The number you have dialed is not in service

Earlier the only mode of communication was by sending and receiving letters. A revolutionary transition ended in technological advancements. The world has recently brought up many different ways of reaching people such as Phone calls, SMS, MMS, and Various messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Wechat, Viber, and Facebook messenger. Though the open rate for text messages seems to be higher. It is evident that most people prefer phone calls for personal engagement and convenience. Many prefer phone calls to talk to their family members and rather choose messages for people who are not so close. In situations where you just need to book an order for the food we will use messaging.

But if it is something urgent or needs to be spoken about in detail we prefer a phone call. Based on the situation it differs. Because a phone call may cut short time compared to other ways of communicating with people. So many people prefer calling though technology has evolved so far.

When you call someone, Have you ever received the auto voice message telling “the number you have dialed is not in service?” One or the other time you would have heard this. But mostly we don’t like to hear such weird auto-voice messages while we are looking forward to peaking at a person. Surely it is an unpleasant experience. The error message ‘Subscriber you’ve dialed is not in service’ is sent by the intercept operator, a machine, or a person’s voice message to help you to solve the problem.

The number you have dialed is not in service

You will end up getting such an error, most probably if you have dialed an incorrect number. But if you know that you have dialed the correct number and still end up getting such an error message then the reasons are many. Let’s dig up the root cause of getting such errors while trying to call someone and fix these errors.

What is meant by the voice message ’the number you have dialed is not in service

Nowadays most people call someone only when it’s something important or urgent. Even though the telecom sector has seen rapid growth and advancements in cellular networks in recent years. Still we are getting such errors that can’t be denied. It’s frustrating to know that even in this modern era we can’t reach people when we need to. So, let’s dive into the detailed analysis of getting such errors and how to fix them.

Let us have some basic things to know before knowing the error in detail. Your SIM card providers and ISP providers are the primary service providers of SIM cards, networks, and the internet in cellular networks. They have full control over allocating phone numbers to the end user.

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So, when you dial a phone number and get the error ‘the number you have dialed is not in service, the first thought that comes to your mind should be that the number is not in use or the number is not allocated to any user. In such cases, you might end up in such an error. So, the foremost step while getting such an error is to hang up the phone and call the number again after a few seconds.

Reason for the error

Dialed the wrong number

In most cases, you would have missed one or more numbers or interchanged the digits unknowingly. When you hear the intercepted message please check the number one or two times that you have dialed.

It’s common to enter the incorrect number at times when you have some glitch by dialing the number in an urgency. It’s better to always dial the number from the saved contacts will let you avoid doing such mistakes.

Used Incorrect Area code

Suppose you double-checked the number and it seems to be correct. Well, in that case, go ahead and look for the country code or area code present at the prefix of that phone number. So every possible Phone number is used with the country code or region code that is standardized to a country or region.

Before dialing a phone number to a person who resides in some other country or region from yours, it is necessary to enter the area or country code before the phone number.

Call Forwarding enabled

Some people do not like to be disturbed by their busy schedules. So, in such cases, they tend to forward their calls using the call forward option. The carrier will forward your call to a number that is not in service. You can easily find the call being intentionally forwarded by the end user. By looking at the screen of your phone, it notifies you that the call is forwarded. In such situations, you will get the intercepted message that “the number you have dialed is not in service.

Weak Signal or network issue

Many times you will fall short of signal strength at certain places. Also, due to an overloaded network, you might end up getting such an intercept message. At times when the error is not correctly determined it might provide such an error. So, in such cases, it’s better to try to after some time that would resolve the issue.

The phone Bill is due

One of the primary reasons for getting such an error is due to nonpayment of phone bills and as a result, your carrier would have suspended your service temporarily until it is cleared. So, you will be getting the error as the phone number of the end-user is currently discontinued from service.

Spam callers

Lots of Businesses or spam callers use spoofed numbers that are meant to call people related to jobs. They would use such numbers that look legitimate to you. So, when you try calling them back you will be notified of the intercepted message. You cannot call them back as the number is fake and it is generated using the software.

The number doesn’t exist

This happens when the recipient has lost their phone and would have requested the carrier to deactivate the service to that phone number. The other reason may be, the number you are trying to reach is very old and doesn’t exist anymore.


No service area

Sometimes either you or the recipient would be in an area where there is no service or signal provided by your cellular carrier. So it is an indicating factor that you need to try later.

Your number is blocked

There are also chances that the subscriber you are calling would have blocked your contact. While you have been blocked you will be getting only error messages and you need to analyze the reason and make sure before taking an action. Try contacting them in other possible ways such as messages, WhatsApp messages, calls, etc. Not necessarily come up with a solution that the end user would have blocked you. Check for the above reasons as well before jumping to o a conclusion.

Some other possible errors

Other possible errors that occur due to the same reasons are 

  •  The number you have dialed is not in service
  • Sorry your call can’t be completed 
  • The subscriber you are trying to call is not reachable

These errors also occur due to the same reasons follow the steps below to fix these errors.

Ways to fix the number you have dialed is not in service

There are some possible ways to fix the error to some extent.

Check the number

Have a proper check over the country code and the phone number you are trying to dial. At times if you enter the wrong number or if the code doesn’t match the region you reside it also will result in an error. So double-check the number that you dial.

Check if the number is spam

You would have got a spam call and while trying to reach it you may get the error. So check whether the number is from an unknown or spammer and try to ignore or block it if it is a spam call

Check for call forwarding

If the recipient has forwarded the call you might get such an error message. So check whether the call is being forwarded on the dial screen and try later sometime to reach them again. Try again after sometime.

The end user whom you are trying to call would have some other issues related to network problems such as signal strength, or network congestion. So giving some time and redial after some time would help you in getting back with the line.

Check if it was a spam call

You can check if the number is spam and ignore if it was called from a spam number. Nowadays your smartphone itself filters spam number and notify you in the caller ID. So it’s easy to identify spam numbers and avoid them by calling back the number.

Call the number 

If you tried calling a number and get the intercepted message “The number you have dialed is not in service” then you can try contacting through some other different phone numbers. Even after there is no response and if you get the same error then the number is not active or working.

Check the sim card

Sometimes accidentally you may happen to drop the phone and in such cases, there happens to be a malfunctioning of the SIM card. Check your home screen status bar and if you find there is No Service then the SIM card has to be replaced well.

Third-party apps

There are many third-party apps available to check whether a particular phone number is in working condition or not.

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Wait for a while

Many times the problem will be simple. So wait for some time and call back again so that the problem may be resolved

Contact customer support

If you are suspicious about the phone number as you couldn’t reach them for a very long time then the easiest way is to contact customer support may provide some solution to your problem.

How to find out if someone disconnected their phone purposefully

Some people will purposefully disconnect your calls to avoid speaking to you. By these signs, you can identify whether your call is purposefully disconnected or by some other problems.

The count of phone ring

Observe the call and you will get one or two rings and then the intercept message or voice mail appears. So in this case you can decide that the caller is either disconnecting your call or they have blocked your contact.

The caller is busy message 

You would have heard that the caller is busy messaging many times if they are speaking to someone else. But you will never get rings if that is the actual situation. Only when they disconnect your call you will get one or two rings and then followed by this message” The caller is busy”.

Wrap up things

Mostly, it’s very to easy to fix all these issues as it all ends up with the simple solutions outlined above on its own. Sometimes simply waiting for a while and calling back resolves the issue. If you face an issue to be affecting your quality time then you must contact the service provider to get a solution. Typical problems for the intercepted message would be out-of-network coverage, SIM card malfunctioning, blocking someone’s contact, disconnecting the calls, and Forwarding the calls. Sometimes you should also think out of the box.

As you may also have problems from your end. Check whether your phone is in Airplane mode or Factory reset your phone if you get error messages for any number that you dial. In this technological world, there are solutions provided for everything you look for. So, don’t worry and look for an alternate option. You can reach them within seconds through mail or messages for instant responses.

So, here this article provides the most solutions to the error that you receive when calling someone. Make use of it one by one and hopefully, any one solution might work for you.