How to Make a Map and a Book in Minecraft | Minecraft Tutorial

How to Make a Map and a Book in Minecraft | 🧱Minecraft Tutorial

Searching for How to make a map in Minecraft? How to make a book in Minecraft? Hello everyone, welcome back to another article at Gossipfunda. Christmas is almost upon us and during this time I love nothing more than just drinking piping hot Coco while playing Minecraft for hours on ends. Especially with its peaceful soundtrack, the game is a must-play for the Holiday season. This is why I am back with another article and this time we’ll be discussing in-depth Minecraft. The when? How? Where? I will cover everything today, including going over some important tutorials. So as usual, let’s begin.

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Minecraft is a game that is played by all age groups, be it adults in their late 40s or kids who are 8 years old. It has gained so much traction that the small indie game developed by just one guy is now a franchise. The franchise includes documentaries, multiple spin-off games, and numerous books. Even if you haven’t played Minecraft or just don’t play games in general, you still must’ve heard about it. In this article, I will be discussing all things Minecraft including one of the most important items in Minecraft, maps. If you’re a newcomer to the game, making a map in Minecraft is going to increase your adventure easier than ever and Books are going to be very helpful in the long run. So get your mouse and keyboard ready and let’s jump into this cave full of Creepers and Spiders.

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Markus Persson and Mojang (The Developer)

Markus Persson a.k.a Notch is a Swedish game developer who developed Minecraft in 2009. Before working on Minecraft, Notch worked at King working on mostly browser games while working on his personal prototypes. It was there that he learned several programming languages. Notch released the first and the original version of Minecraft in May 2009. Utilizing user feedback from different forums Notch updated the game several times and released the first paid alpha version of the game in 2010. Initial sales for Minecraft were very promising. This encouraged Markus to quit his day job for pursuing the full-time development of Minecraft.

Notch decided to set up a game development company Mojang to aid the development. Mojang released the first full and stable version of Minecraft in November 2011. In December 2011, full creative control of the game passed over to Jen Bergensten. In 2014, Microsoft announced that it had bought Mojang for US$2.5 billion. This brought up Markus Persson’s total net worth to US$1.5 billion.

Minecraft (The Game)

Minecraft is a sandbox adventure video game written in Java programming language. Originally released on 18th November 2011, Minecraft went through several major updates modifying the gameplay in some way or form. The game uses a procedurally generated world made of cube-shaped blocks. A large part of gameplay is extracting and using raw materials to craft materials for using them to aid your adventure. When released the game created a massive amount of buzz among people for giving complete creative freedom to the player.

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The game contains several modes such as Survival, Creative, Multiplayer, and others. Survival mode contains a dynamic day-night cycle with enemies trying to kill you. Creative mode provides you with freedom for crafting and no enemies, it’s a great way to learn the basic mechanics of the game. Minecraft when released was met with critical acclaim and currently at the time of writing stand as the most bought game in the world with 200 million copies sold.

It became popular enough to receive ports for multiple platforms Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even the Raspberry Pi. Minecraft has been called by many critics the most influential game in the first two decades of the 21st century. Minecraft has found a large number of applications in the world outside gaming. Several people have claimed Minecraft to be more of a CAD program than just a simple video game.

Minecraft community

The Minecraft community even after more than 10 years later is as alive as ever. In 2019 after the Swedish Youtuber PewDiePie started doing Let’s Play videos for Minecraft, the game saw a sudden increase in popularity. It became the most streamed game on Twitch taking over Fortnite. The current active player count for Minecraft sits at around 12 million.

This huge amount of popularity and player base of Minecraft is due to many reasons. One prominent reason is it’s low system requirements. I was able to run Minecraft on my “9-year-old” potato PC with a video card.

Due to the huge active community, Minecraft remains one of the most modded video-games ever. You can even enjoy Ray Tracing in the game by using the mods. Provided you have the hardware for it.

How to do Crafting in Minecraft?

Minecraft offers the players a very diverse and vast crafting system. To craft something, a crafting grid. There are two types of crafting grids available in the game:

  • a 2×2 grid
  • and a 3×3 grid.

The 2×2 grid is available in the inventory of the player and you can access the 3×3 grid by making a crafting table, this process will also be covered in this tutorial. Recipes for available items to be made are always present in the Recipe book which can also be accessed from the player’s inventory.

Item’s like sword, sticks, ax, armor, and many more which are used to speed up and ease the player’s experience can only be used by crafting them using predetermined recipes. Today out of these essential items we will be taking a look at the Map, which is used for navigation.

How to make a map in Minecraft?

If you’ve ever played Minecraft you already know that navigation in that vast world is just impossible without the proper tools. It is very easy to get lost and then never be able to find your home again. This leads to the necessity of making a map in Minecraft. The map covers a very limited area of the map and fills up only if you’ve already traveled through that area while carrying it. So let’s begin with the process. There are two types of maps that can be made. First, that uses 8 papers and one compass, and the other that uses 9 papers. Maps made without a compass don’t show location markers.

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  • Paper
  • Compass

Process to make a map in Minecraft:

  1. Boot up Minecraft and load into a new world or a previously saved world.
  2. For crafting some paper, you will need sugarcane as 3 Sugarcane -> 3 Paper. For making one map you will require at least 8 papers, so I recommend gathering at least 9 sugarcanes. Sugarcane is mostly found on river banks and near other water bodies.
how to make a map in minecraft
  1. For making the Compass you will require one Redstone Dust and four iron ingots. Redstone dust needs to be mined from caves. To do this you need to have at least an iron pickaxe. Iron ingots can be obtained by smelting iron ore in the furnace. Iron ore can also be obtained from caves. While exploring the caves do be careful, take swords and armor with you, otherwise, you can get into a large amount of danger.
  2. Now you need to craft a crafting table to access the 3×3 grid, so you better start chopping some trees. The crafting table requires four wooden planks. One piece of wood will give you four wooden planks when used with the 2×2 crafting grid in your inventory. Craft the Crafting table using the exact recipe as in the image below.
Craft the Crafting table
  1. Move the crafting table into your hands and hold it. Now press the Use Item button (defaults to Right Click) to put it down. You can access the Crafting Table by pressing the Use Item button near it. This will bring up the 3×3 grid in front of you.
  2. Crafting Paper: You will have to place Sugarcane precisely as shown in the image. Three sugarcane next to each other in one row. Adding three of them on top of the other will increase the resultant paper count to nine. Now drag the product into your inventory.
drag the product into your inventory
  1. Crafting Compass: Compass requires one Redstone Dust and four Iron ingots. Redstone needs to be placed at the center of the grid. Place the iron ingots at the center of each edge. This will give you one Compass as the product. Drag it into your inventory.
Crafting Compass
  1. Crafting an Empty Map: This will require you to have eight papers and one compass that we have already crafted and placed in our inventory. Now place the papers and compass as shown. The compass goes at the center of the grid while the paper goes in all other empty cells. This should result in a product called the Empty Map.
Crafting an Empty Map
  1. Hold the empty map in your hand and press the Use Button. Empty Map will be converted into a Map Item in Minecraft. As you wander into the Map borders it will start to fill up. As you approach the borders. You will need to craft another map there for more coverage of the world.
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When the map fills up entirely it looks something like the image below. This is how to make a map in Minecraft.

how to make a map in Minecraft

How to make a book in Minecraft?

Books in Minecraft don’t have much use in exploring. Their use comes in more advanced stuff such as creating an Enchantment Table or crafting a Bookshelf. For crafting a book in Minecraft you will require Papers and Leather. Let’s get the process started.

Process to make a book in Minecraft:

  1. First, you will want to gather sugarcane to craft paper. This has already been covered in the Map section.
  2. You also need to gather Leather. You can get it from a Horse or a Cow.
  3. Next, get a crafting table ready for making a book.
  4. Craft papers using sugarcane. We need at least three papers for one book.
  5. Place the items in the precise as shown in the image. Three papers in “L” shape and one leather in the void between the papers.
How to make a book in Minecraft?
  1. This should give you a Book as its product.

There are different things that you can craft with the book.

  • A Bookshelf: Combine three books with six wooden planks in the following manner to get a bookshelf. Three planks in each of the top and bottom rows and three papers in the middle row.
A Bookshelf
  • An Enchantment Table: Combining one book along with two Diamond and four Obsidians will result in one Enchantment table.
An Enchantment Table
  • Book and Quill: Combining one book, one ink sac, and one feather will get you a Book and a Quill which you can use to write stuff.
Book and Quill


In conclusion, We have learned how to make a map in Minecraft as well as how to make a book in Minecraft. Now hopefully, you will never lose your home in Minecraft ever again. Your handy map will be with you. Just remember to craft another map as soon as you reach the borders of one. You will now also be able to write stuff in a book using a quill and will be able to make bookshelves to decorate your own Minecraft house. You will now also be able to enchant certain items for a better experience. If you’ve never played Minecraft I do highly recommend giving it a proper try, it’s worth it.

Happy Mining to all of you and stay safe out there.