How To Get More Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go

We’ve all been there. The thrill of advancing your token on the Monopoly board, the race to amass properties, and the satisfying ring of “Pass Go, Collect $200.” But wait, there’s another layer to this timeless classic: collecting puzzle pieces in the Monopoly Go version. If you’re a fan, you know how vital these pieces are. But how do you get more of them? Let’s embark on this quest together.

How To Get More Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go

Reasons Behind the Challenge of Acquiring More Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly Go

  1. Enhanced Gameplay Complexity: The introduction of puzzle pieces adds another layer to the classic game, making it more challenging and engaging.
  2. Randomized Distribution: Puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go are often distributed at random, which means players can’t always predict where they might land.
  3. Limited Special Events: While special events can offer more puzzle pieces, they don’t happen all the time, making these coveted items harder to come by.
  4. Skilled Opponents: If you’re playing against seasoned players, they might be quicker in collecting the puzzle pieces, leaving fewer opportunities for you.
  5. Infrequent Updates: Those using the digital version might miss out if they don’t update their app regularly, potentially overlooking new ways to earn pieces.
  6. Neglected Community Engagement: Players who don’t engage with the Monopoly Go community might miss out on shared strategies or tips to gain more pieces.
  7. Inconsistent Play: Irregular players might not have as many opportunities or exposure to different strategies to earn puzzle pieces.
  8. Avoidable In-game Errors: Simple mistakes, like not engaging in beneficial trades or overlooking side missions, can lead to missed puzzle piece opportunities.
  9. Limited In-game Purchases: Not everyone is willing to make in-game purchases, which can sometimes offer a direct path to more puzzle pieces.
  10. Overlooking Side Missions: Side missions or tasks granting extra puzzle pieces might not be evident to all players, leading to missed chances.
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How To Get More Puzzle Pieces In Monopoly Go?

Monopoly Go has added an exciting twist to the classic board game we all know and love: puzzle pieces. These pieces are not just collectibles; they offer players exclusive rewards, unlockables, and can intensify gameplay. If you’re looking to amp up your collection, here’s a strategic guide to help you out:

  1. Anticipate Moves: Just like a game of chess, anticipate not only your moves but also your opponents’. By predicting where you and your competitors might land in the next few turns, you can prepare for potential opportunities to acquire puzzle pieces.
  2. Balance Between Properties and Puzzle Pieces: While it might be tempting to focus solely on puzzle pieces, remember that properties still play a crucial role. Owning key properties can give you leverage in trades, potentially allowing you to acquire more puzzle pieces from opponents.
  3. Prioritize Valuable Squares: Some squares might offer a higher probability of granting puzzle pieces than others. Identifying and aiming for these squares can increase your collection rate.
  4. Optimize Dice Throws: While there’s an element of luck in rolling dice, understanding the board’s layout and calculating potential outcomes can guide decisions. For example, if you’re a few spaces away from a square known to reward puzzle pieces, you might opt for certain card plays or trades to optimize your chances of landing there.
  5. Flexible Strategy: Be adaptable. If you notice mid-game that a particular strategy isn’t yielding puzzle pieces as expected, be ready to pivot. This could mean shifting focus from one part of the board to another or reconsidering trade strategies.
  6. Engage in Psychological Play: Monopoly isn’t just about the board; it’s about the players. Reading your opponents, understanding their strategies, and even bluffing at times can influence trades and decisions that favor your puzzle piece collection.
  7. Resource Allocation: You might have limited resources, like money or specific cards, that can aid in acquiring puzzle pieces. Use them judiciously. Sometimes, it might be worth it to let go of a minor property or pay a small fine to prioritize a puzzle piece opportunity.
  8. Trade & Negotiate: Engage with other players. You can offer trades, which might seem mutually beneficial, but ensure you walk away with the puzzle pieces you desire.
  9. Participate in Special Events: Monopoly Go occasionally introduces special events where players have a higher chance to earn extra puzzle pieces. Stay active and participate during these times.
  10. Regular Updates: If you’re playing a digital version, keep your game updated. Developers might introduce new ways to earn puzzle pieces in the latest versions.
  11. Community Interaction: Connect with other players in Monopoly Go forums or discussion groups. Sharing experiences and strategies can provide insights on how to earn more puzzle pieces.
  12. Play Regularly: Familiarize yourself with the game’s nuances by playing consistently. The more you play, the better you’ll understand strategies to earn puzzle pieces.
  13. Consider In-Game Purchases: If you’re keen on boosting your collection quickly, some versions might offer in-game purchases that grant more puzzle pieces.
  14. Complete Side Missions: Some versions of Monopoly Go offer side missions or tasks. Upon completion, these can reward you with additional puzzle pieces.
  15. Avoid Common Pitfalls: Ensure you don’t make avoidable mistakes. Always trade wisely, update your game when needed, and engage with the community to stay informed.
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By incorporating these strategies, you can effectively increase your puzzle piece collection in Monopoly Go. Happy gaming and collecting!


Collecting puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go enriches the gameplay and offers a delightful layer of complexity to an already intriguing game. By following the above strategies and remaining committed, you can amass puzzle pieces, enhance your gameplay, and perhaps even secure your victory. After all, Monopoly has always been about strategy, negotiation, and a little bit of luck. Happy gaming!


What’s the purpose of puzzle pieces in Monopoly Go?

They add depth, offer exclusive rewards, and intensify gameplay.

Does strategic gameplay help collect more pieces?

Absolutely! Planning and foresight can boost your collection rate.

How important are properties compared to puzzle pieces?

Both are crucial. Properties offer trade leverage for puzzle pieces.

Do special events grant more puzzle pieces?

Yes. Participate in these events for better puzzle piece opportunities.