Acute Angle PC

I was always persuaded that there were Mini PCs just the same. Typically a square shell, with just the colors more or less discrete. But then I got one that changed the idea: the Acute Angle AA B4 PC, a device that has a triangular design and is pretty enough to be used in the office as a piece of decoration.

Acute Angle PC

I haven’t figured out yet whether its body is made of wood. It looks like the material of synthesis, but it is pretty much anyway. I have to say that this PC is a little bigger than the average, and it also has 2 or 3 weak blue LEDs that don’t contribute to the overall beauty here.

As published in January 2018 at CES, at the height of Cryptocurrency crazy – A few weeks before, Bitcoin has just reached an all-time peak of $17,060 – The Acute Angle AA B4 PC was intended to symbolize a revolutionary concept, one in which idling machines could be forced to work and mine these precious virtual currencies. This wasn’t partially down to the accident that resulted, despite the fact that the production cost this system over $600.

In 2019, this pc was available for a very heavy discount. In fact, the whole stock was up for sale. The model we are testing today at Gearbest costs less than $155 (excluding any future taxes at the time of writing) and most notably there is no cryptocurrency bloatware.

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The Extreme Angle AA B4 PC also comes with its own cloth carrying case, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Its name gives a definite indication of what makes it so special. It has the form of an equilateral triangle and is constructed of aluminum and wood aircraft.

The cool part is it can be put up horizontally or vertically. And the sad part is it can not be put up behind the screen. But then again why cover what is one of the best built mini PC that we have seen so far.

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There are several perforations that enable air to move indoors and cool the components. Unfortunately, unlike many mini-computers that we have reviewed in the past, you can not control these. The entire thing looks smooth and strong, and wouldn’t feel in a posh office out of place.

There are 3 USB ports which have the same functions as any other PC. No Type-C, and unfortunately no card reader.


Apollo is a CPU that was launched three years ago. It is the one that operates an acute angle computer. There is a slight problem that these components are out of stock at the moment. But you can go easy on it.

The CPU is packed with many features. It is also ready to roll in the international market. An Intel HD graphics 500 GPU performs the display. Ram is pretty compatible with the operating system and the cache clearance is also up to the mark.

And due to this, it makes the operating system perform a bit under the bar. Other features worthy of note include Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 and


The battery was slightly up to the mark. It boosted when a fan was provided to it. The first time it began, a program (Function Planning Tool) was running and cleaning the machine to support what it called a “box-experience” framework.

Thanks to its powerful CPU and sufficient amount of disk and device memory the Acute Angle is a good performer when it comes to real results couldn’t get the Windows Experience Check to operate on it, but we had estimates other than what we were searching for.

The major regret remains the usage of eMMC as the storage sub-system instead of the more powerful SSD; a chance wasted. If we look at some of the tests which were done informally then, SSD stood up more than eMMC.

In principle, you would be able to switch the two however it is likely to be outside of what the typical person finds appropriate.

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In my personal use, I noticed that Acute Angle PC, for example, already shows some delay in loading heavy pages, with 5-7 tabs opened in the web browser. And of course, I did a little study of games. I had to the result to 720p with no graphical effects in Horizon Chase Turbo, and then the game was completely functional, but not yet in its best results.

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Something identical happened in the HD edition of Starcraft Remastered which was released not long ago. Classic video game emulators were moving really well, and 4k videos were running on YouTube too.

The peculiar: Windows is built-in eMMC memory, not in SSD. This is, it falls in the slower room, and that definitely keeps output in the network. So yeah, I suggest upgrading the computer and storing the device in the best possible room, because this would certainly deliver an additional boost in web surfing and so on.

This PC has an internal fan so the process is, luckily, very silent. Processor temperature control isn’t the highest, but it doesn’t matter with a light-tasking device.


There is no rivalry at this price point as a slim consumer unless you want to move down the refurbished route.

The nearest rival we’ve noticed is the SharerDP X6620 M Mini Laptop that retails with a 128 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM for $200-a 33 percent premium. It features an Intel Celeron J1900 and modern design with a legacy VGA adapter, a 2.5-inch HDD spare, no fan, and 802.11ac spare.

Even more sobering has been a quick look at what one of the big brand offers. The Lenovo Ideapad costs almost double than this. It also comes with 4GB of ram and a basic hard disk.

Business point of view

The Acute Angle AA desktop mini PC may or may not be invented to your drive, but what is positive is that it draws some unbelievable value for money and that’s why there’s a valid judgment. This is a one-off deal, an exceptional one that grievously is impossible to include a charge.

The device’s average efficiency is higher than what you will typically find at this price level.  The processor is charismatic. It completely fits with the huge ram provided along with 128GB of memory.

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The business will appreciate this thin client’s price tag and clever design which makes it stand out. Sadly help is a major mystery and the prospective customer would be a risk. As normal, these are the best fit as end-user / front desk machines; it’s still convenient to have a couple of additional units to cover RMA hassles.

Acute Angle PC Specifications

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3450 quad core processor 
System Memory8GB LPDDR3 RAM
Storage64GB eMMC 5.1 flash
Video Output HDMI 2.0a up to 4K @ 60 Hz
Audio 3.5mm audio jack, HDMI digital audio output
Network and wireless connectivityGigabit Ethernet, Dual band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
USB3x USB 3.0 ports
Power supply12V/3A
Dimensions25.50 x 25.50 x 4.00 cm
Weight 660 grams
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This new computer is surely futuristic which means they are developed keeping in mind the updates that could be made in the future. Introduction to 5G is a great example of this. Other specs, the looks are amazing due to which there is a possibility that the many types of the audience may be attracted to it. Previously, it has amazed us by launching revolutionary computers in order to compete with other computer brands in the global market. Putting in simple words it is a brand that can be trusted for its name.


My final opinion is positive: architecture is great, it looks very good on the table and in terms of specifications, it’s complete. Performance does not really seem to offer the limit, but it is adequate for the kind of usage offered to the product category which is simple. It normally costs anything similar to the USD 200 range so the pricing is suitable. In my opinion, Acute Angle PC is a device for those who want something special from normal Windows mini PCs to take into consideration.