Nintendo Switch eShop Error Code 2813-0988: A Fix Guide

Millions of gamers rely on the Nintendo Switch eShop for their entertainment fix. But encountering error codes like 2813-0988 can put a damper on the fun. This guide equips you with the knowledge and steps to conquer this error quickly and get back to downloading your favorite titles.

What’s Error Code 2813-0988?

Unlike other error codes that might point to user account issues, 2813-0988 signifies a temporary glitch on Nintendo’s end. It’s not your fault! But knowing this helps in choosing the right troubleshooting steps.

Nintendo Switch eShop Error Code 2813-0988

Check for Maintenance:

Before diving into more complex solutions, it’s crucial to see if Nintendo has scheduled any maintenance that might be causing the error. Visit the official Nintendo website and look for announcements about maintenance schedules.

Verify Network Status and check for Maintenance

Wait and Retry:

If the eShop is undergoing temporary issues, waiting it out might be your best bet. Try accessing the eShop again after a reasonable wait time, such as 30 minutes to an hour.

Why Waiting Might Resolve the Issue:

When error code 2813-0988 appears, it often means that Nintendo is performing maintenance or resolving technical issues on their servers. These interruptions are usually temporary and outside of your control. By waiting, you give Nintendo time to fix the service, ensuring that the eShop functions correctly when you try again. Patience can sometimes be the most effective solution as these fixes are typically implemented swiftly by Nintendo’s technical team.

How to fix Nintendo Switch eShop Error 2813-0988?

How to fix the Nintendo eShop Error code 2813-0988

Restart Your Console:

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. Restarting your Nintendo Switch can often resolve temporary glitches and errors.

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Restart Your Nintendo Console
  • Press and hold the Power button on your console.
  • Select “Power Options.”
  • Choose “Restart.”

Check Your Internet Connection:

An unstable internet connection can sometimes trigger error codes. Ensure your connection is stable:

  • Navigate to “System Settings” on your Switch.
  • Select “Internet” and then “Test Connection.”
  • Follow the prompts to ensure your connection is strong and stable.

Bonus Tip: Identify Widespread Outages:

Feeling disconnected? Check online forums like Reddit or dedicated Nintendo support pages to see if other users are experiencing similar issues. This can help gauge the scope of the problem and provide you with real-time updates.

Advanced Troubleshooting (Optional):

For tech-savvy gamers, consider these advanced options (skip these if you’re new to troubleshooting):

Clearing Cache: Clearing the cache on your Nintendo Switch can help resolve persistent issues:

Clear eShop Cache
  • Go to “System Settings.”
  • Select “System.”
  • Choose “Formatting Options.”
  • Select “Clear Cache.”

Power Cycling the Router: Power cycling your router can improve your internet connection’s stability:

  • Turn off your router by unplugging it from the power source.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Plug the router back in and turn it on.
  • Once the router restarts, try accessing the eShop again.

Preventing Future Errors:

While error code 2813-0988 is generally due to service issues on Nintendo’s end, maintaining a well-functioning console can help minimize other potential errors:

Keep Your Console Updated:

Regularly check for system updates to ensure your Switch has the latest software enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Navigate to your console’s system settings.
  • Check for system updates and download any that are available.
Update Your Console

Stable Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is strong and reliable. Consider using a wired connection if Wi-Fi issues persist.


Error code 2813-0988 might be a temporary roadblock, but with a little patience and these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be back to exploring the eShop in no time. If none of these solutions work, you can also contact Nintendo Support for further assistance. They may have additional insights specific to your situation. Happy gaming!

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