Passport photo apps

Passport photo apps: Passport photos are so important, especially to those who are job seekers or even to normal people. Whenever you apply for passports or any other relevant ID, you must require a passport size photograph of yours. But getting one, that too on the spot may seem difficult at times. So we have got you some handy apps to get your passport photos in no time. Read the full article to know all the available apps and choose your favorite app among them.

Passport photo apps

How many times have you been asked for your passport photographs, and you were not having one at that moment? I am pretty sure, at least twice. It is very common to forget your passport photos or have larger pictures than the literal passport size photograph. With changing technology and multiple apps, people have developed in this area as well. And today, we have got so many amazing passport photo apps. Let’s see a few of those apps that will be available on your play store.

1- Passport ID photo maker studio

This passport ID photo maker studio is actually the best one among passport photo apps available on the Google play store. It has been rated as 5/5 by the editors. This app is presently available only for Android devices and not iOS. The passport photo maker also adds your name and the date when it was clicked, to your photo. Though it is optional. Also, the best thing about this app is that you could very easily change the angle of the picture or even resize the image to any ratio. This may be helpful when you get a picture of yours, but you know that you seem slightly tilted in the photo. It is very handy and easy to use the app with all other basic features like cropping etc.

The photos through this app are saved in two formats only, JPEG and PNG. With a passport ID photo maker, you could easily print the picture with multiple paper sizes like 5×7, A4, etc. Once you are done with your editing with the picture, you can choose to get prints. The passport ID photo maker app is totally free but may include in-app purchases. However, which surely won’t cost you more than the printing shop owners. Apart from having only Android support, 5 million downloads prove it to be the best app with literally no con.

2- passport size photo maker

This app is also another best app for taking passport size photos. It is an American app that is super easy to use. All the tools are very easily approachable along with easy to understand the working of the app. It gives you all basic tools like left, right turn, or flip the photograph. If you need access to more tools, you may need to shift to the premium version of this app. The premium version is actually affordable as compared to other apps.

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This free app has many templates for your VISA and passport photo. However, you may see some problems like you cannot change the background of the photograph. Also, the size fixed for passports in this app may not satisfy many countries. And then, it may take a long time to fix the appropriate size you want, compared to other apps. However, your smartphone may turn into a photo studio with this app.

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3- ID photo free

ID photo free is a free app available on the play store. The best part about this app is that it has no lagging problem during working on the app. Also, it is such a fast app that gives you the convenience to get your photo done as well quickly. But at the same time, you have got only a limited number of space for documents. In that way, you have the option to switch to its premium version. In this PRO version, you get the allowance to change the background of the photograph as well. ID photo free is a user-friendly app and will also guide you for your perfect passport photo. You get multiple editing tools in the app included with a tour of how to use all of them.

Along with that, it has templates as well that most other apps provide. These templates are also approved by many countries where this app is used. And also, you do not need to take a picture on the spot. You can easily select one from your gallery and edit it.

4- passport photo ID

Passport photo ID maybe the app you were looking for as it gives you full freedom of editing. You can effortlessly change the shape of your face and also alter the essential tools. These necessary tools include brightness, photo, contrast, left, right, flip, etc. Also, it has an intuitive interface that will be easy to operate. Well, another advantage is that you can have the freedom to change picture size according to the requirement. But the only problem here is that while you save your picture, the quality of the photo degrades.

Along with that, an unnecessary watermark is added in all the pictures. Though you can easily get rid of it by only getting the premium version, this app, too, provides templates that are approved in 100 countries. Passport photo ID is a free app and available only for Android users on Google play store.

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5- Passport photo – ID photo

To be precise, this is an app that focuses on VISA application photos. It will prove out to be the best VISA photo app that is handy and easy. Also, astonishingly, we have this app exclusively available for iOS users. Yes, you heard it right! This app supports only iPhones and not Android devices. Passport photo – ID photo has been rated 4.5/5 by the editors. It also gives you two options for the file type, that is JPEG and PNG. Even if the app is oriented along with VISA approved photos, it can still give you templates and sizes for other documents as well.

Talking about the cons, you will have no user guide tour to know how this app works. Also, the biggest problem, it can not print your photos directly from the app. Like other apps, it also has the paid version that unlocks an extra feature for you. These features include background removal and ink removal. Overall, it is a really good app available for iPhone users, that has all the features and also meets the professional standards.

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6- ID photoprint

This is such a professional app that can be used for getting photos for documents like passport, etc. One thing that makes this stand out is the freedom to share the picture directly from the app. The ID photoprint is an app that has been designed especially for US citizens, keeping their standards in mind. So, if you have applied for some US-based company and have no clue about their regulations, use this app. It gives the best sizes and perfect editing to your pictures. But the only problem here is that few people have reported issues regarding the sharing of printed pictures.

At the same time, another feature that counterbalances this con is that real people review your photo. These experts will tell you all that your picture lags. They will guide you on how to get the best pic through this app for your document. The quality of the image through this app is also going to be highly appreciable. That’s undoubtedly the best thing we have heard so far. Well, unfortunately, this app is available for iPhone users only and doesn’t support Android devices.

7- Photid-AI passport photo booth

As the name is different, the app too seems to be different than rest other apps. Like a separate app, you will get your perfect photo for any document or country through this app. But wait, this is what you need to hear. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users. Yes, that’s something different, right. Also, this usual app will give you extra tips for getting the perfect photo. It will provide you with multiple sizes and templates to choose from,or even the option to select the country. This app also uses some artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies. The only thing to bother is that you may sometimes face problems related to this free app.

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8- Passport photo booth

This is the last but not the least app that you may find for passport photos or other documents. It also proves out to be the best out of the husk of such apps. The unusual thing about this app is that after you are done with your editing on the picture, you can simply print them by ordering it to the developers of the app. This order can be placed by mail ID given somewhere in the app. Apart from that, just like other apps, you can simply customize the size of the picture. This can be done according to the document you need and for which country you need.

Well, in terms of the con, there is no problem, but the only thing is that this app may seem expensive with in-app purchases. To order your picture and get it shipped, you need to pay at least $5.96, that too, to any location. Also, another fantastic thing is that this free app is available for both Android and iPhone users. 

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Passport photo apps: We discussed almost all the best passport photo apps available in the markets for passport photos. Many apps may give you background removal for free, but at the same time, many may charge you some money. Many apps may charge you for printing the photos. Few may not. It is all upon you, which app suits you the best. Do check out all these apps on the app store and keep your photos handy for anytime, for any document.