myMetro app

myMetro app

myMetro is an app that most people don’t know about. It is a Non-Indian company and originally from Germany. This app provides multiple services that you will come to know in this article. So, read the article till the end to know about myMetro app.


The myMetro app is an app designed specially to fulfill the basic needs of a customer. It was made for T-mobile customers so that they can do various things through that app. The app provides them features like paying their bills, recharge plans, and a lot more services to ease their life. Now you may ask in the first place that what do you mean by T-mobile customers? So let us first answer this question, and further, we’ll learn more about myMetro.

The T-mobile is basically a multinational company that provides a mobile network to the customers. This is a Germany based company, and the subsidiaries of this company operate GSM, LTE networks. And so the customers who use the services of this company are known as T- mobile customers. Originally it was known as T- Mobil, but later it generalized to T-mobile.

The myMetro app is a free app that is available on app stores. But, this app is not for Indian users as it is based on only customers of T- mobile companies. Generally, people use this app to make a few changes in their myMetro account, along with some other facilities. 


Let’s look at some of the services this app provides.

  1. With the myMetro app, you can check your balance amount in the account. You can also make recharges and buy new plans. This app will remind you of your due date as well. All you need from a mobile network company is being provided to you through this app. You can easily review the 4G data plan, and to date, 5G is not there.
  2. The myMetro app also has mobile phone buying sections. This comes up with daily new deals and has all the latest smartphones. The rates available on the site are somewhere discounted as the myMetro ventures into deals with smartphone brands also.
  3. Not only smartphones, but you can also buy smartwatches from top brands. Along with many top brands, the app also consists of its own products. The myMetro has its own brand named metro under which they have multiplied products like SD card, headphone jack, etc. 
  4. myMetro has a new deal every few days. For instance, if you buy a new phone through myMetro app, it gives you $15 extra in your account. This add-on you can use later while recharging your data plan.
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Another interesting deal the app had was if you switched your phone, you would get $40 in your myMetro account. Adding to this, you will get 5GB mobile Hotspot along with Google one.

App details

This app comes under the seller named MetroPCS wireless incorporate. This is an original, Germany based company that has different sections in its app for a different purpose. The size of the myMetro app is 49MB and is obviously a business category app. The very important thing that should be kept in mind is the compatibility of the app. The app works only on iOS dominated devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. MyMetro also asks for a basic requirement that has to be fulfilled, which is iOS 9.0 or any later version.

If you don’t have an Apple product, the app store will not even let you download it. Even if you see the product on the app store, there will be no option of downloading anywhere. This app has been rated 4+ and is only available in the English language. Talking about the copyright, again, the T-mobile incorporates reserved all rights of this app. As discussed earlier, this app is free of cost, and there is no premium version of the app. It is the same for all.


1- myMetro HTML 3.0 470016

This is the oldest version of the app and was launched on 29 November 2018. When this version was released, it had not many products. It had only lived a chat support option for their customers and some graphical updates. It included a basic new graphical logo for the myMetro app.

2- myMetro HTML 3.0 470025

The next version of the app was this one, and it had nothing new as compared to the previous one. It hardly made appearance changes to the metro by the T-mobile app logo. This was just done as an easy marketing strategy that will attract people.

3- myMetro HTML 3.0 470013

Another version of myMetro app was launched on 18 January 2019. It had no change.

4- myMetro HTML 3.0 470018

This version was launched on 19 March 2019. It again had no significant changes at all.

5- myMetro HTML 3.0 500012

Another version launched on 28 May 2019 was of the 500000 series but was at least something different from the previous launches. This time, Mymetro brought a few minor improvements in the chat service they provided for support. In addition to this, it also had minor fixes in the app. 

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6- myMetro HTML 3.0 510009

This version was launched in September 2019, and it also gave us minor differences in their chat support. Nothing significant appearance wise but, it had a few other changes as well. This time the myMetro app brought changes to their data plans as well.

7- myMetro 530029

This is the latest version of the myMetro app, and it fixes any crashing or freezing issues that the previous versions lacked. This was released on 29 January 2020. You can easily upgrade to this version if your phone supports it. You just need to go to the settings of your app or else the app store and click ‘update.’ It will automatically start running in the latest version.

At the end of the year 2018, the name MetroPCS was dropped out by a T-mobile company. The T-mobile renamed itself as ‘metro’ with a few more changes. These were additional new unlimited plans. But as usual, there’s a lot, which was unchanged like the capability of checking call history online.

If you don’t use a browser, or you forgot your metro credentials, your phone already has it as a built-in service. Metro provides you both Android and iOS phones. This is dependent on your operating system.

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The myMetro app still has many issues that have been reported by the customers. Let’s have a look at them. It may be very useful for you all. One of the problems reported by a customer was that it did not save any payment method. The customer mentioned that she uses the app for only two things, i.e., Paying her bills and checking up her internet data usage along with Hotspot usage. She also said that she noticed the inefficiency of the app while she wanted to save the payment method. Adding to the previous point, she explained in her comment that, it showed an error message every time she saved a payment method.

To resolve this, she had to reboot her phone and then open this app in a browser, remove the safe payment method, and then it would start working. So basically, you must keep in mind that you don’t save any payment method in your account. The myMetro users have another subsidiary website that is metroPCS, which can be used for payments if in case the myMetro app doesn’t work.

Another problem that customers find is finding their account number. Well, the simplest way to find your account number on the MetroPCS is to look out for the text message from their side. Whenever MetroPCS sends you your reminders for bill payments or account changes, you can see your account number in that message. Basically, the nine-digit account number will be visible to you on every message from MetroPCS.

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Now you will ask why do I need this information. So, the account number is required for switching MetroPCS to the project found.

How to download myMetro on PC

In order to download the myMetro app on your computer, you need to follow a few steps. You can download this app using an android emulator, e.g., NOX APK player or BlueStacks for older versions of windows. For Windows 7,8,10 and the MAC, any emulator will work. Here are the steps to download the app on your computer.

  • The first step is to download the emulator on your Windows PC and install it. Make sure you check the compatibility and internet connection.
  • One of the best emulators are:
  • Now open/launch the Android emulator on your computer. Now you will have to log in to the app using your Google account.
  • The next step is to open/launch Google play store and find ‘myMetro’ app.
  • Now, press ‘download’ to download the myMetro app on your computer.
  • Lastly, after the installation of the app, open the app and enjoy it.

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Basically, the myMetro app provides you all solutions to your mobile network problems at your fingertips. You just need to follow all the steps mentioned above to download it and enjoy all the features. But surely this app is exclusively for T-mobile customers only. So, if you belong to any country other than the U.S., you cannot avail of the services of the app. Even if you use any other carrier like Sprint or Verizon, this app is not for you.