Apple’s Main Competitors

In this article, you’ll read about Apple’s biggest competitors in computer and mobile phone production such as Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo.

Apple’s Main Competitors

Apple is a well-known company that offers phones, tablets, and PCs. Like Google with its Google Play, it has its own services that make people’s life easier. For example, you can try the App Store on different gadgets: on your iPhone, MacBook, TV, and Watch. 

As you see, Apple is a big company that plans to grow bigger in the next few years. The fact is that it has a lot to grow because it isn’t the same monopolist in the tech industry as Facebook is in the social media niche that absorbed companies such as WhatsApp and Instagram. 

Apple's Main Competitors
Apple’s Main Competitors

Proceed to read this article, and you’ll know what Apple’s main rivals are. 

In Phone Manufacture

There, we’ll tell you only about one of Apple’s rivals. And you’ve probably guessed what company we’re talking about. 

The Main Apple’s Rival

There are many phone manufacturers in the world such as Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Google, but they are outshined by two of the main brands: Apple and Samsung. They are always in competition. In the first country, you’ll see more people using Apple than Samsung. But in the second country, things go in another way. It all depends on the country and its standard of living and users’ preferences. 

Founded in South Korea, Samsung is the most profitable company in the entire Asian region. It focuses on vertical integration that means producing a lot of gadgets such as LED lights, batteries, appliances, gaming systems, tablets, phones. Surprisingly, it produces even medical electronics! 

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What is Different Between Samsung and Apple Promoting Strategies

Samsung and Apple’s strategies are poles apart. Apple is focusing on marketing and design. The main key to Apple’s popularity is skillful marketing. It means the priority of this company is to create an exciting history in their ads that motivate users to associate iPhone or MacBook usage with happiness and success. 

Also, Apple strives to limit its product integration with other brands. It means that you can’t use any product apart from Apple. If you have an Apple Watch, you can’t connect it to Android — only to iPhone. 

And the third key difference between these two competitors’ strategies is that Apple chases trends and follows them. For example, the company showed its anxiety about environmental issues by releasing the iPhone 12 without charging. 

In Computer Manufacture

Apple has a lot of rivals in computer manufacture rather than in phone production. Although some of the competitors aren’t as big to compete with Apple in computer products as Samsung in phone lines, Apple is forced to fight with other brands to grow bigger and become the most influential brand in the gadget market. 

For example, the biggest Apple competitor is Microsoft. It’s the main company that competes with Apple for leadership. But sometimes some companies put a spoke in Apple’s wheels and become more popular for a while. 


Got up by Bill Gates, Microsoft is one of the biggest companies that was suspected of striving to catch monopoly. It is one of the Apple’s Main Competitors

Microsoft regularly updates its own operating system Windows. For example, in 2021, this company decided to release Windows 11. In June 2021, this OS isn’t available, but users actively talk about it and look forward to the new Windows version, especially after multiple-valued meetings with Windows 10. 

Microsoft focuses on creating software that helps its users to work fruitfully. For example, this company offers its customers Microsoft 365 where users can make presentations in PowerPoint, write geography essays and other papers in Word, create tables on Excel, the list goes on. 

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This company is focused on personal computer production and products related to computers such as network equipment, monitors, video cameras, printers, MP3 players, high-definition TVs. 

Dell and Apple started being in a worldwide corporate battle when Dell released Dell DJ which is an analog of the Apple iPod. In the last few years, such companies have fought with each other for leadership in computer production. 


Such a company is a rival more for Dell and Acer than for Apple but sometimes people prefer to buy Lenovo laptops rather than MacBooks. Likewise, Lenovo competes with Apple on cell phone product lines as cellies of Lenovo brand usually take their places in different lists of the best phones of each year. 

Such a company is like Samsung: it focuses on vertical integration rather than marketing. For instance, you can buy different Lenovo products such as IT management software, TVs, phones, apps, and workstations.

The Bottom Line

So there are Apple’s biggest competitors. You can see how they fight with each other by watching their ads and reading the tops of computers and phones. It’s interesting to think whether Apple will grow as big as Facebook in the social media niche or not and if yes, how much time will it take?