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Hi, I'm Neha, an avid reader and writer of technology tips and tricks, and an expert on smartphone apps. I have been writing for Android, iOS, and Windows tips for a long time. I love to help people learn more about technology so that they can be more productive and comfortable with their devices. When not writing articles about technology tips and tricks and sharing them with others, I spend my time traveling around the world, searching for new places to explore myself. I'm currently on a mission to get off the beaten path, and explore some of the most technology hidden on our planet before it's too late!

Neha Murugan

HomePod- A Complete Guide


HomePod is a comprehensive guide to help you set up your home recording studio. Learn the basics of home recording, and how to choose audio interfaces. The best microphones for vocals and instruments, how to mix and master songs, and how to make podcasts and voiceovers. You’re a complete beginner to the Apple HomeKit platform.

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iOS- A complete Guide


If you are an Apple user, this article will help you to understand the iOS operating system better. iOS is an operating system that runs on iPhones, iPads, and other devices. It includes settings to customize the device’s appearance and functionality. This guide is intended to help you get started with iOS development. It’ll teach

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