Why does my Airpod keep disconnecting

Are you having trouble with your Airpod Connection with your device and thinking why does my Airpod keep disconnecting, which annoys you to no end? Is this a problem that only you are experiencing? How strange would it be to be listening to good music when your AirPods suddenly disconnect? You’d be tense at that point. Airpods have been around since 2016, and the problem of disconnection has been a major issue since then.

The occasional disconnection isn’t a big deal, but imagine you’re on an important call and your AirPods suddenly disconnect. This problem may become more vexing over time. So, in today’s article, we’ll look at the major reasons why AirPods become disconnected, as well as the best solutions to these issues.

Why does my Airpod keep disconnecting

Why does my Airpod keep disconnecting?

There are multiple reasons for why does my Airpod keep disconnecting. Some causes are far too simple to resolve, while others can be as difficult as removing your AirPods. So it’s best to understand all of the causes so you can take all of the necessary steps to solve the problem.

Bluetooth Interference

Airpods, as with all Bluetooth remote earbuds, are powerless in the face of Bluetooth resistance. Gadgets that operate at the same Bluetooth frequency as your Airpods may slow down your connection. For example, if you are close to a wi-fi switch, you may experience some Bluetooth impedance. This is because the switch utilizes a similar 2.4GHz recurrence to associate with different gadgets in the organization.

The issue with the iOS version

If your iOS version is out of date or if some bugs are encountered in the system then due to these errors there will be compatibility issues between your AirPods and device.

Hardware Issue

In some cases, the problem may be limited to the AirPods. I am always shocked, why does my Airpod keep disconnecting, maybe this is a hardware issue!

The AirPods could have been physically damaged, causing them to malfunction. Because there is no doubt that AirPods are portable, they will accompany you wherever you go. As a result, extreme caution should be done. The best way to care for them is to keep them in a protective case when not in use. Hence, we should clean them on regular basis to avoid such problems.

Incorrect settings:

It’s possible that you don’t have a consistent connection, causing the AirPods to disconnect frequently. As a result, always ensure that your AirPods remain connected to the device you have paired with. It is also a good idea to go over the Bluetooth settings to ensure that there are no ambiguities.

When connecting the AirPods to Android, there are more issues than when connecting them to iOS. As a result, Android may lack some features that iOS has.

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Low battery power

As your AirPods are wireless, hence they need a sufficient battery to function properly. If your AirPods do not have sufficient battery then they will get disconnected on their own from the device it has been paired with.  Due to this, it is always recommended to keep your AirPods charged to avoid any kind of discrepancies.

Firmware Problems

A large number of reports of the problem accompanied the new firmware 6.8.8 update. According to users, the update resulted in a number of audio difficulties, including AirPods closing down after roughly 30-45 minutes of music-only playback, AirPods withdrawing after about 10 seconds in talks, and then changing from music streaming to people who are calling creating separation.

Unfortunately, this issue is only for the first generation. However, the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro have previously received a newer update to form 3E751. This resolves the detachment issues with those devices. Assuming you have AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, try to update them to the most recent firmware.

We can follow the below steps to accomplish our task:

  • Navigate to the iOS settings and tap Bluetooth. Search AirPods in the list of the gadgets.
  • Click on the ‘I’ symbol which is to the right of this.
  • If it’s 3E751, you’ve already got the most current firmware. If not, attach your AirPods to your iPhone whilst also your WiFi does turn on, and the notification should be downloaded instantly.

Bluetooth incompatibility

Apple AirPods are only compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 devices. Unfortunately, if one Windows PC or even another Bluetooth-enabled device has a more founded Bluetooth adjustment, the AirPods would be forced to reduce their connection to fit your audio device. This means that the value cannot be increased neither its range. Simple fixes for AirPods that are constantly disengaging. Hence, as it is such an easy process so it can be completed in a process of 2-3 minutes and your AirPods can be repaired easily.

Easy ways to fix AirPods that are constantly disconnecting

Repairing your AirPods is a simple process that can be completed quickly most of the time. The article contains some quick and easy solutions to stop your AirPods from constantly disconnecting. Always remember to start with the first step before changing any settings on your device or AirPods.

Checking the battery level of your AirPods

The first and most important step is to determine how much battery life remains. Airpods require a lot of battery to stay connected. Firstly, keep the AirPods in the case and then take them out. Now, take the lid and hold it near your phone. A display box will appear on the screen which will indicate the battery levels of your AirPods.

On iOS, check the battery life of your AirPods

Place the AirPods near your device by opening the top of the case. Once it is done with the work, the remaining battery will be displayed on the screen.

Examining your AirPods’ battery on Mac

Set your AirPods aside after removing them from their case. On your Mac, click on the Bluetooth icon. The current battery there in the buds will also be displayed along with this.

Check that Bluetooth is turned on

To stay connected, the AirPods must be properly connected to Bluetooth. Check if the Bluetooth is turned on or not?

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How to enable Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to the Settings menu and select Bluetooth. To activate Bluetooth, flip the switch to the opposite side.
  • Using Bluetooth on a PC
  • Select Settings from the menu that seems when you ok snap the Start button.
  • Go to Gadgets and move the Bluetooth button to the right side to activate it.

Replace the AirPods in their case (then remove them)

If your AirPods become detached, they may not automatically reconnect. At the point when you set your AirPods back in their unique position, they will begin charging. As a result, any corresponding association is removed. Eliminate them from the case and supplant them in your ears after 5seconds. The AirPods will then reconnect to your device, and a new connection will be established when the top of your case is opened.

Disable Automatic Ear Detection

So, the next step is to turn off the automatic detection so that you can identify if the AirPods are working properly or not.

  • In any case, on your iOS device, tap on the Bluetooth option, followed by the Settings option.
  • Now, from the list of gadgets, tap on the name of your Airpods and then tap on the I symbol present next to it.
  • To disable programmed ear discovery, select the option.
  • With this component, you will want to direct the sound to the AirPods when they are inserted into your ears. As a result, you can connect it to see if anything plays on the AirPods or not.

Try to verify the Audio Settings

The following method will require you to ensure that you have selected your AirPods as your audio device. When your AirPods sense their existence in your ear, this normally happens on its own. If they are not connected, you must follow the steps outlined below.

  • If you are listening to music on your iPhone, you must first click on the AirPlay icon, which is located below the name of your track.
  • Individuals will then be asked to select one AirPods.
  • Furthermore, if you are on a call, select the AirPods option from the sound options displayed on the screen.
  • You may also change the sound option by clicking on the speaker icon.

Setting your AirPods Again

In case the above-mentioned solutions don’t help go for setting the Airpods again.

  • To begin, place your AirPods back into their power adapter. Close this same case’s tallest peak now.
  • Following that, you should wait for about 30 minutes before opening the case again.
  • After that, go to your iPhone or iPad and select the Bluetooth option. Select your AirPods from the available gadgets. In addition to the name of each gadget, you will notice an I symbol. You will be directed to another page if you click on the accompanying symbol.
  • To dismiss the device, select the option.
  • Returning to the charging case, you should keep the case’s top open and then tap on the arrangement button. Squeeze it for another 15 seconds, and the showcase will blaze and turn white.

Cleaning the AirPods

Wooww!!! Is it true that such a large problem has such a small solution? And, while it may appear strange, this could be the best solution to the majority of AirPod’s problems.

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All you have to remember is that this process is delicate, so always clean the AirPods with care, or else you will damage them, and your only option left will be to buy new AirPods.

Make sure you’re only using one pair of AirPods

Some customers have stated that when they use only one earbud, they encounter the problem less frequently.

The other should be kept in the charging dock. Furthermore, you can configure your AirPods so only one AirPod has a megaphone.

  • Irrespective, you must access the Airpods app and then swipe on the Settings option. You will then have to swipe on the Bluetooth option and then select AirPods.
  • You must then look for the I symbol and then tap on something very comparable. You must then select a microphone.
  • Users will now discover the default setting as Fully automated. You can always swipe left or right if you wish to change this.

Wifi is turned off

Several clients have reported that turning off Wifi on your framework can resolve various sound-related issues. This ought to be possible to lower the interference sources that could cause commotion-related issues.

Remove the Watch from Paired Devices

You may occasionally encounter the issue in both Apple Watch and AirPods. In this case, it is advised to based on the changing the watch from your device and then check if you are still experiencing the same issue. Similarly, if you have connected other Bluetooth to your device, you must unpair those as well. This will unpair all of the devices that may be causing the problem. This will fix your and mine query of “why does my Airpod keep disconnecting.”


AirPods continue to separate is a common problem that users may encounter while using the AirPods. As previously stated, this can occur for a variety of reasons, such as Bluetooth issues or equipment issues. Because you now know how to keep your earphones from separating on their own, you can enjoy sound that is free of interference.


How and where can I repair AirPods that keep disconnecting on my Mac?

If you are experiencing issues with your Mac structure, you should check the audio settings on your Mac device. Here are the steps you should take.
Steps to Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting on Mac:
Regardless, you should select the framework preference option. Under this,
1. select the sound option
2. and then the result option.
3. Select the AirPods that you are using in this section.
Currently, if you are experiencing problems during your calls or FaceTime, the most likely cause is Bluetooth. It could be having problems sending and receiving sound. This could result in sound issues.