JBL Boombox

Hey guys, today we are discussing the most powerful speaker that is JBL boombox. Guys if you are fond of music or different songs. And you are looking for a wireless speaker, then don’t waste time taking advantage of the most powerful speaker that is the JBL boom box. In this article, you will get to know everything about the JBL boom box, such as how the JBL boom box is better than other speakers. Its different features, its battery backup, about the sound quality of this speaker after going through this blog, you will want to purchase it and enjoy tour life listening to music and songs with the help of this JBL boom box.

JBL Boombox

In today’s era, music plays an important role in every human life, like most of the people in stress want to listen to soft music for relaxing the mind. Music has become part of every human being lives. For me, music is life and the best medicine for everything. So why not we show to listen to music with the help of such an excellent speaker. With the increase in technology in day to day life, there is the development of the JBL boombox, which has many features that one wants while listening to the music. Music is a form of art that is involved in our lives.

JBL technology

  Does a question arise about what JBL is? JBL is the company of America that develops all audio equipment, including headphones and speakers. The technology of the JBL industry is too much extended. And in the path of excellence. JBL industry is developed in the name of James Bullough Lansing, who was a great engineer. Many products are designed by JBL in which JBL boom box speaker comes under best speakers

Most people hear about this JBL boombox speaker, but they don’t know what it is. JBL boom box comes between the most popular and powerful Bluetooth-connected speakers. It is developed to produce high sound output with a monstrous bass. This speaker has a great battery backup and power. This speaker can produce 40w power on the battery, and on the power source, it can produce up to 60 w of power.

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JBL boom box has a shape like a tank with a battery of 20000 mAh, which can continuously run for 24 hours. You can’t miss any of the beat. It also works as a power bank to charge your other devices. You can use this speaker for parties; it has that much good sound quality. If you are in the rain and you are also carrying this JBL boom box, then doesn’t worry about it because it also has the feature of waterproofing. This is also the switch of indoor and outdoor to optimize the sound as per where the party is going on. The version of the Bluetooth of this JBL boom box is 4.2.

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Ease of use

As we know, the JBL boombox speaker is Bluetooth connected device. It is very much easy to run and use it if you have not run any Bluetooth device can also run it as all the instructions are mentioned on the box. Firstly you have to press the power button on the speaker. Then you have to click on the Bluetooth switch. After that, the power button starts blinking. Then check in your device from which you have to connect the speaker then connect the device by clicking on the device name as your device will be connected it the blue light will stop blinking it will be constant.

Once you have connected your device, then click the play button. You can also pause it from the speaker and can also change the song by clicking the next button if you are not using the phone, or the phone is not kept nearby you. Like pressing the power button, the light starts blinking for the indoor and outdoor icon the different light blinks so that you get to know that in which mode the speaker is.

Sound performance

The best quality of the JBL boombox speaker is sound quality. As the quality of sound is very crystal clear. The range of the sound of the JBL boom box speaker can go too much far. The bass of the speaker sounds like a woofer. In terms of sound quality, it gives the monstrous effect. You can get comfortably low /high the sound of this speaker. The instrumental music sounds good in the JBL boom box speaker. The bass of the speaker has a very high impact on the listener. The range of automatic sound changes depending upon indoor and outdoor. My opinion is if you like to enjoy any kind of music at any scale of sound, then another speaker is better than the JBL boom box speaker.

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JBL boombox speaker has an attractive design. It looks like a cylindrical tank. It is designed very rough and tough and durable with the feature of waterproof so that it cannot be destroyed in the rain or by any other water content. All the button the buttons that allow JBL boom box speaker to run like power, sound control, indoor/ outdoor mode, song changing button are designed on the top of the speaker.

The JBL boombox speaker also consists of a handle designed above the speaker so that it should be carried out anywhere. Although the case is also available in the market for this JBL boom box speaker. The battery backup designed is also very excellent. It has a battery of 20000 mAh, which can run for 24 hrs at a time charge, so there is not a chance to miss the beat. One power bank feature is also designed in it that charge your other devices easily.

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General specifications

  • It has a woofer of size dimension 2*4 inch.
  • The weight of the JBL boom box speaker is 5.25kg.
  • The frequency of this speaker is between 50Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Battery backup up to 24 hours on a single charge
  • The time needed to charge the battery is approximately 7 hours.
  • It is connected with the device through Bluetooth.
  • The version of the Bluetooth is 4.2.
  • It also has the warranty of one year directly from the company
  • Adaptors and data cables are provided with a JBL boom box speaker.
  • The frequency range of the Bluetooth transmitter is 2.402GHz to 2.480GHz.
JBL Boombox
JBL Boombox

Pros of JBL boombox speaker

  • It is overall waterproof
  • Can run for 24 hours on a single charge
  • It is durable.
  • produces loud and crystal clear sound.
  • It consists of a handle to carry it anywhere.
  • There is no wiring issue as it can be connected through Bluetooth.

Cons of JBL boom box speaker

  • The price of this speaker is high; i.e., it is expensive.
  • It produces sound from one side.
  • slightly heavier in weight, which creates issues while carrying it.
  • It has only two adjustment modes.
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Price / value

As the price of the JBL boom box speaker is much higher. But while purchasing, you cannot compare this JBL boombox speaker with the price because it has many features that, in the given amount, no speaker will be available to you with all these features mentioned above. The price of this JBL boom box speaker at $418.98. This price is as low as it can be done. But don’t worry about the product. It will give the best response. And will always there with you for a long time.

Comparison between Bose sound touch 20 and JBL boom box

Bose sound touch 20 is also a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It has the feature of both wifi and Bluetooth. Bose ST 20 can also be easily controlled by the user. It contains family pack technologies now the question arises then what is the difference between both of them JBL boom box speaker and Bose sound touch 20.

Company: Harman International subsidiary of SamsungCompany: Bose Corporation
  JBL boom box speaker is dustproof and waterproof.  Bose sound touch 20 does not have the feature of both dustproof and waterproof.  
  Both the speaker are Bluetooth connected devices but JBL doesn’t have the feature of wifi.  Bose sound touch 20 has the feature of both wifi and Bluetooth.
  JBL boom box speaker is easily portable.    Bose sound touch 20 is not easily portable.  
JBL boom box speaker has a passive radiator. .Bose sound touch 20 doesn’t have the passive radiator.  
JBL boom box speaker has a great battery backup and has a rechargeable battery.Bose sound touch 20 doesn’t have a great battery backup and has a rechargeable battery.
  The bass and sound quality are excellent.    Bass and sound quality are low as compared to the JBL boom box speaker.
It has 100 mm bigger driver unit (102mm).  Its driver unit is too small (2mm).
  It contains a battery level indicator.        It does not contain a battery level indicator.  
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Bose sound touch 20 Vs JBL boombox


JBL Boombox: In the end, the conclusion comes that it doesn’t sacrifice your music interest purchase JBL boom box speaker, which satisfies all the needs of your music interest as it as many features. Don’t get in the house parties use the JBL boom box speaker, which helps you to enjoy it. It is also used for relaxation if the person is stressed by listening to the music through the JBL boombox speaker.

It is the best example if you are looking for a portable sound speaker with a powerful battery backup. As it also comes under the best speaker of JBL technology.

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