What is the Use of *67

In the present the world is digital and all information will be kept online. Through the phone number, a lot of sensitive information can be accessed including bank accounts or credit card numbers. The phone number is extremely important and if the number falls into the wrong hands, there is a risk of compromise in the data. Utilizing the *67 prefix technique, it is possible to hide the phone number when making calls to someone. In this blog, we will examine the meaning of *67 and *67 does what, *67 means, and many more.

On this page, we’ll be discussing the drawbacks associated with the *67 method, as well as alternative methods and their advantages briefly.

What exactly is *67

The *67 is an assist code that is vertical. Its *67 prefix *67 uses to conceal the phone number that the person calling is hidden from. This technique is available for mobile phones and on landlines that are traditional. The caller will either see ” Private number” or ” Blocked” when the phone rings. By using this method, the number will be blocked from showing on the receiver’s mobile or the caller’s ID.

How to use *67 on your Android Phone?

Utilizing one of the *67 ways to call anonymously is simple and straightforward.

  • Launch the dialer application.
  • Input “*67” after entering in the contact number where the call should be directed.
  • Press the Call button in order to place the call with no caller ID or the dialers name visible on the receiver’s side.

The *67 method isn’t effective if the call is made to emergency numbers or toll-free number.

An example for using an *67 way to dial.

  • You might want to call toll-free “1234567890”.
  • Include an extra *67 as a prefix. *67 when dialling.
  • When dialing, this phone number should be entered in the form of “*671234567890”.

What is *67 used for?

When a call is made to an individual. The person receiving the call has access to the number of the person who dialed. The disadvantages of this feature are the telephone marketing teams that collect the number of phones and begin calling and sending lengthy texts. Utilizing *67 before the number makes the call totally anonymous and the recipient won’t receive the number of the caller.

Is *67 function on the iPhone?

The *67 method works fairly well for all devices. However, there are instances when the *67 method does not work. If the *67 method isn’t working then the user may use other methods to hide their number when they make calls to the person.

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Alternative to *67

Let’s take a look, what are alternatives that could be utilized in addition to *67 methods? *67 methods?

Sometimes, the *67 method does not work in the way you expect it to. Here are some alternatives that are able to be used in place or in addition to using the *67 methods.

  • The prefix the prefix #37#, or “*37#” prior to inserting the numbers.
  • The Caller ID blocker is an alternative to using the *67 methods.
  • Reach out to the company to make a request for a private phone number.
  • You can also use burner phone numbers and the burner numbers provide an additional benefit.

Other prefix methods used to obscure the prefix.

Utilizing *37# or #37number as prefixes prior to entering the number is an option to replace using the *67 methods.

How do you block the contact number with the Settings application?

Caller ID is easily blocked by using the app for callers on your mobile.

How to hide Your Phone Number from an Android Phone?

Sometimes, the *67 method isn’t always successful. Another method that is completely reliable is to utilize the hide number option that will completely block the caller Id. In order to hide the Caller ID on an Android phone, the procedure below must be followed.

  • Launch the Phone app using the drawer of apps.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner.
  • Next, Click on the calls.
  • Click on the Additional settings.
  • Go to the Caller ID section.
  • Select the hide option in the pop-up that appears after clicking on number.

How to hide your number on the iPhone?

iPhone users need to follow a somewhat different procedure in comparison to Android phones. Here are some of the steps that must follow to cover the number on an iPhone.

  • Launch the Settings application by clicking the Settings icon on home screen.
  • Scroll down for the phone option.
  • Go to the call section.
  • Tap on Show My Caller ID button.
  • Turn the button that says Show My caller’s ID switch to an off position.

How can I obtain an individual number?

A few service providers don’t allow the *67 code that hides the number. If that is the situation, the user may contact the provider. With the help of a valid reason and supporting documents, the customer can obtain an individual number direct from the provider.

What’s the drawbacks that come with using a prefix or a private number?

Prefix methods do not work every time and should be backed by the company providing the services. When using the prefix method, the prefix *67, *37#, or #37# must be added every time before dialing. Consequently, it becomes difficult to make calls continuously since users are forced to enter the code rather than dialing from in the telephone book. The cost of obtaining a private number is an additional fee for the subscription which can be costly.

Many people set Auto-reject for private or unknown numbers. At times, Prefix is ineffective because the intended purpose is not achieved. In addition, when users have turned off auto-reject for private or unknown numbers, the request is not fulfilled and the reason for receiving a private number turns out to be useless and money goes to waste.

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What is the burning number?

Utilizing an alternative number is the best choice but to do that an additional connection, a separate one must be made and a different SIM card must be employed. The Burners number is quite well-known since they’re a safer and more reliable way to obtain an alternative number, without divulging the personal information of the user. This method differs from the *67 methods, or the other methods of a prefix, and the private method of obtaining numbers. The burner numbers serve as temporary numbers that allow you to call and then receive calls. By using the burner number you are also able to send or receive messages as well as images.

The burner functions as protection between your number and the burner. Any calls that are made using your phone will be routed via the burner’s servers. The call is then linked to the dialer, making it appear as if it came from the burner’s server. When you receive the call, the calls are taken by the burner servers and then the calls are routed to users. The messaging feature also functions similarly. The messages will be accepted by the servers, and messages will be sent at the request of users.

A burner subscription is more beneficial as opposed to other ways.

How can I place an call by using the burner?

  • Open the Google Play store on an Android device and the store app on the Apple device.
  • Download Burner U.S. Phone Numbers – Calling and Texting application.
  • Start the burner application.
  • At the lower part on the left side of the display, four buttons are visible.
    • The button for the telephone is used to make calls and also activates the dialer application that is installed on your burner.
    • The message button can be utilized to transmit and read messages.
    • The setting application is used to alter and configure the settings of the burner app.
  • Purchase an active membership.
  • The initial number will be free , and the user will receive only a few resources.

Important note:

The *67 methods or the #37# method or *67 method won’t allow users to dial any toll-free number. The *67 methods or the #37# method or *67method isn’t working always. It only works in the event that the service provider allows its customers to make calls with the *67 methods, so it is advised to contact the provider if you’re unable to make the calls.


There are numerous ways in which the user’s Caller ID could be concealed from the person receiving it. It is helpful since the number isn’t disclosed to anyone. The addition of the *67 prefixes to the number will conceal the number in the phone’s caller ID. The Caller ID may also be blocked using the phone settings application. There are other codes, like *37# asd #37# that could be used in lieu of *67.

The *67 isn’t accepted by all Telecommunication service companies. This is why the alternative is to obtain unrestricted access by calling the provider and providing the required documents along with a valid reason. The most common method to cover up numbers is using burner numbers. Burner numbers can be used for temporary purposes and offer many services, including calling or receiving calls. They also facilitate the sending of and reception of SMS with images.

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Burner numbers are among the best options as the majority of people have an auto-reject feature for unknown and private numbers. With burner numbers, calls are easily made without revealing your personal details, but that burner’s number would be shown on the receiver’s display.


What is *67 meaning on phone?

The number will be blocked from displaying on the receiver’s phone or the caller’s ID.

What does *67 do?

*67 used before a number creates a call completely anonymous and the recipient won’t acquire the identity of the caller.

*#67# is what?

*#67# is nothing but a synonyms of *67.

Does *67 work on android?

Yes, it does work on android. Just put the *67 before your dialing number and see the magic.

What happens if I use *67?

If I use *67, then it can make me autonomous.

Does *67 still work in 2023

Partially Yes, It totally depends on the service provider.

Does star 67 cost money?

star 67 do not cost any money.

Does *67 work if the number is in your contacts?

Yes, *67 works perfectly if the number is in your contacts list.

Is *67 Legal?

*67 is legal till it is used for good humanity purposes. It may become a cyber threat if you used it for illegal purposes.

Q1. What’s this method? *67 method?

*67 is an assist code that is vertical in the numbers of the caller show as unknown or blocked on the caller’s ID in your phone’s receiver.

Q2. Does *67 work in 2022?

*67 is working in a few of these devices, even into 2022. The functionality method *67 method is dependent on your service provider. The chance of *67 are considerably less. Alternative strategies can be employed to overcome this hurdle.

Q3. Is *67 available on iPhones?

It is *67 may also be known as the universal anonymous prefix code. It is compatible with all devices. Also, It includes android, landline phones smartphones, feature phones, and iPhones.

The *67 procedure is not illegal however making use of the *67 method for fraud or prank calls could be illegal and may cause you to be in legal trouble.

Q5. Can private conversations be identified?

The *67 method is a way to hide the caller’s ID. The number can be traced back to its source quickly from the company providing the services as well as authorized departments.

Q6. What is a burner’s code?

Burner numbers are an excellent alternative to having the ability to have a temporarily obtainable number without having to purchase an additional sim card. The numbers of burners serve as a middleman between messages and calls.