay framework will be ideal for you. On the off chance that you have a non-Samsung Android cell phone with NFC, and that supports the Google Pay framework, at that point, Google Pay is increasingly ideal for you.

Google Pay VS Samsung Pay

Convenience Very convenient Very convenient
Ease of Use Contactless Payments Over NFC Credit Card Accepted Terminals
Availability Supported in 140 Countries Supported in 25 Countries
Payment Technology NFC Technology Magnetic field (Credit Cards)
Compatibility Android NFC Compatible Exclusive to Samsung Phones
Longevity NFC Technology – World Wide Standard Samsung Phone Only Restriction

Payment Technology

Samsung Pay generates magnetic field like your Visa; however, can exceed the swiping movement we, as a rule, do with our charge cards.
Swiping of cards into machines can be avoided with the use of Samsung Pay. All you need is to take your cell phone close to the retail location machine, and that is about it.

There is an MST receiving wire incorporated with most new Samsung cell phones that can deceive the magnetic strip card readers into accepting that you are swiping a card. This is executed by generation of magnetic field for a certain distance. This component is just accessible in Australia and the USA.

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Samsung Pay has an exceptionally unmistakable favourable position over Google Pay in USA and Australia. For some countries like the UK, contactless terminals for cards are already there so utilisation of Samsung Pay isn’t a great use.


With regards to similarity, Samsung is at a significant disadvantage. The only requirement for Google Pay to work is, practically any Android phone that has an implicit NFC. In the meantime, Samsung Pay is limited to Samsung gadgets as it were. This payment strategy relies upon the prominence of their cell phones, which is vast obviously; however, it is not even close to the span of Android itself.

Many Android cell phones accompany NFC innovation. Different makers are adapting up to Samsung regarding deals; Chinese organisations like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi are selling a large number of cell phones every year. Almost all the upcoming phones will include NFC technology.
Google Pay wins with regards to similarity.

Life span

While the MST innovation on Samsung cell phones is exceptional, NFC is turning out to be quickly the all-inclusive standard. It is as of now mainstream in the UK and other European nations. In this way, the pertinence of MST will wane after some time as the world adjusts NFC innovation to an ever-increasing extent.

In a couple of years, it is anticipated that pretty much every retail location machine will accompany NFC innovation to make payments simpler. Indeed, Samsung can likewise make payments through NFC innovation; however, so can Google Pay, and it is accessible on more gadgets.


Finally we have compare “Google Pay vs Samsung Pay” with Payment Technology, Similarity, Life span, Convenience, Compatibility, and many more. Hope you choose your payment gateway.