Eight Useful Tech Accessories that are Not Very Popular

Innovators are still coming up with new ideas and launching many new, smart, and useful accessories that can please the user or solve a problem for them. Here I’ve shared some of such tech accessories that are very useful but not yet very popular. 

It did not take long for technology to take over the world because of the great service it offers. If you notice, we are surrounded by technology and it has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s something professional or personal, we use some sort of tech device to help us save time, perform a task efficiently, and make our lives easier. 

While basics like a computer, mobile phone, or Internet are a part of every household and office, there are also many small tech gadgets and accessories that we use every day without appreciating them much. 

Tech Accessories that are Not Very Popular
Tech Accessories that are Not Very Popular

Live Streaming Selfie Cable

Live streaming has become very common these days. Hundreds of thousands of people are using video content to build their online presence and become influencers. Most of them don’t have a professional camera. They use their mobile phones to record their videos, which is not easy if you don’t have a proper stand. 

Live streaming selfie cable is perfect for this job because not only can you bend the hard cable at any angle you want, it also comes with a light. You can angle the light according to the environment or at the same angle as the mobile phone to ensure you get the glow you want. This gadget can also be easily attached to any surface such as a table with its clip. 

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UV Sanitizing Wireless Charger

Our hands are full of germs. We touch everything with our hands and every dirty thing transfers germs on them. You should be worried because you use the mobile phone with your hands and then touch it with your face when calling someone. 

Since you can’t really wash your mobile phone, a better way is to sanitize it with UV light. People are already annoyed by the time they have to charge the device, it’s unlikely they will appreciate leaving their mobile to sanitize it. You can do both at the same time using the UV sanitizing wireless charger. This keeps the charging port of the mobile safe and cleans the mobile of any germs it might have. 

USB Ethernet Adapter

WiFi is great, but everyone knows that Ethernet is faster. There is no signal problem and you get uninterrupted fast speed. Mobile phones and most laptops lack an Ethernet port. This used to make it difficult to use wired internet, but now there are adapters for it.

You can find any Ethernet adapter to suit any of your needs on UGREEN’s page. This allows any device to have faster speed and better security compared to a wireless network.  One of the tech accessories which are not very popular and hardly known by the customer.

Menopod Instant Cooling Device

This is a tech product made for women. This instant cooling device helps relieve pelvic pain and bloating. When the body’s natural cooling is not stable, this device can be used to avoid night sweats and hot flashes. It’s quite durable and fits in your palm, which makes it easy to use. 

You only need to turn it on and hold it at the back of your neck. It goes as low as41 degrees Fahrenheit and maintains its temperature there to ensure you get that icy feeling and stay comfortable. You can charge it from a standard outlet or any USB port. 

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Long Distance Photo Frame

It’s one of the best gifts you can give to someone you hold dear who is going away or living away from you. It’s basically a photo frame and technology has made it more personal and smart. The photo you put in your frame is also seen on the frame you give your friend.

It is connected to the internet through WiFi to make it work. This photo frame also has LED lights inside it. When you change lights, the lights on the long-distance frame also change. This way you can let your friends know that you are missing them. 

UV Sanitizer Wand

Magical wands from Harry Potter are violent and outdated. This is the era of sanitizer wands that only kill germs and are much more advanced. You can use the UV Sanitizer Wand to clean anything from your hands to your mobile and wallet. It is one of the tech accessories that are Not Very Popular.

The only alternative is disposable cleansing wipes, but they contain liquid sanitizer. This is why you can’t clean mobile phones or credit cards with them. On the other hand, the sanitizer wand uses ultraviolet light to clean anything within 30 seconds without any sound, heat, or noise. 

Karaoke Mic

You don’t have to go out with friends and get surrounded by people to enjoy karaoke. Now you can do that at home with every feature you can possibly need. Simply get a Karaoke Mic and connect it with any Karaoke app of your choice. 

Anytime you are in the mood for fun, simply call your friends at home, and get started with the party. This is particularly useful for introverts who are not comfortable with strangers around them. If you don’t have enough space in your house, take it anywhere with you as it’s a portable gadget.

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Interactive Cloud Lamp

This does not exactly offer a service, but you get to enhance the aesthetic of your home. It looks like a floating cloud that is shining in the dark, but it’s a little more than that. It’s much more interactive and offers a number of light settings. 

It has an electrifying light show with music that you can control with a remote. This interactive cloud lamp can also work as a great gift. They can set it up anywhere in the house as an indoor decoration piece. 

So this is all about Eight Useful Tech Accessories that are Not Very Popular. I know that you have many in your list, if any of them unique then comment below.