Let’s discuss this mysterious feature in the Samsung S5 model phone. ImsLogger+ is an in-built app or feature provided in Samsung phones (Samsung is an electronic equipment manufacturing company).

Some people think that it’s a threat to the phone because this feature needs a lot of access to other apps. One reason that makes this app or feature so suspicious is the logo of this app it’s a crying baby symbol. So, after watching this logo and receive so many permissions to access some personal apps. It’s genuine that you can think this app is illegal. Either it can use your personal information or it can use your location (as a tracker).

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What is imslogger+?

First of all, if the company is providing any in-built feature in your phone. That feature can’t be a threat. Everyone needs their profit so they won’t build any in-built feature which is a threat to their customer. If they are providing any in-built feature then that feature is only for the enhancement of your device. And no company is permitted to access your personal details and track your location. So, they won’t build a feature for that purpose. And the big-name company like Samsung won’t build an app or feature which can hinder your privacy. 

So, after reading this section of the article you might have understood that imslogger+ is not a threat to your phone. Now, let’s discuss what is the purpose of this app or feature which is provided in Samsung phones.

Imslogger+ is used as an IMS service that is messaging sync service. But now the question arises what is messaging sync service? Messaging sync service is a feature through which you will be able to do multimedia messaging. You will be able to contact people and message people because of messaging sync services. These services are responsible for Ip networking from device to device. This is why this imslogger+ feature of Samsung needs so many permissions to start. Because is it establishing the network for communication purposes.

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How to turn on IMS services if they are disabled?

If IMS services are disabled then you won’t be able to make any call or message anyone. In short, all the services that are responsible for communication through phone are blocked.

To turn on IMS services on your Samsung device. Go to the settings of your phone. Then inside settings go to an additional setting or application option. Then tap on the application manager or all. In the application manager swipe left until you find ALL. And inside ALL scroll down and find IMS service. Tap on it clear the cache. Click on the force stop button then you will receive a pop-up screen. On which you have two options ok or cancel. Click on OK then inside the ALL only go to the IMS setting there also click on the force stop button and click ok. Then again inside the ALL go to messages and their clear cache data. Then after this restart your device. And check whether it is working or not. I am sure that you won’t get any problems regarding IMS services now.

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What are the permissions that imslogger+ requires to access messaging sync services?

imslogger+ requires permission because it is responsible for messaging sync service. But to decrease the storage capacity, to enhance the performance are also a reason behind permission access in imslogger+ app or feature. The permissions which imslogger+ require are messages, call, location, storage, mobile track, and Samsung keyboard through these features. These all the features which imslogger+ taking permission to access through are responsible for messaging sync service.

As messages and call facility will only be possible if messaging sync service is on. For providing these facilities Ip network should be formed between both the devices for that location and a mobile track is required. 

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And for the Samsung keyboard permission, it is necessary for communication. And storage permission is for the enhancement of the device so that it won’t take much storage. These are all the apps that require permission for accessing imslogger+.

What can you do if imslogger+ takes too much battery?

Usually, in-built apps and features do not take much battery. They are not responsible for battery drain because the manufacturing company won’t build that feature that uses a lot of battery usage. Because that can degrade the efficiency of the product and can also fall down the sale of the device.

But in any case, you are facing a battery drain problem because of imslogger+. Then these are the following steps. You can follow to solve this battery usage problem.

  • Go to the mobile data option and force stop the background usage of the data. See in the figure below to get clear process.
data usage settings
set data limit
  • In the same way, go to the battery and force stop the background usage or the app that is using the maximum battery. See in the figure below.
setting for imsLogger+
What can you do if imslogger+ takes too much battery?

This process restricting the data and battery usage. This can be different in different-different configuration phones.

Is there any option that imslogger+ can be uninstalled?

This is the question to many people. Because they think that imslogger+ is a threat to their personal information. They think so because this feature requests permission to apps like call, message, Samsung keyboard, a location which are for personal use. So, rather than permitting these apps, they try to uninstall this imslogger+ app. But it is not possible. You should be aware of the fact that imslogger+ is a built-in app. So, you can’t control it. You can only control those apps which you have installed, you can uninstall them anytime you want. But this can’t be possible for the imslogger+ app because you do not install it and it is already inside your device. 

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And this feature of Samsung is for your use only. If you don’t accept the permission required to active this imslogger+ app. Then, you won’t be able to use any multimedia messaging application. You can’t make a call or receive a call. You can say that no communication will be possible. So, the conclusion is that this is not a threat to your device but it is for enhancement of your device. so, do not try to uninstall it.


In this article, you have come across what imslogger+ is? And how is this not a threat? And it is beneficial for your device. The basic requirement of the smartphone is that you will be able to make a phone call. Earlier when the phone was introduced, they are used for this purpose only. But now after the advancement of technology many features are introduced. In the same manner, imslogger+ is introduced in Samsung for betterment only.

But if you won’t allow requested permission in the imslogger+ app on Samsung phone then you won’t be able to make a phone call or messaging or any sort of communication.

So, in this article, you get to know what is the importance of the imslogger+, and features of this app in Samsung, and what are functions it can perform.