Benefits of using employee self-service tools

In today’s day and age, it does not need to be said that an employee, or anyone for that matter, would rather have a self-reliant outlook on tasks and responsibilities rather than having to bug some authority for every minimal need. This is why there is a lot of the brilliance of employee self-service tools that can be highlighted because it is that helpful resource.

In a company workforce, HR is the department that has to manage all the administrative needs for the employees and the teams, from keeping records to answering queries. With an employee self-service tool, these needs can be easily tackled. All the support and resources that employees require can be easily provided through a web-based employee self-service system. From keeping track of data, updating it, and offering reminders to the employees along with many more duties, it is safe to say that an employee self-service system is a very beneficial tool for companies. 

Here are some benefits of using employee self-service tools:

Better HR efficiency

A company HR team is a crucial department that essentially holds the company close and one of the most important aspects of the workforce that HR must efficiently manage is the administrative activities. With employee self-service tools these activities can be remarkably decreased as efficient employee self-service tools allow for easier delegation of work and take minimal tasks off the HR team. Since HR has some tasks taken care of, the team can better channel their energy towards other activities as well. 

Not only this, ESS portals can be used to easily evaluate time-off requests for individual employees all on the same platform. Nominal tasks like collecting individual information for all the employees separately and collecting information, the team can simply use the platform to keep track of all in the same place, which brings us to the second benefit.   

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Better Information accuracy

As we mentioned earlier, it can get messy looking for all the employees separately and collecting the data and personal entries which of course also need to be updated every time a new change emerges. This kind of data upkeep leads to many errors, duplicate data entries, outdated information, and more. Having an Employee Self-service tool opens up a door for employees to themselves edit this information and feed in the variables, leading to efficient and accurate record keeping. 

They get to update any new certifications, contacts, and addresses. And since they are responsible for their data entry, errors are reduced and open communication is established. With such tools, data can be checked in history to note changes and confirm the authenticity of the data. With an open record that can be viewed by all the employees, conflicts or any queries about records can be easily solved. 

Time and Cost saving 

A large part of an HR team’s time is covered by the various queries that employees present. Processing their information and fielding their questions may seem like a minimal task but when multiplied by the number of individual employees that a company presents on top of their constant questions, it becomes a very time-consuming process. 

With the help of employee self-service tools, it becomes easier for the administration to manage various employee needs and expectations through one centralized solution. An employee service system allows for the organization of hiring information, training details, attendance sheet management, and much more, with a very simple interface. Decreasing costs of processing for everything and reducing environmental impact. 

Payroll and Time tracking

Using web-based payroll and HR service tools like Paylocity, it is easier for employees to gain a better understanding of their tax statements and payslips. As every employee gets individual access they can easily view their statement and details as to their payslips. Another important part of payroll management is accurately taking into view the attendance and timesheets for the employees. With an ESS it becomes very easy to keep track and accurately analyze time and attendance. 

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So, employees not only get to view and access their payslips and print them whenever they wish with 24*7 access. They can also easily track their attendance and time schedules with the help of an ESS. 

Happier Employees

With the accurate data organization for the employees and the added transparency for the workplace, employees feel more independent. ESS brings a platform for employees to freely interact and work towards productive project completion. With better social interactions between both the teams and their managers, morale increases and brings a generic healthy atmosphere to the workplace. 

Interacting for appreciative feedback, open communications, and enhanced synergy becomes easier at various levels of the organization. This free-flowing exchange of information is crucial for employees and improved working. 


Hence, we see that self-service tools help bring a smoother workflow to the company. It enhances the security of the data of the organization, brings accurate and transparent data collection to the company, and helps ensure updated data upkeep. All of these benefits lead to better company morale and employee engagement, which is also advantageous for business.