A career in Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

A career in Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking

A tremendous career in cybersecurity required tools to a cybersecurity analyst and many more. Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who protects unauthorized access. Computer experts who protect data and networks are called white hat hackers.


Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who protects unauthorized access. Most importantly, in the market there are different types of hackers are presented. Some are good for society; some are bad for society and some are good and maybe worse in some cases. On the basis of working behavior hackers. On the other hand, they are categorized into four main parts. The hacker who protects the user’s data and never does any illegal activity is called a white hat hacker. White hat hackers are good for our society and help to find bad guys in society. White hat hackers may be called cybersecurity experts.

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                              Same as the guys who use their skills in bad habits and are dangerous for us. These guys are also experts in computer and may be master of the computer. They are mentally sick. These types of hackers are called Black Hat Hacker. In this article, Gossipfunda will discuss all hacking and what are the basic eligibility to become an ethical hacker. In short, the main motto of this article to aware of cyber threats and protection. Gossipfunda never supports any illegal activity. The third type of category is a grey hat hacker. Grey hat hackers are 50% good and 50% bad. The grey hat may use their skill in some cases to gain extra knowledge about the target without permission.

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hackers are computer experts, it’s clear that who want to become an ethical hacker must know all about computer fundamentals and programming languages. The most important key is too full of dedication. There is no degree course in ethical hacking. Thus, there are lots of private Institutions that provide only a basic course of ethical hacking. Those who want to help our country and wish to work as cybersecurity expert must build their career in this field. Its the most demanding field with a handsome salary package. Ethical hacking must be learned in the part-time study with the main course study. The student never leaves his main degree.  There are some main points must be followed.

  • Read basic computer fundamental book.
  • Learn about computer networks.
  • Must Learn about TCP/IP protocols.
  • Learn OSI layers.
  • Learn basic programming concepts.
  • Reading books.
  • And many more
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Penetration Tester v/s Ethical Hacker

The Penetration tester and ethical hacker’s work are nearly the same. Penetration tester finds vulnerabilities in network /computer systems and in web applications. Thus, Penetration tester makes a proper report and submits it to the concerned team. A penetration tester is also called a pen tester. It is assumed that pen tester is guys of cybersecurity for loophole testing, an ethical hacker is quite different.  

  Each well-known organization wants to check security of his own company. So, he hires an ethical hacker to test the robustness of his organization. Here ethical hacker uses the same technique as a malicious hacker. The difference is this malicious hacker exploit the security and destroy the server and other assets. An ethical hacker conducts a test only and submits a report to the organization owner/manager or any other responsible person of the company.   


Eligibility for a career in Cybersecurity

There is no specific eligibility for ethical hacking. Every one after 18 years of age could start learning. There is the wrong perception of ethical hackers. People generally ask to hack FB account and Gmail account, if you fail, they say you are not an ethical hacker. Gossipfunda wants to say never try to hack Fb and Gmail account, you will not get anything except Jail. Yes, each and every student who wants to make a career in this field must learn cyber laws and make it in mind to work for the welfare of society never accompanied by any such organization, whose works are illegal.

From a career point of view, it is a good field and has immense opportunities. If a student chooses a computer as a subject in his academic study and tries to join a bachelor in computer science. There are lots of ethical hackers who belong to another field of education but are doing work in this field efficiently. So there is no restriction of choice of subject and age. The main point is you must know how to work in an organization that’s it.

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CEH Certification

EC council is a body that conducts ethical hacking exams and provides training. There are lots of certifications in Cybersecurity. CEH is one of them, its full name is “Certified ethical hacker”. Now the question is this, will the user get a job without CEH certification. The answer is yes, you could easily get a job in the cybersecurity field without CEH certifications. The important thing is this you must know how to work that’s it. If any company mentioned that CEH is compulsory then there would be no chance. There are lots of cybersecurity personal who are working efficiently without CEH certification.

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CEH certification only shows that you have basic knowledge of ethical hacking. Are you efficient in or not? this certification could never prove. Learning is very important this will help to work without certifications. CEH certification may be a little costly, those who couldn’t arrange such money right now, should learn and start a job then this certification could be taken later. There are lots of resources available over the internet you could learn it by yourself. Taking assistance from any institution may help you and easily you could understand concepts. For more information about CEH, you could visit https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/.

Best Cyber Security Tools

There are lots of tools used in the cybersecurity field. Here are some most important cybersecurity tools listed. If you are a beginner then you must know how to use them properly.


Firstly, This is a very powerful tool for cybersecurity experts. Secondly, This tool could be used to find a vulnerability, manage vulnerability and create defense steps. Metasploit is used in different -different places as in server, in online web application testing and many more. This powerful tool is mostly used by all cybersecurity personal. If you use the kali machine as your host machine for testing. You will get there inbuilt Metasploit tool. In Kali Linux, it could be used easily.


Nmap, also known as a network mapping tool. It is totally command based. Nmap is a free and open-source tool. Nmap is used to scan any system and network to find vulnerabilities. Moreover, It reveals the open port, what type of firewall is using the target system and maps the entire network. Help in finding sub-domains of target system/ applications. Nmap is an inbuilt and open-source tool in kali Linux. By using Nmap, first of all, set the target and choose the scan type. There are different types of scanning is available in Nmap as-

  • Intense scan
  • Quick scan
  • Quick scan plus.
  • Ping scan.
  • Regular scan
  • Quick traceroute
  • Many more.

                     Suppose you want an ‘intense scan’ of a random ‘XYZ’ website. Type in the command line

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                    “Nmap-T4-A-v www.xyz.com”. Same as for quick scan use: “Nmap-T4-F www.xyz.com”

      Note: Never scan any website without the written permission of the owner.


Wireshark is an open-source and inbuilt tool of Kali Linux. It is a network analyzer and could find a very minute vulnerability and other details. It captures data precisely and analyzes networks. So, the user says it network analyzer. There are so many options to use for packet sniffing. As ‘nfque’, ‘usbmon1’ etc. there are so many filters that are presented which can be used according to our search.

Burp suit

Burp suit community edition is free for learning it has some less feature than a professional version. It is best for beginners. It has many features; in addition, you can analyze any single packet manually and could scan many types of vulnerability. It has many options like a proxy, scanner, decoder, sequencer, analyzer, intruder, etc. These options enhance its quality. It is an inbuilt tool in kali Linux you could enjoy there.

Information gathering Tool

For instance, there are lots of information gathering tools that come with Kali Linux. These tools are used for scanning networks and systems. These are the best free scanning tools inbuilt in Kali Linux. As mentioned below-

  • NMAP
  • Zenmap
  • Maltego
  • Recon-ng
  • Sparta
  • Dnsenum
  • Dnsmap
  • Dnsrecon
  • Etc,

Route analysis Tool

These tools are used for analyzing routes and gathering vulnerabilities. These are open-source tools and come with Kali Linux. If you use Kali Linux you could get these tools totally free. Here are mentioned some route analysis tool-

  • Otrace
  • Itrace
  • Netdiscover
  • Netmask
  • Etc.


There are so many tools in only Kali Linux. Many tools are open source in kali Linux some professional tolls are not free. For the beginner, there is no need to take professional tools. You can practice by these tools and learn day by day so one day you will be a perfect cybersecurity specialist.


A career in Cybersecurity: You all know this is the IT era and all the activity of humans is increased over the internet. As human interaction is increased over the internet so cyber threats are also increased. Here each and every organization required cybersecurity personals. That is to say, Cybersecurity engineer or ethical hacker makes a stronger network and save the organization from Cyber-attacks. There is huge growth in salary and opportunity. It may be your career option.

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