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Have you ever seen an application on your phone like But you don’t know how it gets installed on your phone! Is your phone got hacked by this com pivotmobile android metrics? Is someone watching you! What you should do now?

Cool! There’s nothing to worry about, we are here to provide detailed information about So, let’s get started.  

What are is an application installed when installing or downloading some other apps that have access to sub-install other apps. It is simply a sideloaded application that is used to track data usage and for tracking ads. is developed by pivot mobile.

Pivot Mobile:

Then what is pivot mobile? Pivot mobile consists of games and tools released on Google Play Store but for now, only two are active in their portfolio including the most popular Swimmy Turtle. This is about pivot mobile.

Now how can we install can we install directly from our Google Play Store? For this, the answer is NO. is most likely installed or downloaded from a 3rd party application likely one from pivot mobile and is downloaded as a side application along with the apps we are initially downloading. 

This is found as a 3rd party download on certain products of Lenovo and Motorola phones. Metrics word in itself indicating that it has something to do with the advertisements and in-app advertisements.

If it is downloaded from a 3rd party application, it might be spyware or malware. This might be the doubt you get after reading so far. Then what are this spyware and malware?? Let’s see what exactly they mean. 

Malware is nothing but a type of file or code that damages the users’ personal computer and its network. On the other hand, Spyware is a type of malware that can gather the personal information of a person or a company and sell them to other groups or organizations which can damage users’ personal information by taking away the user’s privacy and affecting the device security.

Hence is not spyware and have no negative effects on our devices and there is nothing to worry about. But how to know whether my device gets attacked by a virus or not? Let’s see…

Detecting virus:

To detect the virus in your device check for the following:

  • Slower phone functionality
  • Loading takes a longer time
  • Battery drains faster 
  • Overflow of ads which you are not sure about
  • The appearance of apps that you are not sure of downloading
  • Higher phone bills than usual
  • More data usage

Check for the above to know whether your device gets affected by a virus or not. If you notice any of the above happenings in your phone, then be alert and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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How to fix not working?

Since is a sideloaded application loaded into your device when you downloaded or installed some applications which ask for certain permission. If you grant the permission then this will be loaded into your device (or) when you download an app from pivot mobile developers even then this get installed in your device.

But how to know whether the sideloaded apps are normal apps or a kind of spyware or malware? Here are some ways to prevent spyware from entering your device:

  • Considering access
  • Having lock to your phone(password)
  • Using anti-viruses and anti-spyware software to protect your device
  • Using security features on your devices
  • Don’t root your phone or device

How to uninstall from phone

Since are not included in phone OS, and it is not even a pre-installed system application that cannot be removed by the end-user. It can be uninstalled easily. To uninstalled go to settings > device application list > identify com. pivot mobile. android. metrics. Tap on that and click uninstall to uninstall the application from your phone. 

Is it safe to uninstall com pivotmobile android metrics from the phone? 

Yes, it’s safe to uninstall the from your phone. As stated above is neither included in phone OS nor a pre-installed system application you can uninstall this without any doubt. Although some users may think that uninstalling metrics can affect their phone functionalities but many android phone users have uninstalled this application from their phones and found NO functionality issues on their phones.

Even though there is no change with having or not having metrics in your phones it’s better to delete or uninstall it from your phone because of the hog on the phone resources. Though this hog on resources is minimum it’s better to delete from your phones. used for: is mainly used for tracking of data usage and tracking of ads or in-app ads. This track the information about which apps have used data and how much data is used by each app. And the main purpose of 

is to track information of ads and in-app ads. Gives details about ads and in-app ads from optional apps on your device or phone.

Hence this is all about com. pivot mobile. android. metrics.   

These are some of the most frequently searched topics by users.

How to perform an antivirus scan on android phones?

Nowadays android OS is most widely used in our phones. Due to some security issues, these phones are easily affected by viruses. These viruses can easily enter into your phone through email attachments, text messages and even malware can enter into your phone by downloading some apps from the app store or Google play store.

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In computers, you have inbuilt antivirus software but in phones, you don’t have that feature. So, you have to add it manually.  You can protect your phone from viruses manually by downloading some antivirus software on your phone. But you have to be careful while downloading antivirus software from the app store or the google play store. Examples of some of the antivirus software are Norton, AVG, Bitdefender, etc.  

Steps to perform antivirus scan:

Step1: Download one of the antivirus software on your phone. Choose wisely before downloading. Some of the antivirus software are Norton, AVG, Bitdefender, etc.

Step2: After downloading create an account if necessary and press the scan button on your phone. App asks for permissions and no. of permissions depends on the app that you have downloaded.

Step3: Wait for some time to scan your device and check for any suspicious or malicious software.

Step4: If you find any threat after the scan then, resolve the problem by clicking on “resolve”.

Some viruses will be detected and some may be quarantined. Quarantine is a safe and common practice.

Step5: If you find any malicious app then uninstall it immediately.

If you want to delete the malicious apps manually from your phones then perform the following:   

Step1: Keep your phone in safe mode then go to settings > turn off third-party access. If your problem gets resolved then it is because of malware present in your phone.

Step2: Next find the app with the problem. Settings > manage apps > look for downloaded tab for suspicious apps like apps you don’t remember downloading or the apps that are running in the background of your phone. Sometimes it can be the app that you have downloaded before your phone starts behaving abnormally.

Step3: Immediately remove these apps by pressing uninstall button. Sometimes you may find challenging to uninstall the app. This is because of malware or virus in your phone. Here you can notice that uninstall button is greyed out.

Step4: To overcome this challenge go to settings > security tab > device administrators. Check if malicious apps have access or not. If yes then, click app deactivate. Now you can delete or uninstall the app easily.

Step5: If the problem is not solved even after performing all the above steps then, as the last step reset your phone. But before doing it back up all of your data from your phone.

Is safe?

For this, the answer is YES. is safe as it is developed by pivot mobile(android game developers). Even though it is a kind of malware, it has no negative effects on your device. Though there is no difference between having or not having in your device.

What does do? is a sideloaded application along with some other apps when you have downloaded or installed them. This can track the data usage and track the ads in your phone. Shows how much data is used by the apps and track ads and in-app ads saying from where these ads are coming.

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Can you disable

You can disable the from our phone by deleting or uninstalling it from your device. For that go to settings à device application list à identify tap on it and click uninstall button. By this you can disable from your device just by simply uninstalling it from your phone.

Is malware?

Before knowing whether the is malware or not, you have to know what exactly malware is? Malware is a type of file or code that causes damage or destroys the personal computer and its network.

Is spyware?

Before knowing whether the spyware or not, we have to know what spyware is? Spyware is a kind of malware that takes the personal information of people or companies and sells this information to other groups or organizations. By this, the user information gets damaged and the privacy of the user may be lost by affecting the device security. Therefore is not spyware.

Can we install directly from the app store or Google Play Store?

No, we can’t install the directly from the app store or Google Play Store. Since it is a sideloaded application that is installed or downloaded along with the other apps that you have installed or downloaded.

On which devices this com pivotmobile android metrics works?

As the name suggests this works mainly on android devices. This is a download by 3rd party in the products of Lenovo and Motorola phones. This is downloaded as a sideloaded application on your devices. Therefore this works on Lenovo and Motorola phones.

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