How to find one lost AirPod using an iPhone?

Your AirPod might have been misplaced and you are wondering how to find one lost AirPod, then you can use the Find My app in the IOS to locate the lost AirPod. Apple AirPods are the first-of-its-kind wireless Bluetooth earpieces, which are highly convenient to listen to music, podcasts, and videos on the iPhone. Due to their small size, they are vulnerable to being misplaced. But fortunately, there is an app on the iPhone which can help you in finding the lost AirPod. You might have put them somewhere and it is gone now, but if they have enough charge in them and are in range of the iPhone, then you can easily locate them using the Find My app. 

This app is developed by Apple to locate its devices on the iPhone, it is where you connect all the devices to the IOS environment. If you wish to do the same on the web, you can use Find My on iCloud to locate the device. The problem is whenever you want to locate any devices on the iPhone, it needs to be added in the devices section using Bluetooth connectivity. Let us see how to find one lost AirPod using the iPhone and iCloud.

How to find your Airpods with the Find My app

We can use the Find My feature inbuilt into the IOS environment, it is a special feature that tracks the location of Apple devices including the iPhone itself, all we need to do is log in using our Apple ID and locate the devices if we lost them or they got misplaced. But we need to add the device before trying to locate it, so we need to set up this feature before using it.

How to find one lost AirPod using an iPhone
How to find one lost AirPod using an iPhone?

1. Enable the Find My settings on your iPhone

It is important that the Find My feature is switched on, on all Apple Devices.

  • Go to the settings on your iPhone.
  • Click on your name in the Settings app to see the Apple ID settings.
  • Scroll down to see the “Find My” section in the menu.
  • In this section, we can enable the “Find My Phone” using the toggle button beside it. Tap on it to turn the toggle green, indicating the Switch On.

Now you need to download the Find My app on your iPhone and search for the location of the device. Let us first see the steps to add the device to the Find My app.

2. Adding the AirPods to the devices and searching for the location

  1. Launch the “Find My” application.
  2. Click on the devices section and tap on add device or the plus (+) icon to add a device.
  3. Search for the device by typing the name of it like Apple AirPods, etc.
  4. Once you find your device, click on add to connect it with your Apple ID.
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After adding the device you now need to search for the location, and is very simple, just stay in the devices section and tap on the device name to know the AirPods location, if the actual location is not found, it will show the last known location of the device when you have connected to your device. The device’s location will appear on the map.

How to find your AirPods using the Find My on 

Now, this is also an easy way to locate your lost AirPods, in fact, it is a much better way without any added settings.

  • Open the web browser on the iPhone or a computer.
  • Navigate to and log in to your account using the Apple ID credentials.
  • If the “Find iPhone” appears on your screen, click on it, or complete the security step, by typing the 6-digit number sent to your Apple device on the prompted screen. Then click on the “Find iPhone” option.
  • Now you will be redirected to a screen, Find My map where you can see the “All Devices” option on the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the “All Devices” to see a drop-down menu with the list of the devices.
  • Enter the Airpods details to see the last known or current location of your Airpods.

Now that you have known ways to locate the chip and want it to make sounds when you go near it we can do it in the Find My app too. We can use this when the device is connected to the iPhone using Bluetooth and you are unable to find the lost one.

Go to the devices section in the “Find My” app or “All Devices” on the iCloud Website and tap on the device and select the “Play Sound” option. This will turn on the chirping sound from your device and help in find it easily. The sound from the airpods gets louder gradually and helps in noticing the device.

How to find one lost AirPod if the pair becomes separated

Whenever you are trying to find using the Find My app and iCloud website, the maps on the iPhone will show one airpod at a time, So if you wish to locate only one airpod, you need to put the other one in the case and refresh the map. The new map now shows the location of the other airpod that has been missing. Go back to the devices section in the “Find MY” app and click on the device name to see the refreshed map to track the location of one airpod.

Can we find Airpods Case using the “Find My” app

The answer to this question is NO since the Find My app will only locate the Airpod earbuds and is able to emit the chirping sound due to the speakers present in them. As the case does not have any tracking device or speakers to emit the sound, we will not be able to do it.

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If you wish to track the Airpods case you can attach an external device to the case like AirTag or Tile to track its location on your iPhone.

What does it mean if the “Find My” app says it can’t find your Airpods

When does the “Find My” app say that when the device is located far away that it cannot be located or the device has no battery left in it. These are the only two possibilities that could be possible, so can you find the device if they are not charged, the answer would be a NO, since it should give away some signal to be able to locate. The Find My app either shows a location or a message prompt “No Location Found” or “Offline.” If they come back online then the app will locate it and send you a notification through the “Find My” app. If you lost your AirPods with no battery or the app is unable to locate the device, you might not find it again until or unless you search for it.

Get an Alert or Turn on Lost Mode for your Airpods

If none of the above methods are useful, then you can use these methods to get hold of your lost AirPods. You can use the below two methods to avoid the misplacing of AirPods in the first place.

1. Getting an Alert

If you are using the iPhones with IOS 12 or above versions, you can get notified about the AirPods if you have left them behind somewhere.

  • Go to the “Find My” app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the Devices tab, and click on the Airpods.
  • You can see the “Notifications” tab, tap on it and click on “Notify” when left behind.
  • Turn on the toggle to get the notification on your phone when they are left behind.

2. Turn on Lost Mode for your Airpods

This is another great feature inbuilt into the “Find My” app, using this you can send a message with your phone number or email address. If someone gets hold of your AirPods, they can see the information to contact you. Let us see the steps to enable the lost mode using the “Find My” on your iPhone.

  • Open the “Find My” app on your iPhone, iPad, or MAC.
  • Navigate to the Devices section and tap on the Airpods.
  • Scroll down and make the AirPods as lost, and activate the lost mode by tapping the “Activate.”
  • Follow the steps mentioned by the app, to display the contact information on your lost AirPods.

Using these two methods you can prevent misplacing or if you cannot locate using the maps. So there are many ways in which we can keep track or locate the lost ones.


After finding the location and enabling the chirping sound, use the map to find the lost AirPods and remove the dust and debris on them to reuse them. These are some of the ways to answer the question of How to find one lost AirPods and some general doubts regarding it. If you have not found using these methods then it is evident that either they do not have any charge left in them to connect to the network or are far away that the Find My app cannot locate it. AirPods are small electronic devices. It is better to keep them in case you are not using them, do not keep them anywhere if you have lost them, it is a little hard to find such small devices.

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Is it possible to find the lost Airpods with no battery?

In most of the cases, the answer is definitely NO, since the Find My app cannot locate the airpod or make the chirping sound to track the AirPods. The only way you can find a lost AirPods with no charge is if you have suddenly remembered where you have kept it or lost it. In all the other scenarios you cannot track it using any technology, since you need to receive a signal from the device to track it, that won’t be possible without a charge. If you can remember the location, you have left it, you can start looking for it. The app just displays “No Location Found” or “Offline” if it can’t trace the device.

Can we locate the AirPods if we have not added the device on the Find My app?

If the device is traceable or is in the app range, we can add the device to the list, even after losing the AirPods. The best thing is to add the devices, whenever you buy a new one to the Find My app, if it is necessary you can just switch on the location services to know the current location, if both the devices are connected to the internet, there is a better chance of locating it, since they will be in sync. Even if you are adding the if after losing the AirPods, it is still traceable if it is in the range, otherwise it could be a little difficult to track the location.

How can we make the most of the “Find My” feature on the iPhone?

Find My feature or app is a great inclusion in the IOS, this is very helpful in locating the Apple devices. There are many such cases where this feature is very useful. If your child has gone somewhere and you want to know his whereabouts, you can just track hime using the mobile or under undesirable circumstances you can locate the people. Though it compromise the privacy, you can turn this feature if you do not someone to track you. Another great feature is displaying messages to the people, in some cases, others might get hold of your device, you can turn on the lost mode and display the message on the screen. The uses are many, only if you have the patience to use them.