LGATCMD: What is lgatcmd? Uses of lgatcmd

In this article Gossipfunda deals with What is LGATCMD Service? What are the uses of lgatcmd? Also, we will learn about LGInstallService, LGSearchWidgetProvider, LGSetupWizard, LGSmartcardService. How do u take off lgatcmd off stylo2?


What is LGATCMD?

LGATCMD is a variable that has a combination of LG+AT+CMD, where CMD is the abbreviation of the command prompt. This facilitates the LG OS to run the commands required to run apps.

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What is LGATCMD Service?

LG the device has a service known as the LGATCMD service. LGATCMD Service is a type of service used by users when they want to connect with their LG phone to a PC suit, they can make use of this service. The users must not remove or disable it as some software connection to the PC can be stopped till they enable it again. This service is used by Smart-Notice Widget.

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The uses of LGATCMD follows as:

  1. LGATCMD is used to connect a mobile device with a computer.
  2. We can use this service to merge complex files and make changes from the remote server.
  3. All activities in the mobile device can be managed from the PC it is connected to using this service.

How to fix Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has Stopped?

People using LG smartphones might encounter a message- “Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has Stopped”. This message keeps popping up sometimes when the users are using

the device. Even if they press the “OK” tab multiple times, the error message does not vanish. It becomes annoying for the users as the message interface keeps popping up multiple times. However, there is a way to fix this issue:

Tip1: The users can update the firmware of the device

  1. To do so, they must open their device and click on Settings.
  2. Click on the “About Device” option.
  3. Click on Software update and check to see if there is any update available.
  4. If the updates are available then tap on update and download it.
  5. After the download is completed click on install.
  6. The device will restart and the updates will get installed.

Tip2: The users can also do a factory reset

  1. To do so, the users must open their device and click on settings.
  2. Click on the System option.
  3. Then click on the “Reset Options”.
  4. Select factory reset from the provided options.
  5. A prompt will appear on their screen. They must choose “Erase all data”.
  6. The system will ask for the device password. They must enter the password and wait for the device to restart again.

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How do u take off lgatcmd off stylo2?

If our smartphone gets lost, we can lock it or erase it. We can also remotely locate our smartphone with the Android device protection feature. When we put a Gmail account in our smartphone, the device protection feature is turned on automatically. If it is not on, we can add it manually. We can even remove this feature if we do not want it by turning off the device protection. The benefit of Android Device Protection is that any unauthorized access is prevented in our device. We can also turn on the device in its safe mode. This disables all third-party applications and we can remove the apps that are causing conflict or software problems. There are a few steps to turn on a smartphone in its safe mode which include:

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Method1: Safe Mode

  1. Open your smartphone and press the power button. Hold it for a few seconds.
  2. Three options will be displayed, choose power off and hold it for a few more seconds.
  3. A prompt will appear – “Reboot to safe mode”. Click on OK.
  4. The device will restart and will display a prompt as “Safe mode” at the bottom of it.
  5. To take the device out of safe mode, users must restart it again by a the long-pressing power button and click on restart.

Method2: third party app

We can also uninstall any third party by doing the following steps:

  1. Open your phone and click on the Settings option.
  2. Go to the Apps and Notification option.
  3. Click on the third-party application.
  4. There will be many options, click on the uninstall tab and click on ok.
  5. Any third-party application creating a software problem will be uninstalled.

Method3: By LG flash tool

You can use LG flash tool to take off/remove lgatcmd off stylo2.

Other LG Services


There is a Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in some LG devices which can exploit them. Some serious attacks are done on LG devices which can be installing the malicious android application in the device by convincing the user from any unofficial store. Attacks from a web browser as well as connecting a user’s device physically to exploit it is also a very common attack. 

There are some consequences of these attacks:

  • The attacker gets full control over the user’s smartphone and can bypass any permission model.
  • can run system codes as administrator.
  • The attacker can access various sensitive data and information.
  • also, can access confidential information and its integrity can be compromised.
  • He can leave a backdoor to attack and gain access to the device again.
  • There are no patches or any security updates for affected devices.

LG-Install Service is available on all LG devices. It can be used to install or uninstall applications, enable or disable application or set application default. The attacker can use these without the user’s consent. System applications have some privileges as running a code as a system user and giving access to any third-party application. This can give user data and the device will come in complete control of the attacker. Application installed by the attacker can give other system permission.

There are some steps to minimize this threat:

  1. Users should not install any third-party application from unofficial websites. They should install the application from trusted sources, such as Google Play Store.
  2. Users should not open any suspicious links while browsing in a web browser.
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LG set up wizard is used to set up the device. We can set up our device by following the steps:

  1. Open the device. In the given prompt select the language, you are comfortable with.
  2. Insert the sim to activate the device automatically.
  3. Select the “Start Setup wizard”.
  4. Now click on next.
  5. Click on the Start icon.
  6. Create a new email account or enter the email address and password of the old account.
  7. Choose if you want to keep the backup option or skip it.
  8. A privacy agreement is displayed. Read it carefully and agree to continue further.
  9. Click on next. Sign in to your new Gmail account or the existing one.
  10. The device is set up successfully.

We can also set up the phone wizard by doing the following steps:

  • Open your LG device and go to the menu.
  • Click on settings and select the Tools option.
  • Navigate to the “Set-up Wizard” option.
  • Configure all the options you want to select.
  • Click on Set.


LGSearchWidgetProvider is made up of terms LG Search Widget Provider, so it is very much clear from the name LGSearchWidgetProvider is an android widget that provides the facility to search apps, settings, and another search item to be searched.


Smartcards are a device that has an embedded chip that can serve as a link between a device and its user. Also, smartcards provide users with the interface of their choice. The chip contains an application linked to a service that does secure data processing. Smartcards are like credit cards. They provide ease of use and convenience. Devices that have embedded smartcards are known as smart media. Smart media has additional features of keypad, screen and speakers. Data is retrieved from the chips of smart cards using a reader by accessing its interface in two ways: The reader and chip are in direct contact or they are in indirect contact. Smart cards are used according to the devices.

How does Smartcard work?

Smartcards exchange data with the readers over an interface. Smartcards are usually powered by an external source and it communicates with the user through physical contact directly or wirelessly. Wireless communication can be made through RFID (Radio Frequency Identity) or NFC (Near Field Communication). The data in the smartcard is passed to its destination by a card reader.

Types of Smartcard:

There are various types of smartcard:

  1. Contact Smartcards: They are plastic cards like credit cards in which the information is stored in an electronic chip. The card is inserted in a reader which touches the information on the card to read the information.
  2. Contactless Smartcards: Contactless smartcards incorporate an aerial in the plastic sheets of the smartcard. These smartcards can be read from a distance of 8-10 cm. They are used in public transport applications. 
  3. Vicinity Cards: These smartcards are not yet widespread but they can operate at a distance of 1m. They offer a range of new facilities for users with a disability.
  4. Active Cards: Some smartcards can operate at a range of more than 1m. They are used in a device that gives a power supply like batteries.
  5. Hybrid Smartcards: More than one technology of smartcards is clubbed in hybrid cards. They might have an embedded chip and can word with a wireless medium as well.
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 Uses of Smartcard:

  • Application that delivers fast and secure transactions make use of the smartcards to protect personal information.
  • Smartcards are also used as a sim in mobile phone and a digital card for tv subscription.
  • They are used as a payment application in public transport.
  • Also, used in healthcare sectors
  • They are also used by mobile phones.


Smartcards can be used in many forms. LG-Smartcard service is a wireless smartcard working with the help of NFC (Near Field Communication). They are used to seamlessly integrate communication between two devices and tap them together. The devices operate either inactive or passive modes of contact. The handset acts as a reader to the other device without contact. This feature is used to upgrade security usability. It is a recent technology but is getting rolled out swiftly as the mobile handset are getting replaced in a short period.


LG the device has a service known as the LGATCMD service. The users can connect their LG handset with a computer suit with this service. This service should not be disabled. Sometimes, users might encounter a message- “Unfortunately, LGATCMD Service has Stopped”. This happens when the LG firmware is not updated. Users can manually update their device firmware or reset the factory by following some steps. LG has a feature to find a lost device with Device Protection. If a device is lost, users can locate it remotely and even reboot it. By this, any unauthorised access can be prevented.

The users can also remove this feature by following some steps. The device can also be kept in safe mode if any third-party application is causing a software problem. There are some steps to put the device in safe mode and to restore it to normal. LG has some steps to set up a wizard. LG devices have a smartcard service. Smartcards are a device that has an embedded chip that can serve as a link between a device and its user and provide users with the interface of their choice. There are different types of smartcards. A smart card has many uses. LG uses a smartcard service to seamlessly integrate two devices. This service is growing rapidly as the handsets are getting replaced in a short period.