Network Locked SIM Card

Every year, we observe that the prices of smartphones have risen a lot more than what they were last year. A lot of us are aware of a number of digital payment methods that are now available because of the advancement in technology. These payment apps let you pay for anything that you wish, at your fingertips. Some of the apps that are made for making digital payments possible are Google pay, Apple pay, Samsung pay, etc. These apps have proved to be extremely helpful for users all over the world. 

We all know how contactless options have been introduced everywhere. Be it a shopping store, restaurant, medication, etc., there are dedicated apps in the Google play store or the Apple store for all these services. Now, when we make use of the physical form of money i.e. notes and coins, then we are inviting a lot of possible virus risks or infections. This is why digital payment apps were brought into the picture. With the help of these apps, you can pay your bills, order food, clothes, furniture, etc by just sitting in your room. 

Technology has made it possible for you to pay for smartphones, amidst the rising prices of these devices. You can conveniently opt for a monthly contract while you are making a purchase with the network carriers. With the help of monthly contracts, you can create purchases of expensive toys with a lot of ease and comfort. The only scenario wherein an issue could arise is if you need to use your phone with a carrier that is different than the former one, from which you are contacted.

A very common confusion among the masses is that they tend to mix the two things up i.e. sim card locked and the formerly discussed topic. ‘Network locked sim card’ is generally caused by entering the wrong sim pin multiple times. Now, we will move forward and read about the key differences between these two sim card locks. The other parts that work simultaneously with it, would allow you to know some of the best working methods so as to how to unlock a locked SIM card.

Identifying the current situation

Before jumping to the solutions directly, we should first focus on identifying the exact problem in which you are right now. Below we have discussed some of the best and most convenient methods for you. You can choose any of the methods for yourself according to the intensity of the issue, the compatibility of the solution with your device, suitability, etc. You will have to know how can you successfully unlock a locked SIM card in simple words, you should be well versed in the steps to unlock a network-locked SIM card. It is highly suggested that you would need to go through all the possible situations that you currently might be in and then look for a suitable solution for the same. Below are some of the possible situations listed that might be faced by you or someone you know who is in the same or similar problem.

Network Locked SIM Card
Network Locked SIM Card

SIM Card Locked

The first situation that you possibly might be in is the ‘Network Locked SIM Card’ issue. A lot of people out there wish to use SIM Card security, which is a feature present in the SIM Card known as an SMS PIN. You might wonder what is to be done in this feature and how. Well, do not worry as we will explain everything about it.

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Firstly, you need to enter this PIN, which is generated earlier in order to use your device or particularly your phone. The main purpose of this generated PIN is that it is designed to prevent any sort of unauthorized or unrecognized usage of the SIM card which is owned by you. It is designed in such a way that it provides maximum security and encryption. The biggest example of this is that if you or anyone enters the wrong SIM PIN three times, then your SIM card will be blocked automatically.

This indicates that whenever someone who does not have access to the SIM card, or someone who has unauthorized access, tries to access the SIM card by entering a PIN by guessing it or trying to obtain it from somewhere, would instantly be identified. After identification, the SIM card will be blocked on its own indicating that it has prevented the SIM card from wrong usage.

Network Locked SIM Card

In this article so far, we learned little about the contract that you need to opt for with your network carrier. Let us now dive deeper into this topic. The contract which you opt for and make a purchase of with your network carrier indicates that the device or the smartphone that you own, to be more specific is only entitled to work with its SIM card, especially when the period of contract is in the process. By using this, your device or to be more specific, your smartphone will automatically be locked and you also need to know that during this period, no other SIM card would work on your device in any condition/situation. 

You might wonder what could you do in a situation when you wish to use another network on your device. Do not worry as we have explained the solution to that as well. Whenever you wish to switch or travel carriers for any specific reason, there is a dire need for you to unlock the SIM card. You also need to note that this is not a mandatory step or something that you need to do for sure. This completely depends upon the individual’s choice of whether or not she/he wants to go ahead with this step. If you decide to go ahead with this step, then you will be in a lot of advantages. Going with this option would let you run things smoothly and let the operation run without any hindrance. 

You can remain tension free as in this article you will be guided on each and every step regarding carrying out each process of how to unlock a locked SIM card.

Your Device Is Already Unlocked

So far, we have covered how to unlock a SIM card. Please keep in mind that in order to do so, you need a PUK. In case, you receive a PUK right from your carrier itself, then please do take care and proper caution while entering the generated key. If you are in a situation where you own a smartphone and you are not really sure whether it is network unlocked or not, then you need to note some necessary things. The fastest and the most convenient way to do so is by trying a different SIM card inserted into it.

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In case, you have a smartphone and you are not certain if it is network unlocked or not, then the quick method to inspect is by trying a distinct SIM card in it.

How to Unlock a Locked SIM Card

There is a very convenient method available for everyone out there to unlock a SIM Card manually if they are not network unlocked even after following the detailed steps explained below:-

  1. Firstly, you need to call your wireless carrier customer service on call. Please note that you should have your account’s password nearby or handy so that you could inform the customer care executive, whenever they ask for it. You would need your account’s password as it is needed for confirmation before handing a PUK to you.
  2.  Now, you need to turn your phone on and you will notice that it starts to boot. While the process of booting goes on, you will see a window prompted, saying “SIM locked” or “Enter PUK”. You need to follow that window and enter the PUK which was generated and given to you, by your carrier. After you are done with this, click on OK.
  3. You now need to generate a new PIN code and enter it. The PIN code is usually four to eight digits long. After that, press OK.
  4. Now, just verify the new PIN that you have entered and then type it in again whenever that window occurs again in front of you. 
  5. All you need to do now is press OK again and you are good to go! Your SIM card is not unlocked.

Seeking Assistance from your Carried in order to Unlock Network Locked SIM Card

You read about the contract that is needed for you to have with your carrier and you also read about some highlighted criteria. Fulfill these highlights because it is a very crucial need to unlock your smartphone from its network. You can surely contact your carrier whenever you feel like you need some assistance or if you are stuck in any of the steps explained above. You can also make sure that you have successfully met all the criteria or not, by consulting your carrier. 

In case, you have successfully completed all the necessary steps, then your contract would be ended on the spot but please note that mostly all the carriers charge a certain amount of fee which is solely dedicated to the termination of the contract, in case you have not successfully met all the criteria and highlights. Some of the most crucial necessities are as follows:-

  1. You should be able to pay for your device completely.
  2. The smartphone that is owned by you should be at least 3 to 6 months old (depending upon the type of carrier it is related with)

You must follow these steps in order to smoothly carry out the entire process:-

  1. Firstly, switch off your phone and insert the new carrier’s SIM card.
  2. Now, boot your device, and just when you see a window prompting on your screen for a sim network unlock, just type the code that your network carrier provided you.

Unlock Any Screen Locks on your Device

If you are an Android user and your device is locked and protected by a PIN, fingerprint, face lock, passcode, pattern, etc then iMyFone Lockwiper (Android) could be the best tool for you to use. It is a very convenient tool and works quickly and efficiently. This tool is used to remove the screen lock from your device without causing any sort of data or memory loss. This tool can also assist you with Google account lock, in times when you do not remember your account credentials. 

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It is a very common issue out there to think that unlocking a SIM card is a very tricky process and to be honest this is not wrong! You surely need the best and most efficient tools out there in order to make this operation a success. In this article, we have discussed how various models and different brands of Android are found to work very efficiently and correctly. 

If you carefully follow all the guidelines given in this article without missing a single step, then you are good to go but even if you miss one step then you will have to pay the cost for it as you will risk losing your smartphone or not abiding by the terms mentioned in your contract.

If you really wish to unlock the SIM card then after reading this article and following each and every step with utmost attention, you can boot your phone afterward. In case, you are not asked to enter the SIM network unlock PIN, then you are a lucky one as this means that your smartphone has already been unlocked successfully!

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In this article, we learned about various causes why a SIM card gets locked, and then we identified various different reasons depending on different users regarding what type of situation they are in. According to the situation and intensity of the issue, we have discussed various solutions to each of the problems as well. If you wish to unlock your Network Locked SIM Card, then you must follow all the steps given in this article and you will be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: How to identify the type of problem you are in?

It is a very common confusion among the masses about the type of problem they are in. They find it extremely hard and confusing to find out and if they do not do so then finding a suitable solution for your problem would be a difficult task. We have explained various problems in this article. You can refer to them and identify the type of problem you are facing.

Q.2: When should I contact the carrier?

You can contact your carrier whenever you feel like you are stuck in a particular step in the process of unlocking your locked SIM card. The customer care executive would help you with any doubts that you have and will assist you until your problem is resolved. 

Q.3: When should I boot my phone?

Once, you have completed all the steps to unlock your locked SIM card successfully, then you can go forward with booting your device. Before booting your device, please make sure that you have taken a complete backup of all your important things somewhere else in order to not lose your data.