IPconfig Android

Let’s discuss what is this ipconfig android and how to perform it? We are very much familiar with windows IPconfig, though it looks new for android. However, first, you should be knowing is that what is IP address? Then go through this blog in deep.

IPconfig Android
IPconfig Android

What is IP address?

An IP address is an internet protocol address. It’s a unique address or label in the form of number assigned to each device. So, that connection is formed in between two devices with the help of this IP address and the communication can be carried out. In this communication, they send and receive information through the internet network

Let’s take a scenario and understand it more deeply. In school and colleges, we are assigned with a different college id and scholar no. Through this number, we are registered in the school and college. And these numbers are just like our identification number. Because the name of the student can be the same but these numbers are always different no matter what. Because two students have taken admission at the different-different time so, their registration is different. And in colleges branches are different.

In the same way, every internet connection is assigned to a particular IP address. So, that is unique and the device through which you want to connect. Only to that network, you can connect.

Now, that you understood the basics of IP address. Ipconfig is the IP configuration or address. In this article, you will understand how to find out Ipconfig for android? How to find out ipconfig for windows? And more about IP address.

More about IP address

Ip address is the unique numbers assign to the devices like routers, phones, computers, or any device which is connected to the internet. There are two types of forms for IP addresses that are  IPV4 and IPV6. 

IPV4 is the shorter form of the Ip address and they are readable. Whereas IPV6 is the complete form of the Ip address. You can say that it is the full Ip address. They are not readable.

Types of Ip address


The dynamic address is the address that is assigned by the dynamic host configuration protocol. These addresses are changeable. After some time, when you restart your server again you can notice that the dynamic address is changed. 


A static address is the Ip address that does not change once assigned. They only change when the whole network will be decommissioned again.  

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This address is global or we can say that external. Which is assigned to the router or network. Like airtel internet network have a public address which is same for all. You are having a router at your home so all the devices connected to that router will have the same public address. 


A private address is also known as the local or internal address. Private Ip address name itself suggests that it is private. Every device that has internet accessibility that has its own private IP address. That is responsible for communication.


Shared Ip address work for the website Ip address. There can have an Ip address on many websites. The Shared Ip address is similar to the dedicated Ip address 


A Dedicated Ip address is just like a shared Ip address. The difference is in a dedicated Ip address is shared only with one website. 


Loopback Ip addresses are assigned by InterNIC. These are special Ip addresses like This Ip address is used for internal communication only. 

This is all about the Ip address. Now let’s discuss how to find ipconfig?

Ipconfig for windows

In this section, you will get to known how router Ip addresses can be found in windows. If you follow the method below then you can find out ipconfig on your windows.

Start your pc, at the bottom on the left-most side you can see the type here to search box where you have to go and type command prompt. Then command prompt option will show up. Click on that option then the command prompt will open up that is a black screen. Now in the command prompt write Ipconfig and press enter. Then you can see on the screen all the configuration related to the Ip address will appear on the screen.

There you can see this information related to Ip address according to the connection you are using whether the connection is through the router or WIFI. 

  IPv6 Address. . . . . . . . . . . 

  Temporary IPv6 Address. . . . . . 

  Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . 

  IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . 

  Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . 

  Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . 

Now that you have seen how ipconfig can be seen in windows. Let’s figure out how to find ipconfig in android.

ipconfig android

There is no way to enter the command ipconfig in the android system, If you install the app form command prompt it will show the Linux based terminal and this command will not run there. If you are good in Linux, you can search some steps for that. So we have researched IP address configuration in android device via three methods. Let’s see all of them:

Method1: Through WIFI

To get to know the private IP address of your device. Connect your android phone to WIFI. Make sure it is connected properly to get the Ip address. Then go to the settings, then to the WIFI then tap on the name to the connection from which you are connected. Make sure that you are connected before clicking. To check that you are connected to the router or any network for internet services. When you go to the setting and then the WIFI. At the front of the WIFI, the name of the network connection from which you are accessing internet services will appear in blue. Only if you are connected properly. Then if you go to the connected network in WIFI click on it. Then all the ipconfig android will show up. See the figure below to get a clear picture. 

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ipconfig android through wifi
ip configuration shown

Above we figure out how to get the private Ip address.

Method 2: Through ip.me site

Now let’s see how to get the public Ip address. The public Ip address that everyone can see. It is public to all. To see that go to the chrome browser on your android phone. Some sites tell the public address of your android they are: IP.ME, WhatIsMyIP, What Is My IP Address. You have to search all these sites in android through chrome. To get the public Ip address. The process is shown in the figure below:

  1. Enter the IP
ipconfig android through ip.me
  1. The location is shown:
location shown

Through WhatIsMyIPAddress Site: Just open the site, it will automatically detect your IP on android phone.

ipconfig android through WhatIsMyIPAddress
location shown

Method3: Ipconfig App For Android

There is an app called Ipconfig – what is my Ip? Can be used to get Ip address of your device. Let’s discuss how to use this app and how to get an Ip address from it. First, you have to go to the google play store. There you search for Ipconfig – what is my Ip? Press on the install button. This won’t take much time only 10-20sec. See in the figure below to get the clear picture of the process.

ipconfig android through APP
App for IPconfig

After installation is done open this app and you can see all the Ipconfig of the android will be on your screen.

ipconfig for android

You can refresh this by clicking on the option provided at the rightmost of the screen. Whenever you refresh you can see you will get different public Ip address each time. Because public Ip addresses are changeable. In this app, you have one more feature that sharing option. You can share your ipconfig information with anyone.

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In this article, you have seen a lot about Ip address, forms of Ip address, types of Ip address, ipconfig in windows, ipconfig android in that you have seen different-different methods to find out ipconfig android. 

You should keep in mind one thing never share your Ip address with anyone. It might be dangerous for you because you don’t even know how some people can misuse your Ip address and you get into trouble without even knowing your fault. Always share your when it is necessary or with the trusted people to whom you think that they won’t do anything. Otherwise, avoid sharing your Ip address with strangers.

And how to see the very important ipconfig android. As you are phone all the time so. You should be aware of all the Ip addresses and all the ipconfig that we have discussed in this article.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question 1 – can we hide our Ip address?

Answer 1 – yes, you can hide your Ip address by using a VPN (a virtual private network). VPN can hide the Ip address. Through this, you can hide your location which is visible to all. VPN is useful for encrypting your data. When you connect to the external WIFI source. Then there is a risk that your data will leak. But after using a VPN you can use whichever network or you can access any server you want without any issue. VPN can also be useful when servers are blocked then after using VPN you can access those servers also. Because of VPN, your location is encrypted nobody can access your private information. VPN can be of two types paid and unpaid. Always prefer paid VPN because they are more secure and fast. In an unpaid VPN, you might face security issues.  

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Question 2 – can we change Ip address in android mobile data?

Answer 2 – yes, you can change Ip address of your android. Get into the settings app of your android phone. Then click on the WIFI, then to the network to which you are connected for the internet services. Then click on the advance setting option where you can change your Ip address.  

Question 3 – does mobile data have its ipconfig in android?

Answer 3 – yes, it is possible. As every device has two Ip addresses private and public Ip addresses. When you connected to the WIFI the Ip address you get is a private Ip address. Whereas when you connect to the mobile data then this is a public Ip address.

Question 4 – is it possible that two devices can have the same Ip address?

Answer 4 – no, it can’t be possible that two devices have the same Ip address. Because the address is the unique address assign to each network which can’t be the same.

Question 5 – can we set static Ip address in the android?

Answer 5 – yes you can set a static Ip address in your android phone. Get into the settings, then WIFI. Then click on the WIFI network to which you are connected . Then go to the advance settings option. And in the IP settings there you can change DHCP to static.