How to prevent yourself from Cyber Attacks?

Computer safety is a primary concern amongst companies and people. Hence, the need of the hour is to choose efficient and quick measures to mitigate these concerns. The launch of new security-related incidents daily has led to the rise of attacks in cybersecurity.

You can lose your personal details, data, and files, along with pictures, videos, audio, and more. So, it is important to keep a backup of your files.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyber Threats

However, the cybersecurity tips given below will safeguard you from online attacks:

1. Always use internet banking cautiously

Ever since online banking has come into existence, risks to fiscal details have been seen. Some of the threats you need to know about are malware risks. Malware is a software code designed with the wrong intent.

They steal account details at login along with the password. However, you can prevent it by doing it safely by following the steps given below:

  • Regularly review and assess the online policies of the banks.
  • Always use mixed passwords. Your passwords should have small alphabets, capital alphabets, numbers, and special symbols. Change your identification PIN frequently. Avoid using your date of birth.
  • You should also take steps to secure your laptop/desktop.
  • Use credit cards in place of debit cards.
  • Prevent yourself from using public Wi-Fi.
  • Keep a check on your account balance regularly.
  • Check emails sent from the bank regularly.
  • If you are suspicious of an intrusion, take instant action.

2. Avoid cyber risks on mobile phones

Just like your PC, your smartphone also has features that make it prone to cyber-attacks. Smartphones need to be decked with counterattack remedies. Unluckily, not all smartphone users are aware of the safety shortcomings. Here are some of the ways to keep your smartphone secure.

  • Select devices that have advanced security features. Your phone should have a file encryption feature to prevent your gadget from malicious applications.
  • Safeguard your smartphone with the help of configuration. Enable passwords in your smartphone and always choose a complex password with characters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Always be securely connected to the internet.
  • Do not open any unknown links or malicious pop-ups.
  • Avoid sharing your number on any unreliable website.
  • Always download your apps after doing proper research.
  • If your device gets stolen, then take instant action. Report the incident to the concerned departments.
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3. Play safe games online

Because of the availability of high-speed internet, online gaming has gained a lot of popularity. You can find a lot of online games available with just a few taps on your phone.

However, it will be helpful if you were cautious about the risks involved with it. Some of these games may have online spyware, malware, Trojan to lure you into revealing your financial information. Hence, make sure you practice safety to avoid these risks. Some of the points for safe gaming online are given below:

  • You should know your administrator mode risks. Most of the games demand your computer to enter the admin mode. It will assure you that the downloaded game is safe and genuine.
  • Be interested in firewall management. Home users can safeguard their devices by allowing the firewall. It will filter everything that you access.
  • Play the game on the website it is sited to avoid an encounter with a malicious website or advertisement.

4. Gain knowledge about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP is all about calling through a broadband connection through your phones. One of the risks linked with internet phone calls is spam calls. A lot of people get unnecessary calls and messages.

Spammers can use different viruses to hack your phone.  They may also allure you in the calls and get your details. Hence, never share your passwords or OTPs with anyone unknown.

5. Keep your computer software updated

It is important to keep your computer software updated because if you don’t, then your device is constantly at risk. You should also keep your computer network and WordPress core updated.

Make use of antivirus and antimalware

Always equip your devices with antivirus software. Antivirus recognizes, detects, and removes computer viruses. It is a program that handles the files infected with a virus. The most common viruses are Trojan and computer worms.

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Hence, it is important to install antivirus on your desktops and smartphones. It protects their important details, files, and data from getting corrupted.

6. Payment gateway safety

It is important to ensure that your payment gateway provider and the connected third party are secure. You are also required to select encryption standards for a secure payment gateway to prevent yourself from Cyber Attacks.

If your website deals with customers’ private payment details, you should take every measure so that the information doesn’t go into unauthorized hands. And breach can cause a bad reputation of your company.

7. Assess the SSL certificate

When you shop online and enter your bank details or credit card details, it is essential to ensure that website is protected against hackers. If you notice that a website has an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate, it is safe to browse and shop.

As a website owner, you need to keep the details of your users safe. Hence you should buy a cheap SSL certificate. SSL protection doesn’t cost a fortune, but its security to your website is worth millions.

However, as a website owner, you can get any SSL that suits your website like a Comodo Positive SSL certificate, which can secure a single domain easily with robust encryption. You can ensure the complete safety of your site and acquire the trust of your customers at a price that suits your budget. There are other SSL types that you can choose for the website.


The above steps guarantee about website security to prevent yourself from Cyber Attacks. It is necessary to have perfect security for your website in this rising cybercrime age. If you want to prevent getting a bad experience of your website or account getting hacked, follow the above-mentioned cybersecurity tips.