The Most Popular Browsers Among American Students

There are lots of browsers, but which is the best to choose? If you’re an American student and want to choose a software application, read this article to know the Most Popular Browsers Among American Students.

Different browsers — different opportunities. Each browser provides you with its own interface, addons, and features. Therefore, you should spend your time trying and testing each software application. But the bad news is that there are tens of browsers that you can test. Yet the good news is you can just read the tops of applications and choose what is the best bet for you.

If you’re an American student and looking for a quality browser, proceed to read this article. There are three most popular browsers among American students. 

The Most Popular Browsers Among American Students
The Most Popular Browsers Among American Students

1. Google Chrome

This browser is the most popular one all over the world. People in different countries prefer to use Google Chrome. It isn’t surprising because Google services have captured our world! We use them everywhere: when watching videos on YouTube, looking for information on Google, sending messages on Gmail, translating texts on Google Translate, writing essays like here on Google Docs, the list goes on. 


This browser has a lot of features that you can’t find on other browsers. For example, if you’re writing a paper on one tab and listening to music on another, you don’t need to switch between them because you can use a built-in music controller. You should just click on the icon and choose pause or play. 

Or you can create multiple profiles of your browser. For example, if you have unclosed tabs related to your studying and don’t want to add new unclosed tabs connected with entertaining, you can separate them by creating profiles only for studying and only for entertaining. Thanks to this feature, you can sit on several Facebook accounts in one browser. 

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But one of the things students bemoan is collecting their data by Google. All advanced PC users know that this browser collects its users’ data more than any other browser. Likewise, it’s known that Google activates its eavesdropping services without your permission when you use it. 

2. Safari

This browser is used by Apple products fanciers. 


This browser offers you translating foreign websites into your mother tongue. This feature is like a lifeline for you if you have to search material in another language but still don’t know it at a high level.

Another example. Maybe this situation is familiar to you when you open new and new tabs and don’t close old ones. As a result, the number of opened tabs is growing, and your browser starts to work slower. And when you start to close tabs, this process takes a lot of time. To avoid such suffering, you can set a time when all tabs will automatically close. As a result, Safari always works fast and without lags. 

Maybe you found a brilliant article but can’t read it now. You can save a webpage for reading in the future when you won’t have an Internet connection. As a result, you can study and learn useful materials at any time, not when you’re connected to the Internet. 


Using Safari, you can face some difficulties. For example, you can’t create profiles there as Chrome can. All you can do is create a new tab in a private screening. 

Therefore, choosing this browser, be ready to think about some things that are impossible to do.  

3. Samsung Internet

This browser is considered the best for mobile phones with Android OS. This mobile browser is in the third position of our top which confirms that Android is a popular operating system among young people. Therefore, you can read about the features of Samsung Internet and Safari and decide what browser and accordingly operating system is more suitable for you.

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If you want to play videos on any website automatically, you can set it on your settings because Samsung Internet has such a function. You can play automatically not only videos on YouTube — also on all websites. But be ready that some ads are made as videos; hence, if you browse the Internet in a silent place, you can distract silence because of the autoplay function!

This browser is the best solution for you if you have impaired vision and sometimes face difficulties with reading texts on webpages. You can use the High Contrast function as it makes texts more bright in comparison with other elements on a webpage. As a result, it’s easier for you to recognize texts. 


But there isn’t an ideal thing in our world and Samsung Internet isn’t an exception. For example, such a browser doesn’t have an integrated translator; therefore, if you want to translate a webpage into your native language, you have to turn to Google translator. 

The Bottom Line

So, you know the advantages and disadvantages of the Most Popular Browsers Among American Students. Now, you can compare them and decide for yourself what software application attracts you most. Keep in mind that Google Chrome and Safari are available both on phones and PCs, but you can use the Samsung Internet only on your phone.