The S Finder

   Now, assume that you are in search of something in your Samsung smartphone. It is an old file or application that you installed into your phone and forgot after using it. The main issue is that you need it urgently. Where to find that lost file or application? This question was asked by many of their customers, especially common people. Samsung decided to design an application that will make the task of finding the desired files within some clicks on the screen. This article will give you a brief idea about one of Samsung’s Android app package or the S finder application. Why the need occurred?

The history of Samsung

   Samsung was started as a local business in Seoul city, South Korea. In about thirty years from the foundation, the company grew many of its branches in the businesses including security, insurances, etc. In the 1960s, the brand made its way to the electronics industries that paved the way for international businesses around the world. They also made a huge impact covering almost everything from electronic chip designing to semiconductors production and from computers and televisions to mobile devices. It also has a remarkable contribution in the shipbuilding industries, which ranked 2nd in the whole world when the revenue budget of 2010 by the Government of South Korea was released.

   It is one of the biggest and leading tech brands in a very long time since it entered the Information Technology industry. Its products are in huge demand, including LED TVs, Washing machines, etc., but the main roots of the company lie in the design and development of mobile phones. The brand offered simple multimedia phones, which were quite popular among people because of their durability, powerful sound system, and easy-to-use multimedia features. One of their biggest successes was Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the main idea behind this was to create simple and easy-to-use android devices for everyone, and they did that.

   The development took so many paces that within a couple of weeks, Samsung launched more and more smartphones which beheld the advanced and additional features from the previous ones. From full HD screens to powerful architecture processors and from huge storage to high capacity RAM chips, the phones are just like the beasts in the digital jungle. In starting period, the main problem Samsung users faced was managing and finding the installed applications or uploaded files on their phones. So observing the complaints and feedback from their customers, the development team decided to release packages that will help to use the smartphones with an easy hand. One of the packages named “” allows finding and managing files and apps lost somewhere in the device.

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Samsung smartphone packages

   The packages contain programmed scripts that are created in the phone system when we install an application from an external source like Google Play Store or Galaxy Store apps. Without these, no app can run in any android system because they contain and store all the user and system data within them.

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How to identify these packages?

Through their nomenclature, they can be identified. A package in any device can be found mostly starting from “com.” Prefix, in the middle, there is a name called “android,” and in the last, we find the “app_name.” In short, the name is like this -“”.

   For every app or software we install, the package created and name associated is different. The image below shows some of the packages created.

As we observe, there are several packages in which we can even identify some of the apps installed through the package name provided.

Where to find: Samsung smartphone packages

   If you want to have a look at these files, follow these steps:

  1. Open your file explorer. In Samsung, it is named as ‘My Files.’
  2. Then go to the Android folder. There you will find the following folders: data, media, obb, obj.
  3. For package search regarding installed apps, go to the data folder, and there you will find like these files.

You can find such files in the remaining obb, obj folders also. So, this was a short intro to the Samsung packages.

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Significance of “” (The S Finder app):

  • This is the latest app developed by Samsung.
  • Performs the task of finding anything in the Galaxy smartphone.
  • Supports Android Marshmallow and Lollipop.
  • For new devices, it got replaced with a ‘search function’ that is located in the apps menu. The following image shows the search function:

Functioning of The S Finder

This is an in-built function in the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. Let us see its functioning:

  1. Click on the search icon (you will find it in the drop-down menu)
  • I am searching for Accessibility which I need to make some changes to my phone. Thus, I will type “Accessibility” in the search prompt. And as soon as it gets typed, the function navigates through the system and then returns with that option. So in this way, I fetched out my required application using the function. 
  • This is another trial, now; let us say, I want to search for a data file that was added to my system a year before, and the need is urgently for some reason. Following the same steps carried out before:
  • I only know the name of the file, so I will type it and see the results:
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Some web search through the

If you are searching for something in your phone, but it is not in your phone, in these cases, the S Finder makes your search successful through internet search:

I searched for Flipkart in my S Finder:

This was all about the search function or the S Finder app.

How to install and use the

In this tutorial, we will be installing the Galaxy S Finder Application:

Please take into consideration that this app only works on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This is the image of my Samsung Galaxy A20; I will be installing that app on this phone:

 Its specifications are (mentioned only system specs):

  1. Processor: Exynos 7 Octa 7884
  2. Android version: Android 9 (Pie) upgradable to Android 10, One UI.
  3. CPU: It is an Octa-core chip with a clock speed of 2×1.6 GHz Cortex-A73 and 6×1.35 GHz Cortex-A53).
  4. RAM: 3GB

Ok, now we have a device, and we know its system specs, so let us move forward towards the installation process:

It is free software; therefore, there is no botheration of making payments:

How to download: The S Finder

Note: S Finder app comes preinstalled in the latest models of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

In your browser, visit here. click on the Latest Version option to download for it:

A new window with the download button will appear on the screen click on the button. It will ask for apk download; clicking on Ok, it will start downloading.

For the installation process, search the downloaded app.apk in your system and click to install.

Note: If you have already installed it before, it will only update the previous version of that application.

Advantages of the Galaxy S Finder application:

  • The S Finder replaced the traditional technique of search and acted as a search engine for Samsung phones.
  • The application is the application that helps in searching the applications on your android device.
  • It helps to find not only apps but also lost files which we place by mistake in some folder of our phone.
  • If there is a need for internet search, it is also possible through this package.
  • It can access anything you want from your phone. Like the images/photos, documents, text files, contacts, etc. means you have the complete freedom to find which is in your phone.

External linkages of the S Finder app:

In the advanced versions of Galaxy, the finder is linked to every other application, including the settings app that provides search for settings, notification panel, edge screen, and the recent screens. The main issue is that it provides the information of what are the apps we use in our phone to the external servers. That means when we are connected, they can suggest to us what applications we should use. This is used to collect data from the users and build smart modifications in the system updates that give a good user experience. 

This is the list of customizations that you can make to your S Finder application:

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How to stop the application from doing this, follow these steps and disable suggestions:

  1. Go to any search icon in your phone and tap on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of the screen:
  • As soon as you select it, the settings option will open for you- This is the Finder settings option:
  • Switch off Show suggested apps option. This will disable the S Finder app to track your app usage and send data to the servers.

For adding the finder app on the home screen:

  • Turn on the Add Finder Icon option in the settings menu of S Finder.

If you need to customize your S Finder app to show search results only from the apps that you select:

  • Go to the Choose apps to search in option in the S Finder application settings menu, and there you will see the list of apps that are enabled by default. You can disable those apps which you do not want to appear when searched.

Choose from a variety of apps and make your searches more useful.

Future Scope: The S Finder

      Local search engines for a smartphone are not so much developed. But, in a nutshell, the an awesome package. This is because once installed, searches related to anything can be done, and we also do not need to do the tasks of going to the file explorer of the phone and then making the search. It is a fast search app and works more than any search manager. 

   Many other smartphone companies are in the development process of building such valuable apps. But the fact is that Samsung offers it preinstalled. This is the main advantage of Samsung Android devices over other devices.


   Thus, here I conclude this article. Now you must have got familiar with the This is all about it, and nothing more or less, this is an incredible tool that makes searching and surfing too easy. Moreover, technology is becoming more and more fantastic, and it is reducing most human efforts and is walking with us hand in hand. I suggest you use it properly. It is an effort from experts who studied and invented it for humans and humanity. So, our job is to make a good tech community that will build, not destroy.