Xenoverse 2 gohan and videl mentor not showing up

In the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, mastering the art of combat and learning from iconic characters like Gohan and Videl can be a game-changing experience. However, a frustrating issue that many players encounter is when Gohan and Videl, as mentors, fail to show up. This glitch can hamper your progress and diminish your enjoyment of the game. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this mentor no-show phenomenon and provide you with comprehensive steps to troubleshoot and fix it. Unlock the power of these mentors and continue your journey as the ultimate Time Patroller.

Xenoverse 2 gohan and videl mentor not showing up

Understanding the Mentor System

The mentor system in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 allows players to learn unique skills and techniques from beloved characters. Gohan and Videl, known for their prowess in combat, offer invaluable mentorship to enhance your character’s abilities. However, some players have reported instances where these mentors don’t appear as expected, stalling progress and causing frustration.

Common Reasons for Mentor No-Show

  1. Progression Lock: One of the primary reasons for Gohan and Videl not appearing as mentors is your progression in the game’s storyline. These mentors might only become accessible at specific points in the narrative. Until you’ve reached the designated stage, they remain out of reach.
  2. Active Mentor Limitation: The game imposes a restriction on the number of active mentors you can learn from simultaneously. If you’re already engaged in mentorship with two characters, such as Goku or Piccolo, Gohan and Videl won’t appear until you’ve completed training with the existing mentors.
  3. In-Game Time Window: Certain mentors, including Gohan and Videl, might only be available during specific in-game hours. Ignoring the timing nuances can lead to their non-appearance. Keep track of the in-game time to ensure you approach them when they’re accessible.
  4. Pending Mentor Interactions: It’s crucial to complete any ongoing interactions or tasks assigned by your current mentors. Neglecting these duties might prevent new mentors like Gohan and Videl from making an appearance. Finish the lessons and challenges your current mentors have set before expecting the new ones to show up.

Understanding these reasons can help you troubleshoot and address the issue of Gohan and Videl not showing up as mentors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. By tackling these obstacles, you can ensure a smoother mentorship journey and unlock the potential they bring to your gameplay.

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How to fix Xenoverse 2 gohan and videl mentor not showing up?

Fix 1: Advance in the Storyline to Unlock Gohan and Videl

Advancing through the game’s storyline is a crucial step to unlock Gohan and Videl as mentors. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to fix the issue:

  1. Engage in Main Story Quests: To trigger the appearance of Gohan and Videl, focus on progressing through the main storyline quests. These characters are often introduced at specific narrative milestones. Pay attention to the events unfolding in the game and make sure you’ve reached the point where they are meant to appear.
  2. Consult Online Guides or Communities: If you’re unsure about the exact point in the story where Gohan and Videl become available, consult online resources such as forums, guides, or fan communities. Players who have encountered the same issue might have shared their experiences and insights, helping you pinpoint the stage at which you can expect their appearance.
  3. Monitor Story Progress: Keep a close eye on your progression in the story. Make sure you’re not skipping any crucial quests that could potentially lead to the introduction of new mentors. Sometimes, overlooking certain story elements can delay the availability of mentors like Gohan and Videl.
  4. Exercise Patience: Remember that the mentor appearance is tied to the story’s pacing. Be patient and allow the narrative to unfold naturally. Rushing through the game might cause you to miss out on crucial mentor interactions. Take your time to enjoy the storyline and let the mentors make their appearance in due course.

By advancing in the game’s storyline and ensuring you’re at the right narrative point, you can unlock Gohan and Videl as mentors and continue your journey to become a formidable Time Patroller in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Fix 2: Complete Current Mentor Training to Make Room for Gohan and Videl

Ensuring you have available mentor slots is essential to access Gohan and Videl. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fixing the issue:

  1. Check Active Mentor List: Begin by checking the list of mentors you are currently training under. The game limits you to learning from two mentors at a time. If your active mentor slots are already occupied by characters like Goku or Piccolo, you need to complete their training before Gohan and Videl can become accessible.
  2. Complete Mentor Tasks and Lessons: Engage in mentor tasks and lessons assigned by your current mentors. These tasks are designed to test your skills and dedication. Once you successfully complete them, your current mentors will deem you worthy, and their training will conclude.
  3. Fulfill Mentor’s Requirements: Each mentor has specific requirements that you must fulfill before their training concludes. These requirements could include achieving a certain level of proficiency in battle techniques or completing specific missions. Ensure you meet these prerequisites to move on to Gohan and Videl.
  4. Bid Farewell to Current Mentors: With your current mentorship completed, bid farewell to your active mentors. Express your gratitude for their guidance and instruction. Once you’ve concluded your training with them, you’ll open up mentor slots for new characters like Gohan and Videl.
  5. Welcome Gohan and Videl: Now that you have available mentor slots, return to Conton City or the area where you usually encounter mentors. You should find Gohan and Videl ready to offer their guidance and training. Approach them to initiate your mentorship and start honing your skills under their tutelage.
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By completing the training of your current mentors and making space for new ones like Gohan and Videl, you can ensure a seamless transition in your mentorship journey in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This step will empower you to learn unique techniques and abilities from these iconic characters, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Fix 3: Timing Matters – Check In-Game Time for Mentor Appearances

Mentor appearances in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 are often tied to specific in-game time windows. Here’s how to address the issue by managing the game’s time:

  1. Rest at the Time Nest: Begin by resting at the Time Nest. This action allows you to fast forward time in the game. Repeatedly resting here will advance the in-game clock, potentially bringing you closer to the time when Gohan and Videl are available.
  2. Observe Time of Day: Pay attention to the time of day in Conton City or the relevant area where you expect to encounter mentors. Some mentors, including Gohan and Videl, may only appear during certain hours. Visit the mentor location periodically to ensure you’re attempting to engage them during their active hours.
  3. Parallel Quest Strategy: Engaging in parallel quests is another way to manage time. Completing quests takes in-game time, and the process of selecting quests, playing them, and returning to Conton City can help you advance the clock and increase your chances of meeting Gohan and Videl.
  4. Experiment with Timing: If you’re not sure about the specific time when Gohan and Videl appear, experiment with different times of the day. Rest at the Time Nest, engage in quests, and keep checking the mentor location to identify the time window during which they become available.

By being mindful of the in-game time and strategically managing it, you can enhance your chances of encountering Gohan and Videl as mentors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Proper timing can lead to successful mentorship interactions, allowing you to learn new skills and techniques from these characters.

Fix 4: Clear the Path – Fulfill Pending Mentor Tasks for Gohan and Videl

Clearing any pending tasks set by your current mentors is crucial for the arrival of Gohan and Videl as new mentors. Here’s a detailed breakdown of this fix:

  1. Review Ongoing Mentor Tasks: Begin by reviewing the tasks assigned by your current mentors. These tasks are meant to test your skills and dedication. Ensure you haven’t overlooked any pending assignments that might be preventing the appearance of Gohan and Videl.
  2. Complete Tasks Successfully: Engage in battles, complete missions, and meet the objectives outlined in your mentor’s tasks. These tasks often involve demonstrating proficiency in specific combat techniques or achieving a certain level of mastery. Successfully completing these tasks indicates your readiness for the next stage of mentorship.
  3. Earn Mentor’s Approval: As you accomplish the assigned tasks, you’ll earn your current mentor’s approval. This approval is a sign that you’ve met the requirements they’ve set for you. Gaining their approval is a stepping stone toward unlocking Gohan and Videl as new mentors.
  4. Initiate Mentor Interaction: Once you’ve fulfilled all pending mentor tasks, initiate an interaction with your current mentor. This interaction could involve a conversation or a training session. It’s a way to officially conclude your current mentorship and prepare for the arrival of Gohan and Videl.
  5. Welcome Gohan and Videl: With your current mentorship completed and tasks fulfilled, return to the mentor location. You should find Gohan and Videl ready to take on the role of your new mentors. Approach them to initiate your mentorship journey and start learning from them.

By addressing and successfully completing the tasks set by your current mentors, you can clear the path for Gohan and Videl to appear as mentors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This step not only opens up new opportunities for learning but also ensures a seamless transition between mentor characters.

Fix 5: Conversations Count – Engage with Other Mentors for Gohan and Videl

Engaging in conversations with other mentors can trigger the appearance of Gohan and Videl. Here’s how you can utilize this strategy to resolve the mentor non-appearance issue:

  1. Identify Other Available Mentors: Take note of the mentors who are currently accessible in the game. This could include characters like Krillin, Piccolo, or Vegeta, among others. Engaging in conversations with these mentors can potentially stimulate the introduction of Gohan and Videl.
  2. Initiate Conversations: Seek out the mentors you’ve identified and initiate conversations with them. Engage in dialogues to gain insights, training tips, and even information about the mentorship process. These interactions can trigger events that lead to the availability of Gohan and Videl.
  3. Complete Tasks and Challenges: During your conversations with other mentors, you might receive tasks or challenges to complete. These tasks could be related to combat techniques, missions, or achieving specific milestones. Successfully completing these challenges showcases your dedication and can influence the arrival of new mentors.
  4. Return to Conton City: After completing tasks or engaging in conversations, return to Conton City or the relevant area where mentors usually appear. Keep an eye out for any changes or events that might signal the arrival of Gohan and Videl.
  5. Seize the Opportunity: Once you notice the availability of Gohan and Videl, approach them promptly. Initiate your interaction to begin your mentorship journey with them. Make the most of the opportunity to learn from these iconic characters and enhance your combat prowess.
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Engaging with other mentors through conversations and completing their tasks can act as a catalyst for the appearance of Gohan and Videl in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of mentor relationships and how triggering events with one mentor can lead to the introduction of new ones.

Fix 6: Patience and Persistence – Overcoming Mentor Non-Appearance

Sometimes, overcoming the issue of Gohan and Videl not showing up as mentors requires a mix of patience and persistence. Here’s how to navigate this challenge with determination:

  1. Maintain a Steady Approach: Understand that mentor appearances might be linked to specific triggers within the game. Stay patient and continue playing the game naturally, engaging in quests, battles, and missions. Sometimes, mentor appearances align with your overall progress.
  2. Check Periodically: While waiting for Gohan and Videl, periodically check the mentor location in Conton City. Log in for short sessions to see if any changes have occurred. Consistent checks might help you catch the mentors during their active times.
  3. Experiment with Times: Vary your gameplay times within the game’s clock to experiment with different time windows. The mentors’ availability might be tied to specific hours of the in-game day. Exploring different times can increase your chances of encountering them.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep yourself informed about game updates and patches. Sometimes, mentor appearance issues are addressed in patches released by the game’s developers. Regularly update your game to ensure you’re not encountering a known bug.
  5. Enjoy the Journey: In the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the journey itself is an adventure. Embrace the challenges, setbacks, and victories as part of your experience. As you enjoy the game, you might find that mentor appearances occur naturally over time.

By maintaining a patient and persistent approach, you can overcome the mentor non-appearance issue and eventually unlock Gohan and Videl as mentors. The journey of a Time Patroller is filled with twists and turns, and your determination to master mentorship will undoubtedly yield positive results.

Fix 7: Embrace Strategy – Maximizing Mentorship Opportunities

Strategic planning can play a significant role in ensuring Gohan and Videl appear as mentors. Here’s how to take a calculated approach to maximize mentorship opportunities:

  1. Create a Mentorship Timeline: Plan out your mentorship journey by creating a timeline that outlines the mentors you’re currently learning from and their respective tasks. This helps you track your progress and determine when you can expect to have space for Gohan and Videl.
  2. Prioritize Mentor Completion: Focus on completing tasks assigned by your current mentors efficiently. Prioritize tasks that align with your current abilities and gameplay style. Swiftly completing these tasks clears the way for new mentors.
  3. Monitor In-Game Time: Pay attention to the in-game time when mentors are known to appear. Dedicate specific gameplay sessions to mentor interactions during these time windows. This focused approach increases your chances of encountering Gohan and Videl.
  4. Combine Activities: Optimize your gameplay by combining tasks. Engage in parallel quests, battles, and missions while keeping an eye on the in-game clock. This approach lets you progress in various aspects while strategically advancing time.
  5. Engage with Online Resources: Utilize online resources not only for troubleshooting but also for mentorship strategy. Engage with experienced players who can provide insights into the optimal order of mentor engagements, maximizing your learning potential.
  6. Stay Adaptable: Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on your mentorship progress. If tasks take longer than expected or if mentor appearances shift due to updates, adapt your timeline and approach accordingly.

By embracing a strategic mindset, you can create a mentorship plan that paves the way for Gohan and Videl to become accessible mentors. Your ability to prioritize, strategize, and adapt will undoubtedly enhance your journey as a Time Patroller in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Fix 8: Seek Guidance – Utilize Online Resources for Mentor Troubleshooting

If you’re still encountering issues with Gohan and Videl not appearing as mentors, turning to online resources can provide valuable insights. Here’s how to seek guidance and troubleshoot effectively:

  1. Explore Online Forums and Communities: Join Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 forums, Reddit communities, and fan groups. These platforms often host discussions about common game issues, including mentor availability. Search for threads related to Gohan and Videl’s mentorship to see if others have faced and resolved similar problems.
  2. Read Troubleshooting Guides: Experienced players and enthusiasts frequently create troubleshooting guides to address common game glitches. Look for guides that specifically address mentor-related problems, offering step-by-step solutions to help you unlock Gohan and Videl.
  3. Watch Video Tutorials: Video tutorials on platforms like YouTube can visually guide you through resolving mentorship issues. Search for videos that demonstrate the process of unlocking Gohan and Videl, providing a walkthrough that complements written guides.
  4. Participate in Q&A Sessions: Some online communities have dedicated sections for Q&A sessions. Pose your mentor-related question, describing your situation and the steps you’ve taken. Seasoned players and experts often jump in to offer solutions based on their experiences.
  5. Consult Official Game Resources: Visit the official website, social media channels, or forums of the game’s developers. They might provide official statements, patches, or solutions to known issues, including mentorship problems.
  6. Connect with Players: Engage with players who’ve successfully unlocked Gohan and Videl. They might share insights, tips, or strategies they used to overcome the mentor non-appearance issue.
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By tapping into the collective knowledge of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 community and leveraging online resources, you can troubleshoot mentorship issues effectively. Remember that you’re not alone in facing these challenges, and the community’s shared experiences can guide you toward unlocking Gohan and Videl as mentors.

Preventing Mentor Non-Appearance: Tips for a Smooth Journey

Preventing mentor non-appearance issues involves proactive steps to ensure a seamless mentorship experience. Here are valuable tips to consider:

  • Tip 1: Research Mentor Availability Research the availability of mentors like Gohan and Videl before encountering the issue. Familiarize yourself with the storyline points, in-game times, and requirements for their appearance. This preemptive knowledge can help you prepare accordingly.
  • Tip 2: Plan Mentor Rotation Strategically rotate through mentors to avoid cluttering your active mentor slots. Balance your training so that as you complete one mentor’s tasks, you make room for Gohan and Videl or other desired mentors.
  • Tip 3: Set Reminders Utilize in-game reminders or external tools to keep track of mentor availability times. This ensures you don’t miss out on specific hours when Gohan and Videl might appear.
  • Tip 4: Maintain Communication Engage in regular conversations with mentors, even if you’re not actively training under them. This might trigger events or interactions that influence the appearance of new mentors like Gohan and Videl.
  • Tip 5: Stay Updated Stay informed about game updates, patches, and community discussions. Updates might address mentor-related glitches, while community insights can offer alternative strategies to unlock Gohan and Videl.
  • Tip 6: Be Patient and Persistent Understand that mentor appearances might not align exactly with your timeline. Practice patience and persistence, allowing the game’s mechanics to unfold naturally.
  • Tip 7: Enjoy the Exploration Remember that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 offers a vast world to explore beyond mentorship. Immerse yourself in the game’s universe, complete quests, and engage in battles as you wait for mentors like Gohan and Videl to appear.

By incorporating these preventative tips into your gameplay approach, you can minimize the chances of encountering mentor non-appearance issues. Proactive planning, communication, and an adaptable mindset contribute to a smoother mentorship journey in the Xenoverse universe.


Mastering the art of mentorship with Gohan and Videl in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is an exciting journey that enhances your gameplay. Overcoming the hurdle of mentors not showing up requires a strategic approach—advance the storyline, complete ongoing mentorship, manage in-game time, and fulfill pending tasks. By following our comprehensive guide, you’ll unlock the doors to training under these iconic characters, unleashing their techniques and wisdom to become the ultimate Time Patroller. With determination and these proven steps, you can fix the mentor no-show issue and reignite your adventure in the Xenoverse universe.


Why aren’t Gohan and Videl showing up as mentors in Xenoverse 2?

They appear at specific storyline points. Progress to unlock them.

Can I learn from multiple mentors at once?

You can learn from two mentors simultaneously. Finish their training for new ones.

Are there specific hours they appear?

Yes, some mentors, including Gohan and Videl, have certain in-game hours.

What if I have pending mentor tasks?

Finish current mentor tasks. This clears the path for Gohan and Videl.

What if I’m unsure about their availability?

Check online guides and communities for insights on their appearance triggers.