What is backup confirm

Try to track the true meaning of the, the hidden package that can save you one day. They say that data is more valuable than gold or silver today. It might be said because gold or silver or any other costly material can be brought back if lost. But in today’s world if data is lost then it cannot be brought back. The data we save in our devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, or tablets is not just limited to our hands. For any kind of data that is not physical that can be protected from the access of others.

Data is virtual and cannot be protected from the greedy intriguers by the use of blows and fists. It has to be something special, for only something virtual can protect another thing that is far away from reality. But still, some vulnerability can be left out. Because no one is purely perfect in this world except some people or machines. And hackers are made by nature to identify these very vulnerabilities. These later lead to great disaster or suffering. But you might know that there is no problem in this world that has come into existence without its solution. Let’s dive into

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A problem and its solution

            So simply if a problem exists, then its solution has to exist. If the latter is not true, then the solution will never have any real existence. This problem of the loss of data can be treated and cured. But as the great monks and sages have told from the time immemorial, prevention is better than cure. Yes, the loss of data or the undesired modification of data by unauthorized personnel can be prevented. It can be done by anyone and this single step will increase the security of your systems. There are thousands of threats and killers in the form of hackers, viruses, malwares, Trojans, etc. that are always ready to attack our systems. And if they are powerful enough or the protection of our system is weak enough, then they might be successful in completing their mission and achieving their target.

           So, it is always considered the best to stay one step ahead of these malwares or viruses or any other potential threat. But to quench your thirst, you will have to find water. And to find water, you will need to know what it is. For if you do not know what water is, you might end up drinking something that will boost up the thirst. And in the same way, you might end up harming your system instead of protecting it. This will happen if you do not know about the correct measures. And in this article, we will first talk about the best measure of the all that are available. These are the “Backups”.

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What is a backup?

Suppose you are eating your favorite dish or food; it can be pasta or fries or cake and anything else. And it is inevitable that after some time it will finish. And it is very common for us to wish that the whole packet or the dish-plate return to its recent state. Backup also works in the same way, but with some slight variations. On your systems or devices like mobiles or laptops or a computer you store an enormous number of files. This package “” helps in this.

These devices have large storage space and computing capacity. They can be photos, images, screenshots, videos, documents, excel sheets, presentations, games, zipped files, archived files, setups, clone apps, shortcuts, apps, etc. These might be very important and lovable for you. And they might be the vast storehouse of mesmerizing memories and pleasure. On your system, the files you open, use and modify are the original ones. They are not duplicate copy and you have full control over them. And suppose malware or a threat such as a virus comes into your computer through vulnerability. Then it will get access over your system. If this happens, then the original files on your system might be modified or deleted by the attacker or hacker.

In case of no backup

        And if this happens, then there will be no way to get them back and you will permanently lose them. This will be very disappointing for anyone as all the memories will be lost. But fortunately, if you have stored those files on cloud storage such as the Microsoft One Drive or on an external storage device such as a hard disk, then you will remain on the safer side. This is because the virus will not be present in that external storage device. And you will have your important files safe inside it. You can remove the virus from your system and copy the files from external storage to the system again. In this case, the copy of files that you have been storing in that external storage will be known as the Backup.

Backups are a must

       So, a backup is a protection against any threat in your system which contains a copy of all, or some, important files. It is kept isolated from the rest of system which can be used if the original files are destroyed or damaged. It can be due to any type of malware or any other undesired act. Some devices have a feature that automatically keeps on creating new backups for the important files. But some devices do not have this useful feature. And in this case, the user has to manually make a backup. There are certain steps that a system follows to create a backup. And then the system keeps on confirming if it is up to date. One of the steps that must be followed in Android operating system is the “”.

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What is

This is a kind of a package that is already present in your device, if it operates on the Android operating system. And you do not need to do anything to install it. It is the special UI that helps you to see if the backup, that is present on device, is legitimate or not. In some of the cases, the backup that you can see on your device might not be working. The syncing of the data to make copies of the important files might have not been completed properly. And the files might have been left isolated in the process.

And as we know, the result of copying and pasting works only if the items or files are fully copied. That is no part or component of the file is left out in the process of pasting and creating the copy. So, if any fault is present in the system you are using while the files are being copied, then the process will not be completed. In this case, due to the incomplete files, your backup will not work. If you are unaware of this fact, you will not make a new backup or continue the creation of the previous one. So, in the case of a malware attack, you will be at a greater risk of losing your files permanently.

Do a virus?

No, its not a virus, it is a package used for backup purpose in android OS.

It is important to check the backups

            Therefore, you must try to use the backup by trying to open the files in the folder. It might work properly and you might not face any problem in using them. So, the backup that has been created is good and will be perfect weapon to use and to destroy the might of the threat. The threat that might try to damage your device or system. But unfortunately, if the backup does not work properly and you face different errors in opening and viewing them, then the backup has to be searched for problems.

The backup that is present and not working gives out only one meaning, that the process of making the backup was started properly but could not be completed successfully.  In this case, you should seek out to make a new backup. And do not forget to search out for problems in the backup process before starting another one. If you do not remove the problem, the new backup might also end up being non-functional. See how To Backup Android To Pc?

How to disable/enable

How to use the and also how to disable it and then enable it again? If com android backup confirm is shown on your system, then there are chances that the backup has been made by the system. If you cannot find the package of, then you should go to “My files” or any app that contains all the files of your system.

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And then try to search for the package there. You can also try to take the help of a search bar. And if you are able to find the package in your system, then open it. Then follow the further steps, if they are provided by the system. And most probably, the opening of the package will start to open the files in the system. If it does not happen, then you can take the help of the web. Because there are different methods for the different devices or various brands.

How to disable it?

    If you want to disable the package and do not want to make a backup, then you can simply delete the package. The package, being pre-installed, might not get deleted easily. So, you will have to force delete the backup.

How to enable it again?

   If you want to enable it again to continue the process of making backups automatically, then simply restart your phone and the package will be installed again. Learn more: Android Backup-Importance and How To Perform.

How to fix unfortunately has stopped

  1. Go to Setting-> Apps-> Dropdown your apps
 Dropdown your apps
  1. Enable show system apps-> click ok.
 show system apps
  1. Search for
  1. Now open storage.
  1. Clear the cache and data.
Clear the cache and data of
  1. If again problem not fixed them click on force stopped the app then again restart.
force stopped the app


Backups are truly one of the most helpful tools. They can save you from a great disaster or suffering. It is even better than anti-virus software when it comes to defeating threats. They should be regularly checked for any problem or malfunction. And it is very important that the backup should have a firewall of its own. It should be kept away at a geographically isolated place.

You can also opt to store it in an external storage device. should be given extra protection. It should also have different copies in the same system also. As if one gets deleted by mistake, then other copies will be there. Keep your backup handy. Your device might not make these backups automatically. In this case, get software that can do this for you. Then you will not have to worry about making them repeatedly. Also, remember to store the data on cloud storage. This is because hard disks might break, but they will not.