Prajwol Manandhar

I am an enthusiastic BCA student with insightful as well as broad-minded thinking. I am very passionate about technology and inventions. I studied Accountancy and Computer Science back in my days at Kathmandu. However, I am currently studying at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. I consider myself a very responsible person who is always keen on learning new things and gaining new experiences. I love writing, creative writing to be precise, I write spoken words poetry and articles. Besides these, I am very fond of coding. Some of my programming language skills include C programming, Python, HTML, CSS among others. Apart from it, I enjoy reading self-help books.


iPhone 7 plus unlocked

iPhone 7 plus unlocked: Each repetition of iPhones produces extraordinary variances. iPhone 7 delivered numerous new features for iPhones further. All are the leading iPhones to be liquid and dirt resistant. They adopted the latest technology of haptic feedback in their home button as well.

iPhone charger and everything related to them

iPhone charger and everything associated with them, before purchasing a charger or a power cable for your iPhone you need to go through this. iPhones appear with several accessories. Nevertheless, the chief accessory of them all is the charger because without the charger the iPhone is of no worth.

Graphene Battery Technology

Graphene battery technologies are the next groundbreaking technology in the battery space. It allows us to use our favourite electronic device until we get enough of it without needing to look for a charging port. Yes, it is that good.

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