American network solutions: How to fix issue

Do you face trouble while using your American network solutions ANS UL 40 mobile phone?  Need some guidelines on its usage?  This article is the right place to clear all your doubts.  A factory reset is an inevitable refreshment to be done to all healthy devices.  Do it even without your home buttons.  Clear out system cache partition to launch apps and files without any lags.  Boot loops spoil our mindset, we can eliminate that issue by updating system apps and doing SD card updates.  No more constraints that can stop you from the recovery menu.  A full pack guide is here to help you in all these above-mentioned procedures.  Enrich your mobile with recent updates and attain an updated version of mobile usage with old hardware devices. 

American network solutions

American network solution is a commercial service provider offering a wide variety of products only for New York users.  It deals with exports and imports, warehousing, commercial mortgage, and marketing services.  It receives contracts from Government firms too.  One of such services is these mobile phones.  But the problem is products (phones) of American network solutions lack guidelines and support in use even by the official website.  People find it difficult to Google search for each issue.  Fewer efforts for creating awareness about the support system of American network solutions is a great drawback.  Such an initiative is this article.  Read on to explore how to use it. Certain small but crucial guidelines for the setup of the phone need to be explained.  Those are given below.

How to power off the handset?

Folks using ANS mobiles may not be able to power off their phones sometimes.  You cannot power off your mobile just by long-pressing the lock button and choosing to power off from options of the restart, and flight mode.  If the device is compiled with a removable battery, it can be pulled out to switch off it.  But when your device has a non-removable battery, it is suggested to keep it without charging and using it alone.  Battery drains itself soon and it will power off automatically. 

How to do a factory reset?

Need to do a factory reset:  Sudden freezing of your phone’s screen and inability to do a multitasking feature is an indirect notification given by your mobile to do a factory reset.  App crashes and long duration lags are noticeable.  Ignoring it is harmful to the phone.  The result of using an SD card with bugs and installing apps that exploit the resource of the device is the lag of the phone.  As many of us know, after doing a factory reset the device will attain the energy it had when it left the factory as a new handset.  A factory reset is a repairing work for both hardware and software. 

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Steps for factory reset

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the backup and reset option.
  • Choose the factory data reset.
  • A reconfirmation tab appears.  Press confirm.
  • After this process, your account credentials will be asked. 
  • An option to skip this process is available.  It’s better to sign in with your account at that time itself.  If you doubt the reboot’s success, skip it and come back to that signing in work to get ready with all functions in the device.
  • Whether you skip the sign-in process or do it, you can view the home screen.  Now, check if the media is still available on the device.  If it exists, a reboot is a failure.  Try once again.

Few users may not be able to open the backup and reset menu, those users can do a Hard reset/reboot. 

How to do a hard reboot?

Unlike factory reset, hard reboot specializes in hardware repairing only. 

Need to do a hard reboot:  To avoid malfunctioning in the device, detecting the place of lag and doing a hard reset will fix that part.  A hard reboot is also done to give rest to the device.  When users are not able to power off their mobile and wish to do so, rather than keeping your mobile without using and letting it power off by itself after hours of waiting, it can be done a hard reset.  As the name suggests, only hardware is dealt with in this process.  Doing this will not affect the software system of the device.  And none of your apps and files will get deleted.  It is just a refreshment for that part of the device.

Steps to reboot:

  • Long press the volume up button, power button, and home button at the same time.
  • This is the shortcut for rebooting your handset. 
  • If your device doesn’t have a home button, then long-pressing volume up and the power button is enough and within seconds reboot will start.

How to enter the Recovery menu without home buttons?

Your American network solutions ANS handset may not have a power button.  This is a common problem faced by many users who try to do a factory reset.  It is suggested to hold the volume up button and power button.

  • Now, the device starts to restart and a white android screen appears.
  • Continue holding the volume up button and release the power button.
  • Point out the factory reset options using the volume up key.
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When you miss your home button and use only the volume and power button for a factory reset, your device may not accept it all the time.  It shows some lags too.

How to wipe cache partition?

People would have heard about cache and cache clearing, but this term How to wipe cache partition may sound different.  System cache partition deals with the updates of system apps.  All the automatic updates of pre-installed apps and system apps are saved as documents and files in this system cache partition under a directory.  What is unique in system cache partition is, other app caches can be cleared by deleting it in settings but your cache partition clearing needs root access.  You may even use third-party apps to clear the cache partition.  This is because the system app’s control isn’t easy to gain.  Even if you need to disable a system app, you need rooting.  So, gaining control of cache partition requires factory reset mode and rooting.

Need to wipe cache partition:  Basically, system cache partition is anonymous to the usual app cache.  So, you will gain all the benefits of clearing the cache in your device when clearing the cache partition.  To be specific for system cache partition, unwanted app’s data can be cleared.  Refreshments for parts that are present in deep systems are done. 

Steps to wipe out cache partition:

  • Power off your android device.
  • Go to the factory reset menu.  (Long press Volume up + Power button)
  • Now, navigate to wipe cache partition using volume buttons.  To move down, press the volume down button.  To move upward, press the volume up button.
  • Select “wipe cache partition” by pressing the power button.
  • It will clear out the cache from the device.
  • If you are done with it, reboot to go to the usual home screen.

How to overcome a boot loop?

Boot loop:  Boot loop refers to the defects stopping an app to perform in your device.  This is because of dumped unwanted files and old system files that are not in use.  They restrict the working of new files by occupying the storage. 

Factory reset:  As a solution to the boot loop, factory reset is only recommended by everyone, and rather than that wiping out system cache partition is done.  

But many users face this issue even after trying these methods numerous times.  An alternative solution for this boot loop is to install an update.

  • Firstly, do a factory reset in your device. 
  • Soon after, doing it install an update to the fresh SD card.  If you do so, the device will get ready for a new installation that will eliminate all the old files.  It is not necessary to hold an update on your device before starting.  If you try to update, all procedures to be taken prior will be done.  This is more than enough to stop boot looping in your device. 
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How to contact the tech support field of American network solutions?

Direct contact with the ANS representatives is the final step towards sorting out your problems with the device.  By doing this you can pass on your complaints and suggestions that need immediate implementations which is in great need among the user’s community.

  1. Making a call to Assurance wireless can help you but remember that it requires you to wait for hours in the on-hold call.
  2. You have another way of online feedback.  Just login to your assurance account and submit your feedback.
  3. Email them at [email protected]

So, all guidelines to your American network solutions ANS model phone is up above.  Hope each reader will gain the required support for their device’s refreshment.  It is suggested to provides refreshments and rest to their device by doing a power-off, a factory reset (hard reset and soft reset separately) Saving your files before a soft reset is necessary if you think so.  And that’s the need to do a hard and soft reset individually so that people can act more specifically.  Regular shutting down of phones helps to give rest to the mobile phone and doing a factory reset within certain time frames can energize the device’s working each time you do it.  When you are interested to do such a refreshment to your device and when you are unable to do it, explore the steps and updating can make yourself acknowledgeable about the device.