Samsung TV Error Code 107- How to fix

Think of the scenario; you are watching the IPL match on your smart tv, but there is some hindrance in our internet connection, and all of a sudden, “Samsung TV error code 107” is occurred. Sometimes tv lost the smart hub connection. I know this was a frustrating experience ever in your life. To solve the problem, you need to know what is the leading cause of this problem. 

Follow this article so overcome this error asap. Before proceeding with the instructions to solve this error, it is recommended to check if the firmware’s latest version has been performed.

Samsung Tv error code 107
Samsung Tv error code 107

What is Samsung Tv error code 107?

Samsung TV Error Code 107 is a network error issue and can be resolved by either troubleshooting the network connection or turning the TV off and back on. You need to change the DNS setting to obtain a proper internet connection for Samsung smart TV. Samsung TV Error Code 107 is a reminder for you to check your internet connection. Samsung TV Error Codes are primarily associated with Samsung Smart TV. The error codes tell the troubleshooting steps needed for the specific faults and problems in your device. It will display codes on your screen, and these codes differ from each other in a way that they have unique definitions.

“If there is an issue, there is a solution. So we will address the issue,

What are the causes?

There are almost a million reasons why your error is occurring. The most common cause is DNS configuration failure. If you use a router for your internet connection, it is recommended that you configure the primary and the secondary DNS settings on your home gateway. Let me explain to you all the other causes.

  • Smart Home Set-Up is a new app developed for this intelligent hub. This smart hub promises to bring all the features you need for a smart home under the palm of your hand. As long as you have an Internet connection, this smart hub will connect you to everything in your home from anywhere in the world. So you can check your smart hub connection is alright.
  • WiFi or Modem not detected: Check if WiFi/Internet connection is turned on for the devices and pick up your mobile phones to scan for available WiFi network. Also, check if there is any device blocking the signal between the smart hub and devices. Move them further away from each other should provide a better call to your devices.
  • Outdated firmware can lead to significant issues with your device. These can affect many different aspects of your product, including security, stability, and usability. Comcast is alerting customers about an outdated firmware version on specific Xfinity gateways manufactured by ARRIS. Customers that have these gateways are responsible for taking action to ensure that they continue to enjoy the benefits of their Xfinity Internet service.
  • A simple change, such as that’s all you need to do, can cause problems. Never change your television’s settings. By doing so, you risk permanently damaging your monitor.
  • In recent years, misconfigured DNS servers have been a common factor in internet service interruptions. When your Tvr cannot resolve domain names correctly, you will experience problems when browsing websites or doing anything else that requires access to the Internet. Having a non-working public DNS server is often enough to cause all network services to fail.
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How to fix Samsung TV error code 107?

Let me discuss some of the ways to overcome error, 

Tip1: Give some rest to your Tv/modem/router

When the general bug causing the tv to malfunction occurs on your Samsung Home Entertainment System, you need a quick solution. The answer is to reboot your tv. This can be accomplished by turning off the power and switching it back on with a timer delay. 

What are the steps to power cycle your Tv?

  • Switch off your Tv by using a remote or directly plug off.
  • Wait for 1-2 min
  • Plugin again 

What are the steps to power cycle your Modem/Router?

  • Switch off your modem/router by using a remote or directly plug off.
  • Wait for 1-2 min
  • Plugin again 

Tip2: Update

To overcome the issue, new updates are available. Do check that your system is updated.

How to update the TV?

  • Open the support.
  • Select the software update.
  • Your system is now updated.

Tip3: Reset your Smart hud

The Samsung error code 107 makes an appearance due to some internal issues with the smart hub. To recover any valuable data, the best option is resetting it entirely. This relatively simple and user-friendly process will delete all the apps and information held in your smart hub.

What are the steps to reset your smart hud?

  • Go to support.
  • Now select device care and then self-diagnosis.
  • Now select reset smart hud and enter your PIN.

Tip4: Reset your Tv

A factory reset will return the TV to its default settings as if it were brand new. It does not delete any files. This may help resolve picture and sound issues or correct errors like no sound or a blank screen. There are two methods for resetting a smart TV to factory settings. The first is a full reset, and the second is a partial reset. A complete factory reset will restore all settings and data to defaults, but specific channels may need to be entered manually after the full reset. You can remove personal data like your accounts and updates for a partial factory reset without restoring all settings to their defaults. This only removes certain aspects of personal data and leaves other configurable options enabled. To perform these resets, enter the device’s built-in menu and navigate to the settings option.

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How to Reset your Tv?

  • Choose settings and then select support.
  • Choose self-diagnosis.
  • Select reset and enter your pin.
  • Confirm yes.

Now, your Tv is completely reset; now check whether the issue is resolved.


Samsung TV error code 107 is only due to network issues. I’m sure you can overcome the error by the different methods mentioned above. If you are still facing the problem, comment below.