Couldn’t establish a secure connection

Today we shall be covering another common issue ‘Couldn’t establish a secure network connection.’ We will try to provide the solutions to all Android, iOS, and Windows users. Sometimes this is the issue with some particular pages only. So, we shall give a look at this trouble too.

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Couldn’t establish a secure connection
Couldn’t establish a secure connection

Why does my phone keep saying couldn’t establish a secure connection?

While using any device we encounter many errors and issues. Some of them seem familiar to us. On the other hand, every problem would have been for the first time once. One of those errors is ‘Couldn’t establish a secure connection’. This issue is mainly observed while we visit any website. It may be caused due to:

How to fix couldn’t establish a secure connection?

Following are the hacks to get rid of this problem:

Tip1: Check whether the website is working or not

Before trying any complex solution, it is better to confirm whether the problem is on your side or there is some issue with the website itself.

Check if the website is running down or there is any other problem with the website.

You can confirm this by accessing that site with any other device. If the site opens then a problem exists at your end otherwise not.

Tip2: Forcefully quit the browser application

Sometimes the reason for the occurrence of ‘Couldn’t establish a secure connection’ may be a temporary glitch in the browser. You can try forcefully quitting the browser application by tapping the Close (‘X’) button on the top right corner. Then open it again after some time to check if the website is loading or not. This simple hack can also solve your problem. Check Lightweight Browser.

Tip3: Clear Cache Partition

Many Android users might know that Android devices have a certain set of provisional files called cache. These files let the device load applications rapidly. When these cache files get in trouble like if they get outdated, corrupted, or have any unknown issue, then this may provoke such errors.

To get satisfied that your cache does not create any problem, it is better to clear the cache partition of the phone. Doing so vanishes the current existing cache and compels the system for creating another cache partition.

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Does the next point come as to how to remove cache partition? Here we go…

  • At first, turn off the device. Then simultaneously press the Bixby key and the Volume Up key.
  • After this, press the Power key for a few seconds. As soon as the Android logo gets displayed on the screen, you can free all the pressed keys. (Before the appearance of the Android logo, you shall see ‘Install system update’ message on the screen for about 50-60 seconds)
  • Now, hold the Volume down key till the time you see ‘Wipe cache partition’ alternate. Then, along with pressing the ‘Power’ button tap on this option.
  • Again, you have to press the Volume down key and select the ‘Yes’ option displayed. Also, once again press the Power button.
  • At last, restart your device. And confirm if your issue is resolved.

Tip4: Clear Browser Application’s Cache

It happens many times that the error occurred has no explanation. It may be again due to the corrupted cache file of the browser application. In this case, clear the browser app’s cache files to resolve the issue. To do so:

  • Open the settings of the device, then move to the ‘Apps’.
  • Here look for ‘More Settings’
  • Next, you have to select the ‘Show system app’ to view the list of installed applications on the device.
  • Now scroll for the browser application and select it as you find the application.
  • Next, move to the ‘Storage’ then the next stage is ‘Clear Cache’.
  • After giving, permissions are asked through prompted boxes to clear the cache, restart your device.
  • Finally, check for the problem.

Tip5: Reset Browser

If the issue ‘Couldn’t establish a secure network connection’ exists even now, you can go for resetting the browser to the default settings. This is done for troubleshooting the error.

For resetting the browser, follow the following steps:

  • ‘Settings’ >>> ‘Apps’ >>> ‘More Settings’ >>> ‘Show System App’
  • Next, go to the ‘Storage’
  • From storage, select ‘Clear Data’. Hence, clear the data.
  • At last restart the device to make it work properly. Then check for the problem whether the error still exists or not.

Tip6: Reset Network Settings

This error may also be due to some issues with the network configuration. So, resetting the network to the default settings may also prove to be one of the ways to get rid of this issue. While resetting following changes can be observed:

  • The saved Wi-Fi network may vanish
  • Paired Bluetooth devices will not be paired anymore.
  • Network selection mode will get by default as automatic
  • Background data sync settings will activate.
  • For some apps, data restrictive settings that you turned off manually will be in their default settings.

Here are the steps for resetting network settings:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ of your device
  • Move to the ‘General Management’.
  • Next, tap the ‘Reset network settings’ alternate.
  • The next window will again ask for ‘Reset Settings’.
  • It shall ask for generating a new PIN. If you will to generate the PINs, go ahead.
  • Finally, select the ‘Reset Settings’. It will start the process. You will receive a confirmation message as the process completes.

Why can’t I connect to certain websites?

The next question I am going to deal with is ‘Why can’t I connect to certain websites?’. It is again very common. There may be many reasons again. Again, if the problem exists on the other end that means if the site is down or something else, then instead of waiting till the site starts working normally, you do not have any other option. But if restrictions are on your side then some steps can be taken.

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One important to notice is the anti-virus. Many times, if any anti-virus is installed in your system and you want to access any website, but the anti-virus detects any kind of virus or danger in accessing that site, then it does not allow the users to do so. So, it is to protect your system. But if it is a must go through that website, then you need to make some changes in the settings of the anti-virus of your system.

You might have experienced this thing while taking any LAN (Local Area Network) connection. If the anti-virus is activated in the system it does not allow to establish a secure connection. In this situation also we have to give permissions through the anti-virus.

How do I fix ‘Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server’?

First of all, a question arises: what is safari. So, let me answer that first. So, Safari is a web browser just like chrome or firefox developed by Apple. It is rooted on the Webkit engine. It is designed to browse websites on Mac, iPad, iPhone. The core difference between chrome and safari is that apple had made safari extra secured.

So, if safari does not load a page, one possible reason can be that website is not secure. Safari refuses to load websites to remind us that these websites are not secure and we should not trust them.

Now a question arises that how will we get to know that safari has established a secure connection. Safari checks every website for a secure connection. So, look at the search bar:

  • If there is a grey padlock, this indicates that a website I is secure and has a standard certificate.
  • If there is a green padlock then it means the website has a more secured identity verification certificate. It is far more secure than a green padlock one.
  • If there is no padlock then that website is not secured. It is advised to never enter any pins, passwords, and financial information on that websites.

But Safari may claim it cannot establish the secure connection with the most trustworthy sites present on the web.

Following are the steps to be followed to prevent this issue:

  • Firstly, check the URL you are trying to visit. Small mistakes like .co, .com, etc, should be checked.
  • Set the correct date and time. Usually in apple devices, setting the wrong time and date causes uncommon errors. It can be done so by going to System Preferences then Data and Time. Now go to the padlock for changing and then make the option to Set date and time automatically.
  • Change to a different Domain Name System by going to System Preferences and then Network. Choose the Wi-Fi network from the sidebar and then click on the advanced menu. Move to DNS and utilize the plus sign to append Google’s public DNS servers. Some of Google’s Public DNS servers are and
  • Permit the antivirus to trust the website. Add up that website to the list of trustworthy websites. You should only add that website whom you trust completely.
  • Safari might claim the website to be not secure because of an inappropriate website’s certificate. Go to the keychain access app and convey safari to have faith in a certificate in the future. To make safari trust certificates you have to find out which certificate that particular website uses. For that, you can take the help of other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or google chrome.
    • Now, open the page you want to visit and click on the padlock, and then open the keychain access app.
    • Next, select System Roots and Certificates, and in the Trust section, extend the pull-down menu for When using this certificate and select Always Trust.
    • Now refresh the page.
  • Temporarily disable IPv6 in your mac. Open the System Preferences then Network. Choose your wifi from the sidebar and then go to the advance menu then next is to move to TCP/IP. Then in the Configure IPv6 menu, opt for manually and click ok.
  • Check the RAM, Processor, and network card, if there any issue then fix it.
  • Your issue of Safari can’t establish a secure connection to the server get resolved by the above steps.
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How to fix secure connection errors on google chrome/ browser?

There are numerous methods by which you can resolve this issue. So, let us go through them one after the other:

  • First of all, check the web address for typing errors.
  • Make sure your internet connection is fine.
  • If the above two steps do not work then contact the website owner.


This article covered another issue faced while using any of the iOS, Windows, or Android devices- ‘Couldn’t establish a secure network connection’. We started with knowing the reasons and few hacks to cure this issue on an android device. Then, apart from those reasons I pointed out one more thing which is anti-virus that restricts accessing some places due to the safety purpose of the system. Next, we tried to handle this issue for safari (iOS), and at last, were a few fixes for google chrome that will be common for the laptops/ tablets/ smartphones of any brand.

This is the end of this blog. If you have any queries or want to share some more information regarding iOS, Android, Windows, Artificial Intelligence, or any other technical stuff, you are most welcomed. If you get any difficulty in accessing the Gossipfunda site or application then do not hesitate to contact us.