Offshore Development Center

Some might of you have already heard of this word called offshore development and might have also worked for an offshore development center or maybe running their offshore center. And if you don’t know what is this offshore development center means? The offshore name itself suggests outside the country, or we can say that far away from the shore. So, offshore development centers are the companies from the USA, Europe, or any foreign country. They want to hire talented and efficient developers from all over around the world at feasible and sustainable wages. This connection or link is known as offshore development. In which offshore development host is the host company, they hire the developers. The complete team term as the offshore development team

Offshore development center always wants to work with the people who are expert in their profession. They usually prefer a developer from Ukraine, US, India, China, and Pakistan, etc. The benefit of ODC (offshore development center) is that they can hire people with all the expertise in their field, and the wages they pay are meager. So, offshore development hosts earn profits up to forty to fifty percent. Working in the ODC (offshore development center) is also beneficial for the developer also but as you know, everything has its pros and cons. So, ODC (offshore development center) has its advantages and disadvantages. You are going to see this in this article.  

In this article, we will discuss the management of the offshore development teams. Which is very problematic if not properly taken care of? 

Offshore Development Center

Offshore development center

In the ODC (offshore development center), any IT hub or company from anywhere has to provide a proper work environment. An HR manager is hired who is responsible for hiring expert programmers from the country. They will hire the developers at the average wage after signing all the legal documents. After this process, developers can start their work without any interruption. For managing all the work related to the legal documentation, dealing with the developers, take a check on coding work for this purpose, professional experts are assigned. So, that work can go on smoothly. And distance won’t become a hindrance. 

Role and advantages

If offshore development teams are appropriately managed, it can provide many opportunities to all of us, and developers from small countries can also start their offshore development center. It’s also beneficial because it can increase the employability rate in the world. That can be very beneficial for the world’s economy. And because of offshore development teams, young talented developers can showcase their talent to the whole world. So, offshore is very beneficial in all terms. Developers can also get the experience of working with people from around the world and work on more complex projects, which can teach them a lot and solve real-life problems. Through this communication skills of the developers can also be improved. 

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These advantages which you have seen above are not only for one country but also applicable to all the countries and for all the developers. So, now that you have seen all the advantages of the offshore development team, let’s discuss some of the disadvantages in the section below.


There are some of the disadvantages related to offshore development team management are:

Bad communication

Communication plays a major role in every relationship, whether you talk about business, medical work, software companies, in industries, or daily life. You know how much communication is essential to convey your message. If you want to buy a single piece of paper from the shop, you have to communicate with the shopkeeper. For this communication to be successful. Medium of communication means your language should be similar.

Similarly, in the case of the offshore development team, the biggest problem of mismanagement is poor communication. Because in offshore development team everybody doesn’t need to be expert in the English language. Sometimes, it’s also not necessarily the main language is in the team is English only. So, because of this communication gap, developers won’t be able the understand what instructions for them, and this can lead to a loss in the company.

Using old versions

Some of the offshore development hosts don’t want to switch to new technology. This may lead to mismanagement because everybody wants to work with new technology. Nobody wants to work with a less featured version when the new feature launche in the market. So, this can lead to disappointment among the developer. And they don’t find work interesting, and because of this, they do not work with full efficiency.

Low wages

Low wages can also be one of the factors behind the mismanagement of offshore development. Offshore development companies mostly focus on increases their profit. And that is correct also because every offshore development host wants to make more and more profit. Making a profit is another thing and scarifying the quality of goods to earn more and more profit is a different thing. To get more profit, offshore development hosts to hire any developer at low wages, which can hinder the quality of the product if the developer they hired is not except or just a beginner.  

Different understanding

There is a widespread problem regarding offshore development companies that every developer belongs to different countries, so they have a different approach toward business according to their country, which can be confusing for an offshore development host.

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How to manage offshore development team?

Managing offshore development teams is not too tough, they follow:

  • Offshore development hosts should always try to make sure that whatever they wanted to convey to the developer is entirely understood by them or not. For verification that they understood everything, they can ask the developers to tell all the instructions given by them to get know that they understood the assigned work completely.
  • In offshore development, you are working from a long distance. So, you cannot rely exclusively on email communication and written communication because they are not effective and more time-consuming as compared to voice call communication and video communication through skype, zoom, google meet, and various other platforms. Through this communication, developers can easily ask their all doubts and questions if they have any. Messaging is also a straightforward way of communication. It is very handy as compared to other communications and can be used at any time and any place.
  • Offshore development hosts should never hire too many developers from different-different time zone because this can be very frustrating sometimes and problematic to manage.

Other management:

  • Offshore development hosts should also give appropriate time to the developers to finish the task, keeping in mind the time zone difference. 
  • Program control tools are essential in updating the offshore development host and the other team members regarding their tasks and progress. It uses for making a work frame for a project, assigning the work to all the members. And every member must be working on the same tool to avoid mismanagement.
  • Developers should always try to keep in touch with customer care service representatives or directors in offshore development. This can help in building communication and also in growing trust with the company.
  • There should be an HR to whom developers can contact if they face any problems regarding any issues.
  • Offshore development hosts should always try to connect to the developers. So, that they can feel like they are working in the same company. And they should also try to motivate the developers for working so hard for them from such a long distance. 


So, far we have discussed a lot about offshore development centers, offshore development hosts, offshore development teams. It’s an excellent approach to how developers from around the world come together and work together. This is good for the advancement of technology because everyone has a different mindset and has different ideas, so this can be beneficial.

After the advancement of IoT and ML, the software had become essential. So, this way of gathering all the talented developers together will lead to a lot of advancement in the field of software development.  

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Question 1- why offshoring started?

Answer 1- offshoring started because offshore development hosts can get a high-profit margin. Through this approach, all the talented developers can work collectively.

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Question 2 – why is offshoring risky?

Answer 2 – there are many reasons why offshore development can de risky:

  1. Due to poor communication, developers can interpret something differently.
  2. Sometimes, if offshore development hosts do not fix their rate from the starting, developers can charge them a huge amount, then excepted. Then, they will get into the losses.
  3. Inadequate security of offshore development companies can lead to the leakage of personal data, which is very risky.
  4. Offshore development hosts should not take of the number of developers they hire. They should take care quality of the developer.
  5. All the countries are full of religions. So, this can also lead to a culture barrier between the offshore development host and the team if they do not respect each other culture and religion.
  6. Technology advancement in the very country is different. So, this is also one of the factors why offshoring is considere as risky.

Question 3 – name some of the companies which use offshoring?

Answer 3 – companies like Oracle, Samsung, Huawei, Reddit use offshoring for hiring developers. Most offshore development companies are located in Ukraine because of this country’s development and enhancement in business terms.

Question 4 – what is onshore development? Why is it different from offshore development?

Answer 4 – when developers hire from the same country where the offshore development company is situated, this is identified as onshore development. Whereas in offshore development, developers are hired from across the world.

Question 5 – why is offshoring considered flawed for an economy?

Answer 5 – offshoring is considered bad for the economy because it is unfair to get work done by the foreign developer at such a low wage. Developers should get that much number of the wages for which they work. So, that the economy of their country increases according to the wages, they get paid.