Tmux Scroll Up

Tmux, the terminal multiplexer, is an integral asset for order line fans and experts looking for improved efficiency. With its capacity to make various terminal meetings and work with performing multiple tasks, Tmux has turned into among engineers and framework directors. Among its heap of highlights, looking over stands apart as an urgent usefulness that permits clients to explore through the result and history of a terminal meeting.

Looking up in Tmux empowers clients to survey past order yields, break down logs, and dig into past associations. In this article, we will dig into the different strategies and setups that empower consistent looking inside Tmux.

Tmux Scroll Up

We will investigate the console alternate ways, for example, entering scroll mode and exploring utilizing bolt keys or Page Up, as well as using mouse looking abilities. Moreover, we will dig into altering the scrollback cradle size to oblige bigger measures of result history. By excelling at looking up in Tmux, clients can fundamentally work on their work process and effectiveness while working inside a terminal climate.

Causes of the error

  • Deficient scrollback cradle size: The scrollback support in Tmux stores a predetermined number of lines of terminal result. In the event that the cradle size is set excessively low, it can limit how much text is accessible for looking over.
  • Obsolete Tmux variant: Utilizing an obsolete variant of Tmux might prompt similarity issues and potential bugs connected with looking over.
  • Inconsistent terminal emulator: Certain terminal emulators may not completely support Tmux looking over usefulness, bringing about the failure to look up.
  • Empowered Parchment Lock: In the event that the Parchment Lock key on your console is actuated, it can slow down Tmux looking over.
  • Clashing key ties: Clashes between key ties in Tmux or your terminal emulator can upset looking over.
  • Inaccurate sheet center: Tmux permits partitioning a window into various sheets. Assuming that you can’t look up, check if the sheet you need to look inside is in the center.
  • Changed look up restricting: Changing or debilitating the look up restricting in your Tmux setup record can ruin looking over.
  • Not in duplicate mode: Tmux has a duplicate mode that permits looking at the terminal result.
  • Tmux server issues: Issues with the Tmux server itself can now and again cause looking over issues.
  • Framework related restrictions: In uncommon cases, framework restrictions or clashes with other programming parts can affect Tmux looking over.
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How to fix this error

Increment Scrollback Cradle Size:

Assuming your Tmux meeting’s scrollback cushion has arrived at its cutoff, you can expand its size to empower looking over. Open your .tmux.conf document (situated in your home registry) utilizing a word processor and add the accompanying line: set-choice – g history-limit <number>Supplant <number> with the ideal support size, like 10000 for 10,000 lines. Save the document and reload the Tmux setup utilizing the order: tmux source-record ~/.tmux.conf Presently you ought to have the option to look up inside Tmux.

Update Tmux:

Obsolete variants of Tmux might have bugs or impediments connected with looking over. Refreshing Tmux to the most recent version is suggested. The update interaction might change relying upon your working framework. Allude to the Tmux documentation or your bundle administrator’s guidelines for refreshing Tmux.

Utilize a Viable Terminal Emulator:

Certain terminal emulators might have similarity issues with Tmux looking over. Confirm on the off chance that your terminal emulator is viable with Tmux or have a go at utilizing an alternate one. Famous terminal emulators like iTerm2, Alacritty, or Eliminator are known to function admirably with Tmux. Introduce a viable terminal emulator and send off Tmux inside it to check if looking over works.

Handicap Parchment Lock:

Check in the event that the Parchment Lock key on your console is empowered. Tmux looking over might be handicapped when Parchment Lock is dynamic. Press the Parchment Lock key to handicap it and take a stab at looking inside Tmux once more.

Resolve Key Restricting Struggles:

Clashing key ties inside Tmux or your terminal emulator can obstruct looking over. Audit your Tmux design record and the critical ties of your terminal emulator. Ensure there are no ties clashing with the default Tmux look up order, which is typically Ctrl-b + [. Assuming contentions exist, change the ties in a like manner to let loose the look up order.

Guarantee Sheet Concentration:

Tmux permits parting a window into various sheets. Guarantee that the sheet you need to scroll is in the center. Utilize Tmux’s sheet exchanging orders, like Ctrl-b + bolt keys or Ctrl-b + q followed by the sheet number, to change concentration to the ideal sheet. When the ideal sheet is in the center, take a stab at looking inside it.

Really take a look at Look Up Restricting:

Now and again, the look up restricting in Tmux might have been adjusted or impaired. Open your .tmux.conf record and search for any adjustments to the lookup restriction. In the event that is vital, add or adjust the limiting to empower looking over. For instance, to set Ctrl-b + [ as the lookup restricting, add the accompanying line to your .tmux.conf document: tie key – T duplicate mode-vi ‘C-[‘ send – X page-up. Save the document and reload the Tmux arrangement.

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Enter Duplicate Mode:

Tmux has a duplicate mode that permits looking at the terminal result. Press Ctrl-b + [ to enter duplicate mode. On the off chance that you are not in duplicate mode, Tmux will decipher the parchment order in an unexpected way, bringing about no looking over impact. Once in duplicate mode, you ought to have the option to look up utilizing the bolt keys or the Page Up key.

Restart the Tmux Server:

At times, restarting the Tmux server can determine looking over issues. Close all Tmux meetings by disengaging or ending them. Then, at that point, restart the Tmux server by running the accompanying orders:

  • tmux kill-server
  • tmux

This will make another Tmux meeting, and looking over ought to function true to form.

Investigate Framework Limits:

In uncommon cases, framework limits or clashes with other programming parts might forestall looking inside Tmux. The following are a couple of moves toward investigate and determine such issues:

Really take a look at Framework Assets:

Lacking framework assets, like low memory or computer processor utilization, can influence Tmux looking over. Guarantee that your framework has an adequate number of accessible assets to deal with Tmux and other running applications. Close any superfluous applications or cycles that may be consuming exorbitant assets.

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Debilitate Clashing Applications:

A few applications or foundation cycles can disrupt Tmux looking over. Briefly cripple any applications that may be causing clashes, for example, terminal modules or augmentations, and check if looking over works appropriately in Tmux.


All in all, the powerlessness to look up inside a Tmux meeting can be tended to by considering and executing the ten potential causes and relating arrangements examined in this article.

By changing the scrollback cradle size, refreshing Tmux, utilizing a viable terminal emulator, settling key restricting struggles, guaranteeing sheet center, and checking the look up restricting setup, clients can investigate and determine looking over issues. Moreover, entering duplicate mode, restarting the Tmux server, and investigating framework constraints can additionally help with reestablishing looking over usefulness.

By following these arrangements, clients can beat the dissatisfaction of Tmux, look up issues and improve their by and large Tmux experience. With legitimate design and investigating, smooth looking inside Tmux meetings can be accomplished, empowering clients to easily explore through terminal results.

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For what reason might I at any point look up in Tmux even in the wake of expanding the scrollback cushion size?

It’s conceivable that your terminal emulator has its own scrollback cradle limit. Increment the scrollback cushion size in your terminal emulator’s settings to empower looking in Tmux.

How might I check assuming my terminal emulator is viable with Tmux?

Allude to the Tmux documentation or counsel your terminal emulator’s documentation to guarantee similarity. On the other hand, have a go at utilizing an alternate terminal emulator known for its similarity with Tmux, like iTerm2 or Alacritty.

I’ve actually looked at the key ties, however I actually can’t look them up in Tmux. How would it be a good idea for me to respond?

Check for any clashing key ties in your shell setup records (e.g., .bashrc, .zshrc). Change or eliminate clashing ties to permit Tmux looking to appropriately work.

Tmux looks over works in certain sheets however not in others. How might I fix this?

Guarantee that you are zeroing in on the sheet where looking over isn’t working by utilizing Tmux’s sheet exchanging orders (e.g., Ctrl-b + bolt keys). Ensure the ideal sheet has a center prior to endeavoring to look inside it.

I’ve followed every one of the arrangements, yet Tmux looking over still doesn’t work. Some other ideas?

Check that you are utilizing a viable rendition of Tmux with your working framework. Moreover, think about refreshing your working framework and related conditions to guarantee similarity with the most recent Tmux rendition.