Where used for | Fix error What is com Samsung android messaging? What is this used for? How to fix the error and how to fix it. We have found this topic “” in many forums, most of the people were afraid of this pop-up message, So we have decided to present the best answers and resolution for you in this blog. Read the article till the end to understand it in deep.

What is

We can understand by breaking down the name in smaller chunks, we will be going right to left as this is the format for syntax reading. The first chunk is “messaging” and we all know what it stands for. The next chunk is “android” so it is clear that this syntax is for devices running the Android OS, maybe smartphones or tablets. The next chunk is “Samsung” suggesting that this syntax is exclusively used for Samsung smartphones. The last chunk is “com” which is a format used for reading the syntax and not meant for users. is a file found in your “Android” file in your files directory.

So now we understand what the syntax stands for in your smartphone. The reason behind using such odd syntax is that these are not meant to be used by syntax and this is how web pages interact with servers. You can notice the similar backward written syntax used for apps on the play store. For example, the link for our own app on the Play Store is: click here

Here you can notice that the syntax is similar to the one we are learning about in this article.

What is the use of in it?

Most of the time we found that is related to We understand what the syntax means. But why use the syntax in the first place?

So whenever a computer system is designed, it can not understand our language as we speak. It focuses more on logical reasoning you can say, so for us Samsung Messages is enough to understand that the person is talking about the SMS app by Samsung. But a computer can not understand this, so we are providing it with enough information so it can perform the given task without any problem. This is not so practical or seems to make sense in this but when it comes to programming, the computer is much more efficient than any human. It needs a few lines of code to understand something, but we would need an entire page to understand the same thing. This is the reason we use syntax in the first place, and this is not meant to be used by the users in daily life. So if it is written backward or is complex then it does not bother a lot of people.


It is a common possible one of the messaging apps mentioned below in detail. It is a 99% SMS application 1% hacking chance. Most of our activity on the Google account coordinates the time of posting the SMS, and you received this message “”

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You need to learn about: How to fix a Hacked android phone? Also, learn the below topic to understand it in deep.

What is samsung messaging?

We saw what the URI( stands for and how to understand the syntax. But what is a Samsung message!?

So as we all know our smartphones come with a built-in messaging application. Keep in mind that we are talking about text messages or SMS rather than online messaging which is a topic for another day. So Samsung gave us their own messaging app which Samsung smartphone users use for the SMS along with MMS services, it has a yellow icon and can be located easily. With the help of the Samsung message app, you can send an SMS to another person, and is quite reliable.

Learning required:

Features of Samsung messages

Now there are some features of Samsung messages which you may not know and are quite handy.

  1.  You can block a number so they can no longer send you an SMS. This comes handy when you are receiving a lot of spam messages.
  2.  You can directly search for the contact to see their messages. Or you can search for any keyword from the message in case you can’t remember who sent you. For example, if it was related to a glossary then just search the name of any item you remember. Let’s say “avocado” then that message will pop-up and you can read that complete message.
  3.  With the help of the app, you can send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) along with MMS (Multimedia Message).
  4.  If you receive an URL with an anonymous number, you can preview the website without having to open the link. But we would suggest you don’t open or even preview any such link as it can compromise your phone’s security.
  5.   The messages are protected with a built-in app, this prevents other people from opening your phone’s.
  6. You can use multiple SIMs for sending messages, whenever you write an SMS and send it. The app asks you to select which SIM you want to send the app from, this feature is very handy for people with dual SIM. You can even set a particular SIM for a contract and the SMSs will be sent from that SIM only.
  7.  Pin a message if it is important or you want to read it later.
  8.  There is a very handy option for people with ability, you can use the “accessibility” option and the phone will talkback and read the message for you.
What is
What is
What is it + how to fix error Samsung’s message is utilized for sending and receiving SMS and MMS on smartphones. Here, we resolved the error generated by this app.
By Ashe Juniper

Permissions for smooth functioning

Now there are certain permissions you have to grant to the app for its smooth functioning. As the app is made by Samsung themselves, we can provide it with all the permissions without thinking or worrying about our privacy or security. These permissions are:

  •  Camera permission: This comes handy when you are sending someone an image or video and have to use in-app features. However, you can avoid giving it permission by just using the gallery for sending the media.
  •  Storage permission: As we mentioned above, if you are sending any sort of image or video or even audio, then you need to provide it with access. But if you don’t use the MMS, then you can skip giving it permission.
  •  Microphone permission: This is understood that in order to send someone a voice note, you need to record it and send it.
  •  SMS permission: This is the most important as without this permission the app is useless. So you should provide the app with permission without thinking much.
  •  Contacts permission: This is also an important part of the app as it needs to identify who is sending messages and to whom you want to send the message. So provide the app with permission.
  •  Phone permission: You can choose to either provide the permission or not as you are not going to make calls from the messaging app. But it does let you know who called or if a person is not available to take calls.
  • Location permission: It is totally up to you if you want to give permission or not as very rarely people send locations using the messaging app. We would suggest you avoid giving permission to save the battery when the GPS is turned on your device.
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How to make Samsung Messages as your default app?

We already mentioned the features that the app provides and it is a stable and regularly updated app. So many of you want to make it your default messaging app(SMS). Follow their steps to achieve the same:

Note: The below-mentioned guide is only for Samsung smartphones and not for other brands.

  1.  Wake up your device and open “Settings“.
Settings to search
  1.  Now navigate to “Apps” or “Apps and notification” and open it.
  2.  Tap on three-dot at the top right corner of the screen and select “Default apps” and tap on the “SMS app/Messages“.
  1.  Now select “Message“.

How to start a conversation

  • Open your messaging app or iMessage(for iPhone).
  • Tap on Compose to create a message.
Compose to create a message
  • Enter the recipient’s number in “To,” or you can even enter the email of that person. To add a number, you don’t need to type the whole number, just add their name.
  • To add a number, you don’t need to type the whole number, just add their name.
add their name

Sending a text message

  1. Tap the message box.
  2. Type your message in the box.
    • Note: If you close the text message in the middle or after writing, it will be saved as a draft. You can achieve this by pressing the “back” button after done typing.
  3. Tap on “Send” with an icon of the arrow to send a message.

Forwarding a text message

This is a useful feature, as you don’t have to copy the whole text and then paste it somewhere else.

  • Open the Messaging app or iMessage for sending the text message.
  • Open a text message you want to send.
  • Tap on the message and hold.
  • Tap “More,” and then select “Forward.”
  • Type the name, number, or e-mail of the recipient.
  • Tap “Send” for sending the message.

Reading a text message

You can see messages you received by scrolling down. It is easy to see a new message where they will be arranged from newer to older.

The opening conversation of any person will show you all the messages. They will be older to newer, newer at the bottom, and older at the top.

Sending images and videos with MMS

MMS stands for Multimedia Messages, and with its help, you can share media. They might include pictures or video files.

  1.  Wake up your device.
  2.  And open your Messaging app on the phone.
  3.  Tap on any contact to open an old conversation. Or you can create a new conversation if you want.
  4.  Tap Attach with clip icon.
  5.  Select the image or video or GIF you want to send. You can also click an image with your camera, or record video depending upon your smartphone.
  6.  Select the file you want to send. That particular file or image or video will be visible with a clip icon on it.
  7. Tap on “Send” for sending the image or video or GIF.
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Note: If you are using your camera via the messaging app, then the video or image will not be saved on your device. So if you are planning to keep the image or video, we would suggest you capture it properly or take a screenshot.

Data used in Sending images and videos with MMS: Totally depend on the platform by which you are sending MMS, if it is by your service provider then zero data will be used and if it is from any app then the image size + video size +text data will be used.

Sending voice messages via the messaging app

  1.  Wake up your device.
  2.  Open the Messaging application.
  3.  Open the contact of the person you want to send a voice note to.
  4.  Press and hold your microphone.
  5.  Record your voice note from the device.
  6.  Once done, tap on the “send” button for sending the voice message.

Note: Cancelling a recorded voice-over messaging app, it will vary according to brands and models. But a common pattern would be to “swipe left” on the message to cancel it.

Data used by Sending voice messages: it depends on the file type(.wav, .mp4, etc) of the sound and length of your voice.

Sending your location via messaging app

  1. Open the Messaging application.
  2. Open the contact of the person you want to send your location.
  3. Tap on “Attach.”
  4. Tap the Location to share it.
  5. Send your location by tapping on the “send” button.

Fix error

There are a few steps to fix the error caused by the app:

  • Go to setting-> Messaging App->Clear cache-> Clear Data
  • Update the app from Samsung store

If working properly the no need to take any action, otherwise follow steps one by one and recheck

  • Force stop the app then restart
  • Use third party-app( not suggested)
  • Factory reset
  • Visit Coustomer Care center


Samsung’s message is used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS on modern smartphones. The syntax for this is and this makes your computer understand. We saw how to use Samsung Message and send your SMS, MMS, location, and voice notes. We also fixed the error caused by this app. Hope you find your solution. Plz, share your views or comment if still have some problems.

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