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Samsung TV        not  connecting         to       WiFi

100%- Fixed

Most of the time we found that Samsung TV not connecting to the router wifi network.

A tiny glitch(Bug)

 In some instances, switching off the TV by using the remote for an extended period of time can cause a change in the network settings.


DNS Server Settings

 By default, the Samsung Smart TV regains its DNS servers settings on its own.


MAC address Blocked

if your MAC address of Samsung TV has been blocked for any reason, it's not able to recognize any wireless network further.


outdated OS

It may be a reason that you have not downloaded or installed the most recent firmware updates.


LAN Cable Issue

 Due to storms or heavy rainfall, the LAN cables get disconnected from your ISP. This may be a big reason for no internet connection issue.


Problem with Router

If you have an issue with the WiFi router or modem, your television won't be able to locate or connect to a WiFi connection.


How to fix Samsung TV  not connecting to Wi-Fi  issue?

Here in this article we are providing the solution for Samsung TV not connecting to the WiFi network.