Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13

Is it not amazing when people tend to find answers in communication? You will always find that people no matter where they are like communication. Humans are social creatures of course. But sometimes, people just want to lay back and not be disturbed by the outside world. You may also have got along with this feeling of laid-backness. This is when you might be starting to wonder. Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13?

This is when you will be allowed to make sure that they do not disturb the button. Saves your time and Privacy. If you are someone with a tech affectionate, who has recently bought a brand-new iPhone 13. You might want to use it to the fullest extent. This may cause the users to have zero to no contact.

This is the reason why prefer using the do not disturb button on iPhone is simple. Because they don’t want incoming text messages or events to disturb them. There are many different scenarios where they can be used and are functional. For the most part, you will find the do not disturb button to be used in iPhones.

Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13

With this feeling in mind. Not wanting to start over the few access files, we will get over this feature of the iPhone. Also, we will find the salient features which will give your brand new iPhone 13 its cause. You will be able to get all of that and more from this article. We will explain to you how they do not disturb works on iPhone 13 and how you can access it. Inside this article, we will explain Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13? And how to use it. Let us get started, shall we?

What is Do Not Disturb?

The do not disturb button, is a feature in the iPhones which allows the user to block all incoming notifications and calls. You can use this very easily and can access it via the control center of the iPhone. With the basic reviews being present there are multiple, different files to go to before we check out do not disturb. You will find that they do not disturb file, is not adamant, and is borne to change as per the user’s choice.

If the user wishes to change the user setting he/she can do that from the settings of the iPhone. This will help in making the iPhone a better suiter to the users, in terms of use cases. If people use iPhones and are weirded out by incoming calls, they can very well be using Do not disturb on iPhone.

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We should understand how this does not disturb works and what its features are? There are three main things that they do not disturb focus on. Firstly, the do not disturb feature blocks all incoming notifications and calls. This means that the calls and notifications from any app will be sent a voice mail of busy.

They will not pop up on the screen, however, they will be shown as the prior red symbol over the apps. Secondly, you will not be getting any new pop-ups in every case. For an example of getting OTP messages, your phone will receive them but they will not be shown. Lastly, you can use them while screen recording the iPhone. The do not disturb feature is a very great pair-up feature for screen recording. As while screen recording, all the tasks being done on the screen are saved. Do not disturb helps keep your Privacy intact.

How to get the do not disturb feature on the iPhone?

The iPhone has one of the most amazing over-the-top privacy features. This is why iPhones tend to be more popular in the market. You will find those iOS devices take their privacy very seriously. This will make the iPhone a very good device to utilize the do not disturb feature. The do not disturb feature is not shown by default on the iPhone. You will have to make sure that you have it selected and utilized. The prime thing about the iPhone is that it makes them do not feature a control center of the iPhone.

You can use this to make sure you get the do not disturb feature on the iPhone. Among the topics of Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13? You must learn how you can get it on your iPhone. This will make the iPhone to be equipped with the do not disturb feature and help you in making the right choice. So, let us see how you can get the do not disturb button feature on the iPhone 13:


  1. Open the Settings of your iPhone from the home screen. You can always find the Settings app from the Spotlight of the iPhone. This will cause the iPhone to have the perfect opening to the settings app.
  2. Swipe down to the “Control Centre” tab that you will find in the list of settings.
  3. Under the “Included Controls” section, find the “More Controls” tab.
  4. You will find a list of control center options for you to customize from. Use these settings to make sure your find the do not disturb tab. When you find the control called do not disturb, click on the “+” button in green color and add it to the control center.
  5. Inside the “Included Controls” menu, you will find that the “do not disturb” control will now be added and ready for you to use.
  6. You can remove the Do not disturb feature any time from here by clicking on the “-” button of the red color given beside it in the “Included Controls” menu.
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You will very easily understand that the do not disturb feature is in the Control center. All you need to do now is to access it and get the different option of the do not disturb under your control.

Modes of the Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone?

Before we progress ahead to the final steps of reaching the do not disturb feature on iPhone 13. You need to understand all the different features of the Do not disturb. Different modes cause the Do not disturb feature to be accessible. This will make you the one where you will be the sole controller of your iPhone.

These modes are called Focus modes and are used for the basic purpose of handling users’ faces. This causes the users to make sure how they want the do not disturb feature to work. This is why you will be able to better use the do not disturb feature of the iPhone. Let us quickly go through the focus modes of the do not disturb feature in iPhone 13:

Focus Mode 1: Personal:

This makes the users make personalized options on whose notifications are blocked or not. For example, if you don’t wish for your friend’s calls or notifications to be blocked. They can be done very easily using this Personal method. This will cause the user to have a set purpose of what they want in the iPhone.

Focus Mode 2: Sleep:

This makes all the notifications go halt mode. You will not find a single notification or call to be able to disturb you. With this mode active all the health features track down your status. This will make sure that you have a sound and healthy sleep inside your regiment.

Focus Mode 3: Work:

This is why the users of official purposes use this mode. The features allow only calling and meeting up with important colleagues to be able to pass through. This makes the feature incredibly useful and imaginary to be used by the user. Once you activate this mode all the notifications will be provided in a linear fashion and be given as proprietary.

Where is do not disturb on iPhone 13?

Now Finally, let us learn about where the do not disturb button is located for you to use. There are two basic ways you can get to the do not disturb feature easily. First is easily by the settings app. You will be able to find it in the focus tab and have direct control over all the modes and features.

You can also use this mode to make sure that the control is set to the user’s perspective. But the quickest way of doing this and the most efficient way. It can be done via the control center of the iPhone. It is the fastest and easiest way of doing the do not disturb feature on your iPhone. Therefore, let us see the steps of how you can activate the do not disturb mode from the control center of the iPhone 13:

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  1. Slide down to open the Control Centre from the above right part of your screen. This is for the case when you are using this mode on iPhone 13 or any Face ID-supported iPhone. In case you use a touch ID-supported iPhone, slide up from the middle of the screen of your iPhone.
  2. You will see a moon-shaped button will be showing. This button will be accompanied by the term called “Focus”.
  3. Long press on the Moon-shaped icon, and you will find all the icons be modes to be available.
  4. From the list of modes, choose the model you like and then activate them.
  5. If you don’t want to get to the hassle of different modes, then simply touch the moon icon. This will activate your Do not disturb mode.

Using these steps activating do not disturb will be a piece of cake for you to do. You can select from the multiple modes and choose the best ones from the list. You will be able to make changes to the modes in either my settings or the control center.


With this article, you will have been given the complete guide to using the do not disturb mode. This will cause your iPhone 13 to have systematic control over your iPhone.


What apps can be unblocked while do not disturb are active?

All, personalized or social media apps can be blocked. While you are using the do not disturb feature. This will help you prevent the solid case block and usage of the iPhone 13. Also, you will be able to access all the notifications of your favorite apps very easily.

Can I get notifications of my friends while do not disturb is active?

Yes, select the Personal mode and then from the menu. Choose out all the friends whose messages you want to be able to receive. This will happen when you want them to and you are free to make changes in this mode as you like it. If you wish that friends or important contacts should be unblocked then you can do it very easily. This is done by the use of the Focus mode called Personal Focus mode.