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Searching for third-party stuff and stuck with Can’t find anything about it? We got you covered with our article with everything you need to know about the com osp app sign in. See why you need this app on your smartphone and what it does use for. Learn how to resolve the not responding. Also, see what not to do with the app and when it is not working. If you are still confused then check out our related articles to help you out.

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What is

OSP stands for “Other Service Provider” and as the name suggests it is used for searching and discovering service providers for your smartphone.

Let’s first see why we need the OSP in the first place. Whenever you are using your phone there are a number of different services you use such as your cell service, contacts, and more.

Now is an app which is developed by Samsung for their devices which helps you switch devices easily. This comes in handy when you are shifting to a Samsung device and it syncs all your apps. We will discuss more the features and advantages of the app. 

The downside however is a greater one since it has access to virtually all your apps and their data. It may concern many people regarding their privacy and the data that is being shared. If you are curious then you can check out discussion blogs where many people discuss this problem.

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Does steal my data?

The answer is NO, so you don’t need to panic. The app access your web applications mainly to refresh the data related to your Samsung and Google account. The data which is being processed is not uploaded anywhere on their server. Also, you should not be worried about getting hack by this app or any close to it. We would recommend uninstalling the app since it can cause problems related to syncing your apps.

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Uses of

As we discussed above that this app is useful when you are switching your smartphone from one Samsung device to another Samsung device. For example, your contacts will be transferred to your new device without any manual effort. Or your browser will have all your older settings and preferences that will make your life a lot easier. Also other minor settings such as keyboard settings, calendar dates, and more.

Along with these functionalities the app also provides features which are listed below:

  • Find my device feature
  • Safe Folder
  • Samsung member
  • Smart Application features
  • Samsung Health
  • PEN.UP

Now you must be getting the idea behind the app having so much access to your device. The app also helps personalize your smartphone with different Samsung services and features. However, Samsung uses this data to push product recommendations to you via their apps and the browser. We will not get into the monetization of your personal data in this article.

When it comes to the Samsung Appliance lets you safely use your IoT devices such as smart light, smart tv, and even smart refrigerator. If you are wondering about the PEN.UP, then know that it is a Samsung member-exclusive social platform. Samsung Health includes the data from the blood oxygen monitoring sensor along with tracking the number of steps walked. We all know about the Safe Folder which keeps your files safe and prevents other people from seeing your files. Also if you are a Samsung member then you will get 24/7 quality service from Samsung, this helps with contact numbers and quick tips.

If you want to download the app then click here, download the app only if you have a Samsung device and you deleted the app unexpectedly. 

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How to fix stopped expectedly?

If you encounter this error then it means an error occurred in which the app was running in the background. You don’t have to worry about it as it can be fixed easily with a few simple steps. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Updating the app

It is the easiest way of solving the problem as it can occur just because the app got outdated and it can no longer function normally. To solve this you just need to allow it to update by giving it the permission, “OK” when it asks you.

Downloading the latest version manually

If you are not able to update the app then you can simply download and install the app from any site. Click here to visit the site for downloading, remember to download the latest version.

Once you download the app, follow these steps:

  1. Open settings and head over to “Biometrics and security”.
Biometrics and security
  1. Tap on “Install unknown apps” and allow apps to be installed from an unknown source.
Install unknown apps
  1. Look for your web browser (like Chrome).
  1. Now simply tap on the app you downloaded and install it.
  2. Restart your smartphone and check if the error is still there or not.

Cleaning data and cache

This is another really easy solution for this problem, however, your app data will be deleted from performing this. We would not recommend trying this the first time without trying the first two methods.

  1. Wake up your smartphone and head over to settings.
  2. Tap on “App” and tap on “show system apps”.
show system apps
show system apps
  1. Now search for the “” and open the “storage”.
  2. Tap on clear data & cache and restart your device once done.
search for the “” and open the “storage”
Clear cache of “” and data


We learned why we need the in the first place and how it helps your transition from one Samsung smartphone to another. If you are still confused about the app then try to contact Samsung customer care. As there is not a lot of information about this app and how it actually works. 

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We will not recommend removing this app for any reason since this is a system app and it will affect your experience. Also to resolve the not working problem, DO NOT factory reset. Factory reset will wipe all your user data, this is not worth it since the problem is not that big. 

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