FRIJA: How do you use Frija? Is it safe?

Many ones like me do not know about FRIJA. So, how do you use Frija, we are here with this unique article from basics to advance. But the question arises “Is Frija safe?” When you will go through such type of content, you need to know roughly other basic topics as: Where is firmware stored, Can firmware be deleted?

What is Firmware?

Firmware is a function/feature of a computer/smartphone that gives control for some specific hardware to the user. You can control all basic features of any device’s hardware. Firmware is stored in non-volatile memory of devices like ram, flash memory, etc. It updates itself after detecting any issue in the computer. Firmware is connected to the hardware and software of the computer. Parts of the computer that you can physically touch are called hardware of the device and parts of the computer that you can’t touch physically are called software of the computer.

The examples of hardware are mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc. and the examples of software are MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, etc. Firmware is as important as an operating system of the software. Firmware, such as BIOS, is the most used to upgrade computers. If a device faces any functionality issue in their device, the firmware will fix that issue by updating itself. But you can’t use firmware directly on your computer. Some companies locked their BIOS/bootloader to prevent a user from using BIOS. Some users root their device to open it but it creates many risks.

There are high chances that your device will get damaged while rooting your device. When someone opens their bootloader to go into the BIOS of their device then your device becomes vulnerable to computer viruses. The service center won’t repair your device if your device is rooted or its bootloader is unlocked. Companies hide some features from the user, so users use some modified firmware to unlock these hidden features. It is called custom firmware. And sometimes this firmware contains viruses like the trojan horse virus which can damage/erase/lock your device for beneficial reasons. So installing custom firmware is not child’s play. There’s always a high risk.

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Where is firmware stored?    

As we learned recently firmware is stored in the non-volatile memory of the device. There are a lot of examples of non-volatile memory like  ROM (Read Only Memory), Flash memory, hard disk, floppy disc, etc. The firmware/BIOS of a motherboard is stored in a chip that is set on the motherboard of that device. BIOS stores all basic and advanced information of the computer. You can even change your device’s operating system through this. Firmware is everywhere, even in the remote of your television. In the old-time firmware was also stored in paper tape and punched cards. 

Can Firmware be deleted?

Now the question is can we delete firmware from any computer? The answer is no. You can’t delete firmware from your system but you can replace them. ROM, PROM needed firmware to work. Whenever your firmware updates it replaces its old firmware so the bugs or functions which were not working properly can work correctly. Companies pre-install better firmware for your device and firmware updates from time to time automatically which gives its user a better experience. Some methods tell the user that they can delete their smartphone’s firmware by going into recovery mode of that device but these all methods are not safe and we should not use them. 

 What is FRIJA?

Frija is a new tool developed by Samsung. Frija helps his users to download the latest firmware on their android devices. It can work on any Samsung device to download new firmware. It only works on whichever device is flashed with Odin. Frija can download firmware at high speed. You only need the model number of your Samsung device and CSC. If you have these two you can easily download the latest firmware with Frija.

How do you use Frija?

Now we will learn how someone can download the latest firmware with the help of Frija. Remember Frija only works with Samsung devices so you must have a Samsung device for this to work.

  • First, you have to download the latest version of Frija which is Frija v1.4.3. You have to download it from here.
  • Now when you downloaded Frija unzip the zip file then open the folder Frija. Now there you see a file named Frija.exe.
  • Double-tap and run it. Wait for this software to launch. Make sure C++ redistributable package is installed on your PC or you will see a close application option in Frija.
  • For downloading the latest firmware for your device, set the option to auto.
  • Now click on the model option and write the model number of your device. Don’t have any idea of the model number of your Samsung device you can find it by going into the system settings of your Samsung phone and then going into the about section. There you’ll see the build number of your Samsung phone.
  • Now you need the CSC code of your device. If you don’t know how to see the CSC code of your device you can check it by dialing *#1234# in your phone dialer. There you’ll see the AP, CP, and CSC versions of your device. The starting 3 letters that are written after the model number of your device are the CSC code of your device.
  • Now open Frija and enter the model number and CSC of your Samsung device. Then click on check update in Frija. Now Frija will show you all the latest firmware available for your Samsung device.
  • You can also see the size and OS of the firmware. After this click on the download button. It will ask you where you want to save your file. Just give it the location and the latest firmware will be downloaded to your device.     
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Is Frija safe?

Frija is safe. It downloads the latest firmware from Samsung’s official website. Sometimes your antivirus didn’t recognize this and delete this file after downloading. So, you have to tell your antivirus that Frija is not a virus and Frija is safe. Then antivirus will not delete your files and you can install the latest firmware easily on your Samsung device. But you need to take care of this third party app.


Frija is a great tool to download the latest firmware in your Samsung device. In this article, we learn how we can download the latest firmware on our device with the help of Frija.


Q1. Can I download the latest firmware in my Motorola mobile phone using Frija?

Solution: You can only download the latest firmware by Frija on Samsung mobiles. If you have another company’s smartphone you can’t use Frija. 

Q2. Is rooting badly?

Solution: Rooting is not bad. The process of rooting your smartphone is highly risky. By rooting your smartphone you can use all hidden features of your smartphone but if you made any mistake while rooting your device it can harm your device. 

Q3. What is the use of firmware?

Solution: Firmware adds new functions of the latest software version. It also fixes the bugs and issues of your smartphone.