All of us use mobile phones. Have you ever wondered how a mobile works?? How it’s displaying time, how it’s making calls, how it’s connecting to Wi-Fi, how it’s searching signal, how it is installing apps, what is etc. Many questions arise in our mind, though we use mobile, without knowing any of these. What if a kid asks you these questions? As young techies, we need to know about every technology we’re using. Blindly using a mobile phone without knowing anything doesn’t make you a techie or tech enthusiast. The question that arises in your mind while working on your mobile makes you enthusiastic don’t simply bury that question. I am here to help out with these problems.

The First Question that arises in our mind when we talk about mobile is Operating System (OS). If it’s an android mobile, then we call it an Android operating system. If it is an apple mobile, we call it iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) Let us talk about the Android operating system.

How Android Phone Works?

The moment we switch on the phone, we have to wait for a while. Why does it take that much time? What will happen this time inside the mobile? If this question arises in your mind, believe me, your technical brain is trying to activate its hormones. You have guided it to activate in a correct way by knowing about it. Let me also guide you in this process.

When we switch on the phone, it activates its drivers, which are programmed. Some examples of drivers are sensor drivers, GPS drivers, etc. These drivers are responsible for memory management, process management, etc. It also installs all the packages that are needed for mobile to run. The package itself contains libraries that are responsible for performing a particular task.

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What are these packages? Packages are nothing but folders or directories which have code inside it that represents the package. There are different types of packages in android mobile. Each one is responsible for doing a particular task. Some of the packages are:

What is

Preload installer is one of the packages responsible for installing the files that are essential that are needed to run the phone when we reboot the phone. This is the answer to the first question raised in our mind (why does it take so much time when we switch on mobile). It installs all the files that are needed.

The name itself suggests that it installs all the files needed to run before(pre) and loads (after) them into the mobile. Then mobile will take the next steps by using some other packages. Even it has an installed package for the camera so that camera will be launched. Preload installer is responsible for every basic file that is needed for mobile to turn on. used for?

Preload installer is the initiation for the mobile to work. Preload installer helps in installing all basic files.

We may sometimes delete or remove some of the crucial files on the mobile. Or sometimes, when our phone reboots or updates software, we may lose important data that is needed. We may lose our packages etc. If we lose our packages, then we cannot access some apps on the phone consistently. This becomes the biggest problem. In these cases, preload installer helps by installing them again.

The main point is that the Preload installer is responsible for installing needed packages even after reboot or software update.

We may sometimes want to delete all the files on the phone. At that time, instead of opening every file and delete, we will do a factory reset. Factory reset deletes all the files on the phone. It removes all the saved passwords, Gmail accounts, apps, etc. It makes our phone look like a new one. Again, this preload installer plays its role in installing packages that were deleted.

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The main point here is that the Preload installer is responsible for installing all the packages damaged or deleted in a factory reset. It again installs all the packages needed for mobile to run even though some are deleted or damaged.

What if there is no preload installer?

Preload installer is like pre-installed software for a mobile phone. Some of the apps are pre-installed with Operating System (OS). This software is pre-installed by its manufacturer. These apps cannot be removed. Just imagine, what mobile is without any software. It’s just a piece of an electronic device. It can’t perform anything. It can help you in any way. It’s like a manufactured piece waiting to perform its duty

So, Finally, I want you guys to understand that there is no question of removing the preload installer from mobile. If it’s not there, then the phone doesn’t have any software. Preload installer is the initiation for any mobile. It is pre-installed with the OS.

The apps which cannot be removed or uninstalled have another option. These can be disabled. You can simply go to apps and notifications and can disable apps that are not useful to you. You can’t uninstall them. Simply think about this point. If something is preinstalled with software, Can we make changes to the software? Do we have any right to erase the software?

How to disable

To disable apps that you don’t need, you can simply go to settings and go to Apps and notifications, and then you will be able to view the list of apps. You will have the option of disabling, and you can simply disable those you think don’t need anymore. To diable the preload installer -> force stop it.

Though we disable these apps, they do not remove the software. They still occupy storage in the mobile, as they are preinstalled. There is only one way to remove the package is to root your device. It provides you a lot of opportunities.

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How to fix not working?

The easiest way to fix the not working problem is to clear cache & data of the app. Another method is to force stop the package. The last way is the factory reset, but you will lose your data.


Finally, we came to know about the

  • How android phone works
  • Role of preload installer after factory reset
  • Disabling unwanted apps
  • packages
  • Different types of packages

Ultimately, You techies are now able to clarify all your doubts related to the preload installer that was raised in your mind. Simply learn as much as you can and boost the hormones of your technical brain. Knowledge is everywhere, but grasping it in the correct way is in our own minds.