Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna

Samsung is the biggest Android phone brand. Lately, Samsung has also launched its Television. Like mobile phones, their LCD TVs will also be under your budget. You can connect a Blu-Ray device, Playstation, or any other Electronic device to your Samsung TV. After getting connected if it shows messages like your Samsung Tv is not showing any signal or your Samsung Tv not working or your Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna or Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi. You do not know what to do next. Then, read this article. 

Here we bring to you the top 5 ways which can help you to solve this error. But before solving the error, you must know the reason for the problem. Why you are getting this error. The Given below are the top reasons for showing an error like this.

Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna
Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna

Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna: Reason for No Signal

Listed below are the top x reason because of which your TV is not recognizing the signal. 

Reason 1- Plug not connected Properly 

The first reason is, your plug might not be connected properly. The plug of the TV and the other device (Cable, Antenna, Playstation or DVD Player) might not be properly connected to the switch. 

Reason 2- Cable not plugged 

Your cable might not be connected to the correct plug of the TV. There are four points in the Samsung Tv where you have to connect your Plug.

Reason 3- Wrong HDMI setting 

In Samsung TV, you will get 3 different HDMI settings. Each HDMI have their resolution and device. In a different model, the setting is different. You must go through your Samsung Tv Manual to know more about the HDMI setting of your model. 

Reason 4- Weather 

Antella and connection is nothing but the magic of Satellite. The signal which we are talking about here comes from the satellite of Antina. During the bad weather, you will not get any signal in your Set-top box. 

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Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna: Tips to Fix the Error

Tip 1 -Unplug the TV plug 

Tip number one will surely be the last tip for you. This tip will work surely in most cases. Many a time your plus is not connected properly to the switch. It could be too tight or too loose. In this case- 

  • Step 1- Unplug your TV plug 
  • Step 2- Rub the plug with a cloth, to dry it and reduce the barriers. It will help the switch to get the proper flow of current. 
  • Step 3- Plug it inside. You can use paper, cloth or matchsticks if the plug is loose. 
  • Step 4- Open the TV

Is your Television working? Nope! Try our next method.

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Tip 2- Check whether the HDMI USB is connected. 

Your Antenna might have been connected in a different port than the custom setting. There is a wire connecting Antenna to Tv. Check whether the USB cable is properly or not. If it is properly connected then Check at which port it is connected.

  • Step 1- At the back part of your TV check where the connector is plugged. In most of the models, it is at HDMI 2 port. But to confirm you must check first.
  • Step 2- You have to tighten it if in any case, the plug is loose. 
  • Step 3- Take the remote control of your TV
  • Step 4- In the top-middle of your remote, you will see the ‘source’ button. 
  • Step 5- Click on the source button  
  • Step 6- Now, select the port to which your cable is connected. 

Hope this Method has worked for you. If not, continue reading. We have tons of other methods for you. 

Tip 3- Connect different HDMI device

If you are getting the issue of no problem. Then- 

  • Step 1- Close your Tv 
  • Step 2- Disconnect the HDMI cable. 
  • Step 3- Purchase another HDMI cable or use the spear cable. 
  • Step 4- Connect the cable 
  • Step 5- Switch on the television
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If it is still not working, read further.

Tip 5- Change the Custom Broadcasting settings + 

  • Step 1- Take your remove and click on the Home button 
  • Step 2- Click on the Source button. 
  • Step 3- Inside source, go down to the setting. 
  • Step 4- In setting, select broadcasting 
  • Step 5- Enter Auto-power 
  • Step 6- Close your Tv 
  • Step 7- Wait for 5 minutes 
  • Step 8- Reopen your Tv

Your Tv will start working again. 

Tips 5- Bad Weather 

As told earlier, bad weather can hamper your entertainment. But you can follow use the given hacks to bring the signal back. 

Method 1– Check if the Antenna is Wet or not. If it is wet, dry it with the help of cloths. It is advised to wear a slipper to prevent any kind of electric shock. 

Method 2- Before monsoon covers your antenna with the cloth. Remember that cloth should not touch the antenna. There might be a short circuit if the wet cloth comes in contact with the Antenna when your Tv is open

Tip 6- Go to the Customer Care/ Complain in the Customer Care 

Have you applied all the methods? I bet your Tv is working now. If your Tv is still not working, then make a call on the customer care of Samsung and Antenna. There might be some serious internal damage to your Antenna or Tv. You can get the call center number easily on the TV or the manual.

You can also mail them or write a review on their website. Most of the companies reply to their customers on Twitter. You can also ask your query or tell your grievances on Twitter by tagging the company’s official account. 

These are the six tips from our side. You can use these al methods if you have LG, Song, or any other Smart and simple Tv. 


In conclusion for Samsung Tv Not Recognizing Antenna, For those who have a Samsung smart TV, an antenna box may be able to provide you with free channels. An antenna box, such as a Novawave TV antenna, is simple to set up. Some of your favorite TV channels may be available for free if you use a good radiation antenna box in the proper location. Given the escalating cost of cable, this option may be a good way to save money without compromising something you enjoy.

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Your Samsung TV will already have the connector needed to connect an antenna box on the back. Once your box is connected, all you have to do is run a scan and start watching free channels. Check out Samsung TV Error Code 107.

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